Hi Laura, just sent to Radu, he has not responded to me re:these issues… I have attached the files sent to him on April 22nd, thanks! My website is looking great, love your theme, check it out! – http://bajaretireddate.com/wordpress/

Radu, I still have the issues in the last 2 mails sent to you, please respond, its been over 48 hours. I still have 5 and 1/4 months of support left as I bought the theme 3 weeks ago, please provide the help promised when I bought your theme!

April 22nd – “now I need to add terms and conditions, where and how do I do that”

April 22nd – “I have too many profile matching fields! And they are duplicated, if I check one, it checks all the duplicates… so I cannot get a total of 100% with all the duplicate fields checked!!! See the list attached in the previous mail sent on April 22nd… how do I set the fields I need?”


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