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    Note: This is a feature request, if this is not the right category please add it to the right category.

    Please add pagination, filtering, and  AND category relationships (i.e. allow to set a category as a datasource) to Kleo Posts, News Highlight, or News Focus. These items seem like they are stuck in another time, since essential grid and wordpress posts allow to set a category as a datasource and able to add any filters to the datasource. They both also allow for pagination and search.

    Please bring Kleo Posts, News Highlight, News Focus to the future and allow them to be as dynamic and powerful as essential grid/wordpress posts. Because otherwise you have something that is not very useful at all, and you cant maintain a consistent theme. Kleo is a great theme, but without this functionality this theme really suffers.


    I do not see anywhere on the add feature requests page to add a new feature request? Seems like it should not be hidden or so hard to find to add there. Please make it easier to find where to add request for new feature request as in when you navigate to that page please have an add section there.


    Hello moved to feature requests 🙂

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