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    Dear Laura,

    we are excited and a bit stressed as we will launch our promotion phase for our project … and I have a few more short questions.

    It would be awesome to have your help on those:

    1. Hi Laura,



    It would be awesome to have your help & feedback on some more questions:


    0. We have to include a form from another software (OntraPort) and need to change the text color on one particular page to black (otherwise people cannot see what they put in the form).

    How can we do this for just a certain page? We tried but were not able.


    0. We use the Kleo tabs:  How can I change the font size: It automatically uses h1, but in a fixed size. I need to make it bigger.


    1. Is there a way to play a background video (as background in a row) with the audio?

    3. Is there an easy way to add our own font to Kleo and use it as e.g. h1?  (Will that slow down our page?)


    Thank you so much for your help!,



    Hello 🙂
    can you share the page so i can see it? 🙂
    1 . Check
    3 .

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