yes, I did add this code in functions.php

//members page fields 
function kleo_my_member_data() 
global $kleo_config;
//this is the details field, right now it take the "About me" field content 
$kleo_config['bp_members_details_field'] = 'About me';
//this display the fields under the name, eq: 36 / Woman / Divorced / Berlin. Modify with the names of the fields you want to appear there
$kleo_config['bp_members_loop_meta'] = array(
'I am a',
'Marital status',


but the members account page info still not changing. the problem is that the word that I am putting is år. and that Danish letter of å can’t be parsed in PHP. but I think I should put år in HTML page as PHP can’t parse that unique letter in danish. what is the HTML file for https://www.dnsj.dk/medlemmer/ though? any idea?

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