Laura. Thanks so much!

(1) & (3) are both solved thanks to you! thank you very much! 🙂 All register & signup boxes are showing the password when i type it in…Thanks! 🙂
(2) On mobile, alignment layout is back to normal! thanks! 🙂

A. Yes, the mixed register form for front page and signup, i’d like to edit. I am unsure on how to search for the register modal in page parts and the ftp file you speak of, could you send me screen shot steps?

B. Cool. not sure i understand what you meant by using as an activity, url..is http://www.myasianfilipinabride.com/ correct?

c. thanks! i will check out these plugins! 🙂

*thanks Laura for helping me..I’ve made such a mess trying to configure this theme, this is my first dating site. ;0)

One last issue I’m struggling with is when I alter the text in “visual” and space out the text and code??
it seems to change alignment. The text on front page “home” looks mostly centered on desktop view but on mobile, the buttons are stacked on top of one another, h1 text “finally a free Asian dating site” is centered but the text isn’t aligned?? just wondering what i am doing wrong? Everything is centered on the mobile “text”. I am noticing a shift though on the text being off alignment, not sure if that’s what you call it. lol. I’ve attached screenshots of it on mobile to show u of it.

Thats it! for na!
Thanks Laura for all your help!

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