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    Hi All,

    I  want to integrate an open source Q&A software with my wordpress site. I want help , and I will be willing to pay for it, from $30 to upwards up-till $60. Send me a quote ? Here are the details :

    1. What is the Q&A software :

    2. The Installation and integration with wordpress is quite straightforward (just one folder copy and one file change):

    3. What is its default theme that I use :  See attachement – DefaultSnowFlat.png

    4. How much I was able to modify and make it work with my Kleo Theme – MyKleoSnowFlatMod.png. The fonts are fixed, the layout is proper, the avatar is pulled from buddypress, layout is so so.

    I am attaching my own them called which is a modification of the default SnowFlat theme that I achieved with my little knowledge of html, css and php.  Just place it in qa/qa-theme folder and its ready to work. There is just one qa-theme.php file and one qa-styles.css that needs to be changed. Some one experienced should be able to get it all setup well along with a plugin called which helps get the avatars pulled and also activity inside buddypress profile. There is a tab functionality that is broken that needs to be fixed.

    I am hoping that someone in this community would be interested and capable of helping me in this regard, especially @shamstr 🙂

    Even if I make it by paying someone or by myself, I would even be willing to give it to the community.

    Think about this, it could even become a full fledged new feature for Kleo where it becomes extremely easy to setup a dedicated Q&A for any website ! Your customers would be so happy.

    Please respond if you have any interest.

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    Just to summarize the features of this system: It has most stars for php Q2A on github. Following are the features it has that I got from the github site, and you can test it yourself.


    Question2Answer (Q2A) is a popular free open source Q&A platform for PHP/MySQL, used by over 16,000 sites in 40 languages.

    Q2A is highly customisable with many awesome features:

    Asking and answering questions (duh!)
    Voting, comments, best answer selection, follow-on and closed questions.
    Complete user management including points-based reputation management.
    Create experts, editors, moderators and admins.
    Fast integrated search engine, plus checking for similar questions when asking.
    Categories (up to 4 levels deep) and/or tagging.
    Easy styling with CSS themes.
    Supports translation into any language.
    Custom sidebar, widgets, pages and links.
    SEO features such as neat URLs, microformats and XML Sitemaps.
    RSS, email notifications and personal news feeds.
    User avatars (or Gravatar) and custom fields.
    Private messages and public wall posts.
    Log in via Facebook or others (using plugins).
    Out-of-the-box WordPress 3+ integration.
    Custom single sign-on support for other sites.
    PHP/MySQL scalable to millions of users and posts.
    Safe from XSS, CSRF and SQL injection attacks.
    Beat spam with captchas, rate-limiting, moderation and/or flagging.
    Block users, IP addresses, and censor words
    Q2A also features an extensive plugin system:

    Modify the HTML output for a page with layers.
    Add custom pages to a Q2A site with page modules.
    Add extra content in various places with widget modules.
    Allow login via an external identity provider such as Facebook with login modules.
    Integrate WYSIWYG or other text editors with editor/viewer modules.
    Do something when certain actions take place with event modules.
    Validate and/or modify many types of user input with filter modules.
    Implement a custom search engine with search modules.
    Add extra spam protection with captcha modules.
    Extend many core Q2A functions using function overrides.


    The coding I did:

    	 * Adding aditional meta for responsive design
    	 * @since Snow 1.4
    	public function head_metas()
    		// Kleo Works header
    		//create right sidebar template
    		$this->output('<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"/>');
    	 * Footer in full width bottom bar
    	 * @since Snow 1.4
    	public function footer()
    		$this->output('<div class="qam-footer-box">');
    		$this->output('<div class="qam-footer-row">');
    		$this->widgets('full', 'bottom');
    		$this->output('</div> <!-- END qam-footer-row -->');
    		$this->output('</div> <!-- END qam-footer-box -->');
    		// Kleo Works footer
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