Hi Radu,
Thanks for the answers.

4. is there a way to tell to not use this code for the homepage, because the word “accueil” come in blue, because it is active, and the menu is transparency. (see image : menu-active-button-home-page.JPG)

6. it is ok, I forgot to update wordpress before, updating your files. But now the Visual composer doesn’t work, do you have the update, I made the update of kleo and nothing change.

8. For now the field postal code, will only find they exact text, ex. : J0C 1N0, and will not find the region near that postal code. Do you know if there is a plugin with buddypress or other, to find people by postal code which also looking for people in region around this postal code?

9. Where may I change in the setting the sub-menu of transparent menu, it is in black. (see image : menu-active-button-home-page.JPG)

thanks a lot 🙂

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