Apologies. I wasnt intentionally not answering your questions. I just assumed that you didnt have those options enabled since you didnt see them on the front end and that once you enabled the options you’d see where to do all of the things you’re asking about.

You can add friends and send private messages by clicking on those buttons. The buttons are located in the main members directory and on the users profile page. You can also send messages my typing in a friends name in the to field when composing a message. I suggestion list will pop up as you type.

If you’ve enabled it, users can create groups from the group directory page by clicking on “Create Group”.

Topics are created by going either in the forums or group forums.

All of this information is in the Buddypress documentation which I strongly suggest that you read if you’re going to be the admin of a BP site: https://codex.buddypress.org/ https://codex.buddypress.org/administrator-guide/

Menus havent changed. See attached.

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