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    I do like to mention the lightbox for images of RT-Media. It seems it’s not styled, please check the screenshot:



    I had the same problem. I just removed the rtmedia entries out of the plugin.css (probably not the best way to fix the problem)

    That fixed it for me.



    Add this code in your style.css file from your theme folder:

    .mfp-content #buddypress .rtm-lightbox-container .rtmedia-single-meta .rtm-single-meta-contents
      padding: 10px 20px 0 10px !important;
      padding:0 !important;

    let me know if this works.

    Thank you,

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    This did not work for me, not only is the lightbox similarly unstyled (and it has no closing button, only ESC closes it), but also the album lists, images etc.:

    1 The options/upload buttons are behind the upload container (which is always visible) when in initial media mode.
    2 When in Album mode, the list is vertical and with a list-style dot. Options button is now visible, but clicking results in something appearing to the left of the container.

    See screenshot for 1 & 2.

    It’s still on a dev server, so I cannot give a login at this point.
    ps: I switched BWP minify off for this page, but no change.

    Thanks in advance

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    Fixed it. It seems that somehow the option to use RT media’s layout was switched off in

    When I switched that on, the problems went away..

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