Hi @Grant,

I can’t imagine there is anything in KLEO that would restrict a standard redirect. You could try the following

There’s plugin called “BuddyPress Autologin on Activation” which can be found here https://buddydev.com/plugins/bp-autologin-on-activation/. This automatically logs the user in when they activate their profile, by default the plugin directs the user to their profile, however, if you read the comments on this page https://buddydev.com/buddypress/auto-login-the-user-after-account-activation-on-buddypress-based-social-networks/#comment-100947 you’ll see that the developer offers a custom snippet for redirecting elsewhere.

That code being:

function redirect_to_edit_profile($user_id){
return bp_core_get_user_domain($user_id )."profile/edit/";

Let me know if this works for you,


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