I created a subdomain for testing updates, and it contains an exact duplicate of the live site. Today I received notification that the Sweetdate Theme had an update available. I applied the update to the subdomain, and the H2 title of the Register page reverted back to its original text “Create an Account”. The text below the title that I had also modified did retain the modifications. What could have caused this?

Please also notice the browser window tabs on both the attached images – The development subdomain site is pulling the string that was translated by Loco Translate as the page title, but the H2 Title displayed on the page is the original “Create an Account”, while the live site’s tab is reflecting the updated string and retains the modified H2 Title.

Futhermore, I inserted a <br> in the translated string to split the H2 title, and see how the <br> is showing up in the browser’s tab also? Perhaps an SEO plugin may help with modifiying the page title, but why is Loco Translate inserting the H2 tag instead of the page title of “Register”? How do we manage this problem? If it’s best to use HTML for the <br> in the back-end, I’d like to know how to achieve this. I also tried to use CSS to modify the font-weight and color of the H2 tag on the Registration page, but no matter what I tried, I was unable to get the changes to take – even clearing cache – it’s what I do all the time to make sure I’m not missing a step.

I cleared the Cache in the subdomain also, but didn’t resolve the H2 issue.
I look forward to your response.

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