Video tutorial for initial install and setup for Sweetdate WordPress Theme


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  1. Josie Neglia 11 years ago

    Why does it say “User Registration Currently not allowed” when a new user tries to sign up for an account on the homepage?

    Do I have to turn on something?

    Josie Neglia

    • Author
      sqadmin 11 years ago

      Enable registration from Settings – General

  2. josieneglia 11 years ago

    Thank you!!

  3. medic522 10 years ago


    First off I’m a little frusterated, and not with the design, and things of that nature. I am new to WP therefore challenging myself to take on a whole new world. So please bare with my aggrivation.

    *Okay so I seem to be having the same problem as others with regards to the registration not working. I keep reading go to Settings > General and activate it from there. Now my problem here is that I have two links.
    1) Worpress url;
    Here’s what I do and here’s what happens. When I change the URL in either box to “” it knocks out the entire site causing me to not even be able to get to the admin panel to correct it. I’ve tried this method three times and have spent more time reloading pretty much everything, as opposed to creating my idea. So basically what I’m getting at here is if there’s no way people can register and start creating profiles to sign up, I can’t generate which means I have a useless template sitting here.

    • Abe 10 years ago

      Hi, To enable registration just check “Anyone can register” under Settings – General. Those links you don’t need to edit since they are your site links and should be like

  4. medic522 10 years ago

    Thanks! That seemed to trip something. Guess the frustration comes with this new challenging adventure.

    • Abe 10 years ago

      So all good?

  5. medic522 10 years ago

    Hi Abe,

    Thanks for the follow up. As best I can tell all is good. I’m off the next couple of days so I plan on getting back to it, and hopefully learning all the nuts and bolts to it.

  6. Trung 10 years ago

    Hey I like to purchase your theme and already watch your video set up. Is it possible for you include voice in the video to make it more easy to follow understand how to set it up etc

    • Abe 10 years ago

      Hello, Right now we are doing only “mute” videos 🙂 If you need any help you can submit a topic on the support forum. Cheers

  7. Trung 10 years ago

    Hi I am very new to this and I would like to purchase sweetdate them to build a dating website with wordpress. Is it possible to obtain step by step showing how to set up a dating website using your theme.

    • Abe 10 years ago

      Hi, This video tutorial should get you started with the basic setup. After that is up to you what you want to add beside the default functionalities. Let us know if you encounter problems setting up the theme

  8. Trung 10 years ago

    How can I set up the theme so that everyone can register and create their profile but when they want to send messages to other members they have to be a paid members. Please help…,

    • Abe 10 years ago

      Hi, You install the recommended Paid memberships Pro plugin and after that you will see restriction options in Sweetdate – Memberships

  9. Trung 10 years ago

    It’s all sorted thank you

  10. trungnguyen054 10 years ago

    hello again, sorry if I annoy you guys but could you please show me how to delete the public message option so the users have to paid to send private messages.

    • Abe 10 years ago

      Hi, Unfortunatelly it is not possible. You can restrict private messages from Sweetdate – Memberships while having PMPRO plugin installed

  11. trungnguyen054 10 years ago

    Hi guys, your website is under construction but I really need help. I purchase your latest sweetdate theme and I just need help with a few things.
    1. Remove the public message in profile I guess it’s not possible
    2. When users login, redirect straight to their profile.
    3. How to change the text”sweet date” in top left homepage?

    Pls get back to me

    Thank you

    • Abe 10 years ago

      Hi, We responded via Facebook since you gave us a message there too

  12. trungnguyen054 10 years ago

    hi thank you for getting back to me. i have finished the theme and i am try to submit a site map to google and it gave me an error as 404 page is not found. i use yoast wordpress seo plugin to generate the xml sitemap. could you please give me some advice as to why this happens and how do i go about fixing this so that i can submit the site to google. thank you

  13. chandu098 10 years ago

    Hi.. Loved your theme!!! <3 I did everything right but…. I'm having issues with revolution slider's "Text layers"!! Text Layers on homepage are very small sized and they are in black colour.. Though I increase the size of that text.. its still showing the small sized black colour text.. Please help! 🙁

    • Abe 10 years ago

      Hello, If you are using the old import you have also some css files to put. See the readme.txt inside the revslider demo content.

  14. trungnguyen054 10 years ago

    Hi could you please show me how to add a Facebook and Twitter like button on my website and blogs? I know you have a social find us on Facebook Twitter on the top of the theme. Do I have to install extra plugins to achieve this?
    Thanks in advance

    • Abe 10 years ago

      Hello, Yes you need a plugin. Those icons are just links to social sites.

  15. trungnguyen054 10 years ago

    Hi I also have another problem with the registration form. I include “about me” and “looking for” text box with the registration process. But I got members who just type “bm” or “dt” etc and their profile get approve. How can I control these fields so that it has to make sense and must have at least 150 character etc. I just want to prevent spam registration. Please help as I have a lot these.

    • Abe 10 years ago

      Hi, That can’t be achieved by default. You need a client side solution, like a javascript code to check the size of those fields.

  16. Lex 10 years ago

    Hi , ive enabled registration but anytime i try to insert the reg shortcode on any page this message pos up The requested URL /wordpress/404-page/ was not found on this server. I am doing all this on local host . What is the problem ?

    • Abe 10 years ago

      Hello, Make sure to map registration page to Buddypress component from Settings – Buddypress – Pages

  17. susanb 10 years ago

    I am trying to add the registration page on the home page and I got this message to “The following active BuddyPress Components do not have associated WordPress Pages: Activate, Register. Repair”. What do I need to do?

    • Abe 10 years ago

      Hi, Please open a new topic on the forum since comments here might get skipped or go to spam. You need to create a page for each component and map them in Settings – Buddypress – Pages

  18. susanb 10 years ago

    Removing WP reference at the top of the site.

    How do I remove the reference at the top of the page to WP and the WP symbol. My site also says login and register at the top left of the screen and also on the right of the screen?

    • Abe 10 years ago

      Hi, That is default WordPress admin bar. Disable it from WP admin – Sweetdate – Miscellaneous

  19. LIPING ZHANG 10 years ago

    I can not see the instruction video for install and setup in China, do you have some document for this if I puechase this theme?

    • Abe 10 years ago

      Hello, There is the included documentation in the package you will receive after purchase.

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