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    I have added some extra required fields to BuddyPress Base Group which I want in registration. It comes in the default register page of buddypress. But in my landing page I have used shortcode of KLEO register, which only includes a few fields like Username, email, Full Name, password. How can I add the custom fields I added to base group of Buddypress into this KLEO registration form. Please dont suggest me to keep link of registration, which will navigate to Buddypress Registration Page. I don’t want that . I want that KLEO registration form only.

    I found that in k-elements plugin folder there’s a shortcode template kleo-register.php. I guess I need to tweak some code there. I am not sure though. I just need the guidence about how can I add the other fields I added in Buddypress base group into this kleo-register template ?

    Last time my problem was solved by the time the support given me reply, First reply I got after 72 hours, But for final reply I had to wait 6 days and finally my problem was solved by myself and I closed that topic marked as resolved, but actually I didn’t get any reply of solution from this forum. I don’t expect that much delay this time. Please do help me asap. I am running out of time.

    Note: The link provided below will be the main project link, I am working at localserver and also a demo live link I am providing here

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Hello, will assign the ticket to a higher support level who can help and advise you in your query.
    Thanks! ?

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    Please follow this topic and reply :

    You should be able to add your desired fields in shortcode by modifying that php file you should match exact the input field id to can this work

    NOTE : Child theme needs to be installed and activated.


    Hi there!!! Help others from the community and mark any reply as solution if it solved your question. Mark as a solution
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