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    I´m trying to setup my page with PMRO Membership and there I want to use Social login. More possibilites than only Facebook Login.

    I like the features of Kleo Facebook Login. So if I could choose, I would keep it together with WP Social Login.

    Right now I decided not to use Kleo Facebook Login. It became a little bit “messy”.


    When I try to login to the page using the Buddypress login, I think that- Kleo Modal Login pops up.

    Either I do not want that or I´d like it to show the WP-Social Login buttions.

    I tried to read in the forum , but I didn´t solve the problem. Please help on this one!

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    Hi, I was also looking into this thread:

    I was thinking the other way around: – How can I add the wordpress_social_login buttons to the Kleo Modal Login?

    This text is explaning – but I do not where to put what code? Could you please give me a hint?

    “Custom integration in your website

    WordPress Social Login will attempts to work with the default WordPress comment, login and registration forms. If this widget does not show up on your custom theme, or if you want to add the social login widget to another location in your theme, you can insert the following code in that location:

    <?php do_action( ‘wordpress_social_login’ ); ?>

    Or, for posts and pages:

    [wordpress_social_login] “

    Please Advise!




    I solved it
    – It was just adding: <?php do_action( ‘wordpress_social_login’ ); ?>
    – to wp-content/themes/kleo/page-parts/general-popups.php

    Right here:

    <!– Modal Login form –>
    <div id=”kleo-login-modal” class=”kleo-form-modal main-color mfp-hide”>
    <div class=”row”>
    <div class=”col-sm-12 text-center”>

    <?php do_action(‘kleo_before_login_form’);?>

    <?php do_action( ‘wordpress_social_login’ ); ?>
    The thing that solved it was adding the mapping in kleo-child-theme and then just adding the file.
    – wp-content/themes/kleo-child/page-parts/general-popups.php

    Strange that it didn´t work before…

    – Fredrik

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