Hi Catalin,

I want all text appearing in the footer to be set to 12px. Currently I have the following widgets added in the footer:

Footer Column 1: Text widget (I can manually hard code the text in within the text widget, but want to know the right way to do this)

Footer Column 2: Online Members, and Recently Active Members widgets. I need to set the headline i.e. “Online Members” and “Recently Active Members” to be set to 12px.

Footer Column 3: Have added a Social Media widget. Need to override the headline text to be set to 12px

Footer Column 4: Have added the “Latest Posts” widget. Need to headline text and the dynamically pulled post-titles that widget pulls to be set to 12px.

Attached is the screenshot for visual reference.

Hope this helps. Essentially, trying to set all text that appears in the footer to be set to 12 px.

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