Hi @sharmstr

So, I made it work. I reinstalled the plugin and it worked. The ajax is working properly. Thanks for your guidance so far.

But I detected one issue:

While the notifications show up in the “live notifications” section, they don’t show up in the members “READ” notification page: yoursite.com/members/membername/notifications/

As soon as you read them, they disappear.

I noticed this in the database as well.

When I posted a new comment in an activity status, the database displayed the view in: “image1.png”

But, once I read the notification, it disappears. And the table in the database deletes it. It doesn’t just change the “is_new” from 1 to 0. It “deletes” that notification: “image2.png”

Do you happen to know why this could be happening?

I consider important to keep those notifications in the “read” section, since people can always refer back to that section to see activity that matters to them.


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