Hey Laura sorry for the delay, and thanks for sending the last email but it didn’t help me much in getting my questions answered about how to properly use the responsive settings.

Take a look at my new home page design http://www.nycbeachbums.com on a regular desktop to see how its supposed to look. and Then look on mobile or tablet, or just see the screenshots I attached and what they look like! It seems like wherever I add padding

Obviously I’m doing something wrong here which is why I really need to get my hands on some information on how to properly use these settings.

1. Why are my images being cropped and displaying blurry on mobile or ipad, aren’t they supposed to resize to display correctly?
2. How can I choose which content I want to display in particular order on mobile and tablets? I tried to hide certain images etc… using the responsive settings but it broke the layout on the page?
3. How does the width, inheritance, offsets, and hide selections in the responsive settings work?

Please help

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