Hi @CDub84,

If you don’t have access to the backend you can disable plugins or themes by deleting them or renaming them via FTP (or in your case, because it’s local, your file browser).

At a guess without being able to see it I am guessing you have a file structure that actually looks more like this /wp-content/themes/sweetdate/sweetdate/ and /wp-content/themes/sweetdate-child/sweetdate-child/

If this is the case the files were either not unzipped correctly or not transferred correctly.

You should delete the files you have in your current local installation under /wp-content/themes/ and unzip the theme files again. If you’ve downloaded the full files you can unzip and navigate to /Main Files/Wordpress/sweetdate.zip and /Main Files/Wordpress/sweetdate-child.zip you can use these two files to upload directly via WordPress.



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