Plugin patch for ScrollTo feature

We use WP Ultimate Recipe plugin which has multiple ajax filters for sorting recipe lists.  We noticed this glitch that doesn't work:,frozen-corn (  due to the "," ) The issue is the ScrollTo function breaks when the comma is after the hashtag.  I created a small patch which I hope you can add: themes/kleo/assets/js/app.js  line 3693 Change this: var myHash = window.location.hash.substring(1); To this: var myHash = window.location.hash.substring(1).replace(',', ''); also do the same on the minified js file.

sensei error

good, it seems that I have an error in the code with the template of sensei, I show in the image on the course page, that the lessons with images are mounted to each other and the site is unconfigured, how can I fix this error?

which fields of facebook are transfered in Buddyapp register?

I have activated the  facebook register option and it works like a charm. I have also looked in the facebook dev app to extend the data with the hometown which requires a separate review. Before I request the data I wanted to figure out if the extra data would be transfered by buddyapp ? Can you tell me whether all approved data of facebook would be transfered in the register process and if so how I can access the data? . Are there additional actions available for this ? Kind regards Arthur

facebook icon not showing

It was also in the former version but with 1.6 the facebook sign up button doesnt show the icon? I tried to upload an icon but that was not working. where is the fb icon located or how to get it in the button?      

Mistake in your theme

Dear support service, there is a mistake in the german version of your theme. In a conversation, there is a sentence which tells you in german "Conversation between you and [username] and you." if you started the conversation. (In German it is "Gespräch zwischen dir und [username] und du." If the other user started the conversation, it says "Conversation between [username] and you and you.". Could you change it and remove the second you? It sounds really stupid to have to "you"s. I think it is a general thing you should change. Please help me, I really don't know how to change it. Thank you! Nice regards, Clara

Author image on Post page

Hi,  The author images are not showing on by their respective posts.  I downloaded the Kleo News demo, which shows it online but don't see it in the posts page.  The site is not using buddypress.   is there a place in the post page where I can make this show?  Thanks!

Groups don’t show

Hello Sir or Madam! I am currently having trouble with groups in BuddyPress. We could create groups and use groups and everything was fine, but now we can't OPEN any groups anymore. The overview of all groups is possible, but when you try to eneter a group, the page doesn't show anything. Do you have an idea what it could be? Everything is up to date.

text and image in post

hello, i have a problem whenever i post a big text with an image the image  dosent  show  up with text in short; i would like to display a few text and the image then members can press in the text to read full text. thank you

post text appearing in the profile

hello sir,  whenever i post i find the post text appearing in my profile (on the cover photo) please help me on how to fix this. thanks


I need your help once again  on how to automatically remove images and video meta data like not to display any details about any media

How to remove the members count on member pages or search pages

Dear Admin. I will like to hide the all members tab and member count on the search page results. members.   I do not want my subscirbers to know howmany members are on the site i believe its professional

Register in one go — create account + choose plan = 1 process?

Years ago there was a solution for registering new users and choosing a plan in one go, with the PMPRO register page instead of the BuddyPress register page. This was solved with a "special" checkout.php here: Now this file correction in checkout.php became standard in later versions of SweetDate as far as I know/think/thought. But ... somewhere in between it stopped working, so that new users again first have to 1. create an account and only then 2. login and then choose their plan and pay. Too cumbersome IMO. Is there an elegant solution to make this a one-stop-action? Would be a big difference in signups. Thanks in advance!

Cannot see Groups page not login members after wordpress update

Hello,   After updating wordpress not login members cannot see the groups page. How can I solve this?

How to change size and placement of ‘title’

Would like to do bigger size and have it to the 'left' not in middle many thanks

WPML logo bug

Dear Support, I have installed WPML to my website, I had no problem however, recently after WP or KLeo updates I have faced with issue in logo. When I am other than main language and if I click on logo, It needs to go to home page of the specific language, however, It redirect to home page of main language

when I go to other language such as or and then I click on the logo located on the main menu of that language, the logo redirect to english language home page (defualt language)

for example if you click on logo of this Turkish language page will redirect to English home page, however, it need to go to home page of Turkish language


Drop down menu is aligning right.

Hey, Sorry for bothering you. I wanted to change the  LogoURL path Logo to a custom Url. I saw a solution on I have uploaded the php file in my child theme and changed the URL. It worked. However, it affected my drop-down menu alignment. It's now right aligned, which doesn't look good on mobile. How do I left align it? Thanks  

How do I add a Kleo block from within the Gutenberg editor?

I read somewhere that Kleo blocks were compatible with Gutenberg, but I can't seem to find a way to add them from the Gutenberg editor.   How can I use the gutenberg editor and add kleo blocks?

Import Theme Options not working

Hi . I do have a strange behavior - when I apply a change on the theme settings - eg. socket text - it is like a factory reset - all my settings are gone. I re-testet it on the staging site - same. After the factory reset - I cousin apply changes. But it was not accepting the previous export-file of the theme settings to get them imported. Pls advise


hello,i i have and visual error the white color what appeared in the image,how i can delete?

Problem with Facebook Login

Hi there!

I can not log in with Facebook Login to my wordpress website dashboard with mobile devices:

My settings (Basics) in Facebook are:

In the field ‘Valid OAuth Redirect' I inserted to the text below

App is public.

Could you help me, please?

P.S.: I have this problems with all mobile devices.

Best Regard

Forum not responsive

Hello dear support team! As you can see in the screenshot, the forum doesn't look good as the letters overlay each other. How can I fix it? Nice regards, Clara


Dear support team, thank you very much for your help!! The support service is awesome. 🙂 I am having issues with BuddyDrive - it is not working at all. When I try to open it, it shows a 404 error. But the BuddyDrive page does exist. I don't really see, what the problem could be. Can you help?

link for non logged-in users

hello   i want to set a custom link in my main menu that apears only for non logged-in users (custom registration page)   how can i ?

loco translation failed

Hello i'm trying to translate my theme to arabic but whatever i tried and save the tranlations it stays in english. some of the translations succeded and it shows a star beside the translation but the most of them doesn't show any star and the concerned translation don't work !   so what's the problem here ?

forum page title

Hello there! Thank you for your help. I would like to change the title in the page title bar of the forum page. I already changed the page title in the php (as you can see in the breadcrumb) but it still shows the wrong title in the title above. could you tell me what the problem is?

buddypress template

Hello Sir or Madam, why can I not use the BuddyPress Nouveau template? It is not possible for me to choose it. Thanks!

Woocommerce sidebar (shop bar) not working

I’m using Kleo Theme for my Blog/Social site, and now I’m implementing WooCommerce. I noticed that the Shop sidebar is not changing (it’s loading the main sidebar), even with the shop sidebar widget already configured. Here is a screenshot of the issue: How can I change the Shop sidebar?

WP Bakery

Hi, is there anyways to get the most recent version of WP Bakery ? My Wordpress is saying I don't have access to all features. Does the full version come with the Kleo theme?   Thanks!

Problem with Facebook Login

Hi there! I'm trying to login with Facebook to my website with mobile phone: I get the following error: "URL Blocked: This redirect failed because the redirect URI is not whitelisted in the app’s Client OAuth Settings. Make sure Client and Web OAuth Login are on and add all your app domains as Valid OAuth Redirect URIs." My settings (Basics) in Facebook are:
  • App Domains:
  • Site URL for website:
In the advanced tab, Valid OAuth redirect URIs is set to:
App is public. Could you help me, please? P.S.: I have no problems with the Ipad and the desktop.

How to customise fonts, etc (kleo_dynamic.css)

Hello, Is there a way to customise the fonts, colours, etc more easily than having to overwrite in the "additional css" section? I couldn't find any options in the theme admin area. Thank you! Dani

Default option of “ORDER BY” filter (members page)

Hello, How can I set up the default option of "ORDER BY" filter on members page from "Last Active" to "Alphabedical"? *ss in description

Kleo App

Hello, I use the kleo - wordpress theme for my community platform I see that you have an Kleo App. Can I combine the kleo app with my site swappty? Or do i need to develop the app for swappty seperately? Is it possible for you to do that? How much time and money is it going to cost?   Greets, Albert


Hi 7queen, I just updated the sweet theme to Version: 2.9.10 . I am now getting a lot of these below errors? I test and switched to the default wp theme it's fine...  But, when I put back to sweetdate, all below errors came back? It's there a batch to fix this and how to fix this? The site still under construction, but is on backend and front-end when admin login Please help, Thanks   Notice: bp_nav was called incorrectly. The bp_nav and bp_options_nav globals should not be used directly and are deprecated. Please use the BuddyPress nav functions instead. Please see Debugging in WordPress for more information. (This message was added in version 2.6.0.) in /home/damndr5/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4161 Notice: bp_nav was called incorrectly. The bp_nav and bp_options_nav globals should not be used directly and are deprecated. Please use the BuddyPress nav functions instead. Please see Debugging in WordPress for more information. (This message was added in version 2.6.0.) in /home/damndr5/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4161 Notice: bp_nav was called incorrectly. The bp_nav and bp_options_nav globals should not be used directly and are deprecated. Please use the BuddyPress nav functions instead. Please see Debugging in WordPress for more information. (This message was added in version 2.6.0.) in /home/damndr5/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4161 Notice: bp_nav was called incorrectly. The bp_nav and bp_options_nav globals should not be used directly and are deprecated. Please use the BuddyPress nav functions instead. Please see Debugging in WordPress for more information. (This message was added in version 2.6.0.) in /home/damndr5/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4161 Notice: bp_nav was called incorrectly. The bp_nav and bp_options_nav globals should not be used directly and are deprecated. Please use the BuddyPress nav functions instead. Please see Debugging in WordPress for more information. (This message was added in version 2.6.0.) in /home/damndr5/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4161 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/damndr5/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php:4161) in /home/damndr5/public_html/wp-admin/includes/misc.php on line 1126  


I have a problème with the [kleo_top_members], I see just one member but not the last... Normaly i can see 3 users but now just 1. And its the same for the login/register form on the slider revolution. Can you help me pls is a préprod not the real site

submit button not showing up

submit button not showing up Hi I am using stripe as my payment processor.  I have everything in order there but when I go to sign up for the site there is no submit button for the credit card for. thank you in advance  

Restricting Access via url

We find that our site is just a bit too open to the public if you use the urls to access. For example the membership can be accessed via Is there a way to hide this page (and others) from visitors who are not logged in? Thank you.

my profile search form of my home page has disappeared.

Hello, I changed the page templates that had (DEPRECATED) by 'Full Width - For Builder' and my profile search form of my home page has disappeared. Thanks for your help

delete wide left border in mobile view of buddypress activity post

Hi there, I have an annoying big white space on the left side of each buddypress activity post in mobile view. you can see it here - - how can this red space be removed so that the activity post content fits to the full width of mobile view. thank you

Mobile menu customization

Hi guys, after few months theme is working flawlessly and people love it. Good job again. Anyway I have a question about mobile menu customization. I would like to achieve that the submenu is opened by default in mobile menu. I was able to hide arrows, hide messages and notfication but I seems to not be able to target this transition of class="has-submenu kleo-user_avatar-nav my-profile-default open"- to be default while on mobile resolution. I am using child theme so either way of customization is fine, I can change whatever in files is needed. I add a desired look to attachements hope someone can help me out. Thanks.

change view of profile search form

Hello. I would like to know how i can add transparency to profile search form and chand view of profile search form Thanks  

Password reset from BuddyApp login modal doesn’t work

Hi, I have wordpress 4.9.8 up to date with patches and hosted on WP Engine.  When clicking on the ''lost password'' link on the login modal, I get redirected to a link like this This is a test site, to eliminate a quite complex set of plugins on the production site. It's a subirectory Multisite install, however there are no subsites beyond the root configured. Installed are: Plugins: Akismet 4.0.8 (deactivated) bbPress 2.5.14 Buddypress 3.1.0 WP Bakery Page Builder 5.4.1 Themes: BuddyApp 1.5.7 BuddyApp Child Twenty Fifteen Twenty Seventeen Twenty Sixteen (disabled) Set up steps were: deploy the site convert to Multisite Add the BuddyApp and BuddyApp Child themes Add the WP Bakery, BuddyPress and bbPress plugins Activate the plugins Activate the theme (BuddyApp Child), configuring the theme and Buddypress with defaults Test the password reset behavior and find that it goes to the broken link (wp-admin.php with a querystring redirecting to itself) I'm going to check the child theme funtions.php against the recommended additional code here, but in the meantime wanted to check if there are any other items to be aware of running BuddyApp on the WP Engine hosting environment?   thanks   Gavin    

Kleo -Child or not? Update


I am reminded by my dashboard to update the Kleo theme that I am currently using. from 4.3.1 installed to 4.3.12. However, it says clearly that any updates will erase customisations made to theme files, consider using child themes for customisations.

Can someone please explain to a simpleton like me how I would find out if I am using a parent or a child theme? AND if my use of said theme would class as customisations that will be affected by an update. My path so far has pretty much been to choose the Kleo theme and edit it in upfront and now I have my site. So this means I am using a parent theme and updating it will default my site back to the original Kleo look appearance?

  Thanks in advance Karen

Sub Menu on Mobile Phone is Grey. Not Readable

Hi, The Sub Menu and Sub-Sub-Menu on Mobile Phone is Grey. It is NOT readable! I have tried different approaches to make it readable without success. I just want the Sub Menu and Sub-Sub-Menu to be WHITE Please, if you have CSS that I can use, I will really appreciate it. I have spent lots of time looking for solution! Or if you have any solution, I will really appreciate your help! Thanks, Stephen

Importing Slider Revolution – Get Connected Demo

Hi, Currently, I have built my website on Community Demo, and thus the slider on my site is of Community Demo. I want to replace it with the slider of 'Get Connected Demo' (Pic Attached). If I am trying to import the slider from the theme zip folder demo-content, then there is no folder for Get Connected demo. If I go to the KLEO Demo Data section in my dashboard, then I can see the option to import Get Connected demo, but using it will probably replace my current settings and not just revolution slider but the menu and other items will be imported too, isn't it? If I use the 'Advanced data import' on the same page at the bottom, then it clearly says - 'Revolution Sliders are not imported in this advanced section. Activate the plugin and click Import Slider from Revolution Slider.' Can you please help me to import this particular slider on my website without losing other data.   Thanks, Ady

Profile details on membership directory

In  sweetdate few profile details like Age/ sex/ etc are displayed with the avatar in the membership directory page. Can I have similar functionality in Kleo. I like that functionality, Please let me know how can I achieve that?

log in with Facebook

Hello there, I have added the Facebook login button, but when I log in with Facebook, I am prompted not to verify my account. Actually I have verified my account already. I hope to help me solve this problem, Thank you!

What is development mode

What is "development mode"? Should I have it switched on or off?

Aqua Resizer

Hi, This file: /wp-content/themes/kleo/lib/aq_resizer.php Is logging errors like crazy: Aq_Resize.process() error: Image must be local: By looking at the code, I see it resizes images, which I probably don't need. Can I disable it entirely? Or can you suggest a fix so that it stops trying to resize images from the CDN?   Many thanks

Where to change the code to move in one blog article the comment field up and the suggested other blogs down?

Hi I would like to move the comment field up before the suggested other blogs entries (see attachment). Thanks a lot to tell me where to move it up. So visitors don't need to scroll down. Sidney

Header settings and Elementor

Hi, I need help with some changes: 1) Is it possible to modify the header with gradient color or I need a plugin? 2) How can I change the color of the register form? 3) I can't modify all the pages with Elementor. Is there a way to do it? 4) How can I change the profile page? 5)  How can I set the activity page as the homepage after the users login/registration? Thank you for your support!  

Some questions about Sweet date

Hi! I bought Sweet Date theme some days ago. I've some question about it. 1) How can I change the homepage's slider? I want to create a new set of slides that is more compatible with the target of my business but I can't understand how to update it. I tried with the Elementor plugin and changing the set in the homepage options that is in the SweetDate settings, but it does not change anything. 2) It's possible to give some membership for free to my collaborators? 3)What plugin do you recommend to add a live chat on the right side? 4)How can i add my new customized profile fileds? I thank you in advance for your support and I wish you a good day!

Login Modal from Kleo Button Shortcode

Hi There, Can you guide me how can I call the login modal from a Kleo button shortcode? I know the class for modal is class="kleo-show-login". But I'm not able to use it in a button. Thanks, Andrews

buddypress comment button text alignment issue

Fresh install of Wordpress using this theme (v 4.3.10) with buddypress the css for the comment button looks to have a problem. Should the delete button have a circle around it? Also the media button to the left of Post is not in vertical alignment?

Create group button is missing ****

Hello,   I'm trying to setup a social network here in my localhost but when I navigate to the "groups" tab on my profile cannot see the "Create Group" button. There's a config to make it visible?   My group functionality is working fine when I go direct to the url: /create/step/group-details/   Thank you

Prevent users to see the same gender

Hi! How to prevent male users to see other male users but only female? And same for women? Thank you very much.

How to show search in Black headersearchcox

We use a black header on our websites with white typle which shows up really well. The problem is when the searchbox pops down it has a black border and  a white area for search and hence the search terms that the user is typing do not show. Is there any way I can still have white text on the menu and black tezt (or at leasr visible text) in the search box.

Align Left main navigation bar

Hello. How can I align left the main navigation bar? I want to place it right next to the logo and keep the secondary navigation aligned to the right.

Checkout button is missing

Hi, When the customer wants to pay, there is not "confirm" or "checkout" button on the Membership Checkout page. Thanks for helping.

Not working after 300+ users online

My greetings, You did a wonderful job and I decided to rework our community website around your theme. I have read the documentation, installed theme and plugin and started with configuration. I have put 24+hours into optimizing the website and configuring the theme. Everything seems ok until I published. When users came, 200plus at the time, Wordpress started to load from very slowly to 504 Nginx error. Also, the website was either loading for around 30 sec or not loading at all. While I was working with the theme in maintenance mode, everything was seamless. After that, I tried everything, literally everything. Turned off plugins,  tried to tweak Nginx, tried other themes and so on and so but nothing helped at all. I had to go back to the database backup from the day before and lost the whole day of user data! About out hardware and site: 
  •  newest WordPress
  • 10 000 users every day
  • 15000 registered users
  • 1000 users online at the peak of the day
  • dedicated servers (8 cores, 32GB RAM, Plesk, Debian 8, Nginx )
  • bunch of plugins working fine on other themes, everything updated (it seems that it is not about plugins)
  Could you please help me here? I can grant admin access but I can't afford to lose another day of user data. Have you experienced something similar?   In the case, we could not find a solution I will have to ask for a refund.   Thanks a lot, Pavol Nazarej 00421918182099

Calendar format

Hi, I try to customize the calendar to show me a different date form 2018-07-26 or 2018/07/26 and use the same formating throughout the entire process of booking. Can you tell me what calendar you bought to try to find a solution, or how to set a calendar to get the dates I need? I entered the script you offered under the help files but it does not work for me. Thanks in advance for help

How to erase “Forum” from breadcrumbs

Hi, As I wrote on the title, I would like to erase "Forum" from breadcrumbs. Please confirm attached images. One is the the breadcrumbs on the topic page. One with the red circle is the actual topic page (single page). I must apologize that some of words are in Japanese. BBS is the renamed from "Forums" . I have tried to erase it with bbpress related plugin, but I noticed that you theme is showing the breadcrumbs by original, not control or manage by bbpress. I might be wrong, but please let me know how I can erase it. Breadcrumbs of all other pages shows same, right now only this topic single page shows "Forum". It looks weird for me. Thank you for your support in advance. All best,    

Somehow i cant get the search bar aligned with the looking glass on the Forums page

Hello, Somehow something went wrong and now i cant get the search bar aligned with the looking glass on the Forums page of my website Can you help me please? Gr

Facebook Login Incorrect redirection to blocked users

Hello! When I block someone user as a spammer, in the attempt of the blocked user to enter the site via facebook redirects the blocked user to the page that says "You must be logged in to access the administrator area." It does not inform the user that they are blocked like those who make with  classic Login to the site.  

Spammers problem

Please look at the screenshot 1) Is it a way to immediately block any user who registered his profile with a link inside it? 2) How I can defend my website from spam. What plugins or actions you recommend?

bug website after update

we updated our website, but there seems to be a problem with the background colors and missing images (like the backgroun image of “SÉJOUR MÉDICAL EN TUNISIE”):  i notice that i bought 3 kleo template, i have update 2 website who posed problem and the third i don’t update it and it’s ok 2 website with bug: /  website wihtout bug:

Problem with the search form

Hello, I just realized a big problem. When we start a search and there are several pages of results, we observe that from the second page sweetdate mixes men and women. For example if I only search for a woman, in the search form, I will see only women on the first page of the result. But if I click on page 2, I'll see men and women. In addition, the number of pages has grown. How to fix this problem please? I point out that this problem happened after an update of sweetdate. cordially

Change Logo Size

I would like to change the size of the logo to 150 x 150.  How / where would I do that?  The included logo size is way too small for our logo.   Many thanks in advance! Nicole

Custom favorite and subscribe button for forum

Hello, How to achieve custom css for icon like kleo support favorite and subscribe forum. where can i get same icons. see image:   Thank you AB

Activity Page: Make “My Groups” tab default view

Dear support team, is there a way to make the "My Groups" tab default view on the sidewide activity page? Please see the screenshot for clarification. Thank you!   Best, Rebecca

Remove excerpt

Hello. How can I remove the excerpts from the different blog variations (carousel, masondry, thumbnail)? I want my complete post to be shown, at least in carousel model (and maybe the thumbnail). I tried to replace echo kleo_excerpt() with the_content(), but it worked only for masondry. Best

Facebook login – Your facebook account is not verified

Hi, I'm facing issue for facebook login, kindly advice. Your facebook account is not verified. You have to verify your account before proceed login or registering on this site. Regards

plugin issue

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/jobtra6/public_html/wp-content/themes/kleo/lib/plugin-pmpro/config.php on line 377

Facing Some Simple Issue With KLEO Theme

Hello Dear  .. I don't Know Why The Line Is Coming On Words .. Plz Check The Attachments Then You Will Know That What Kind Of Problem I am Facing .. Sorry Dear I Dont Know How To Tell You My Problem SO That's Why I told You To See The Attachments .. Thanks

facebook app log in

I'm trying to access my page as a new user and found that the fb login is requesting verification from the user.

Questions about Paid Memberships Pro

Hi, I tried researching this on the PMP website but didn't find answers to what I was looking for. My questions are: 1 - If a user's membership expires, what happens to the groups they created? 2 - If a user's membership expires, does their profile remain so they can reactivate under a different plan or come back and pay after expiration? 3 - Can you limit the number of groups a member can create? Thank you!

Problem with the editor of Thrive Leads

Hello, We´ve detected a problem with Thrive Leads related with Kleo theme. The thing is that the visual editor of Thrive Leads is not loading well. You can take a look to this video to see how is working   and here is the error log entries:     [Fri Jun 15 11:58:12 2018] [warn] [client] mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get_cart_total() on null in /var/www/vhosts/, referer: [Fri Jun 15 11:58:12 2018] [warn] [client] mod_fcgid: stderr: Stack trace:, referer: [Fri Jun 15 11:58:12 2018] [warn] [client] mod_fcgid: stderr: #0 /var/www/vhosts/ kleo_woo_get_mini_cart(), referer: [Fri Jun 15 11:58:12 2018] [warn] [client] mod_fcgid: stderr: #1 /var/www/vhosts/ kleo_woo_header_cart('<li id="menu-it...', Object(stdClass)), referer: [Fri Jun 15 11:58:12 2018] [warn] [client] mod_fcgid: stderr: #2 /var/www/vhosts/ WP_Hook->apply_filters('<li id="menu-it...', Array), referer: [Fri Jun 15 11:58:12 2018] [warn] [client] mod_fcgid: stderr: #3 /var/www/vhosts/ apply_filters('wp_nav_menu_ite...', '<li id="menu-it...', Object(stdClass)), referer: [Fri Jun 15 11:58:12 2018] [warn] [client] mod_fcgid: stderr: #4 /var/www/vhosts/ wp_nav_menu(Object(stdClass)), referer: [Fri Jun 15 11:58:12 2018] [warn] [client] mod_fcgid: stderr: #5 /var/www/vhosts/productosherb in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 1035, referer:     Could you help us? Thank you so much.

Buddy press mobile menu

How do I change the mobile menu for the buddypress tabs. User's on a mobile device have a hard time seeing that is a menu. Any CSS I can add to change the colors to make it stand out?   Is there also a way I can change it so it doesn't compress to the 1 button, maybe just have them stack vertically?   Thanks!

Warning: trim() expects parameter 1 to be string,

hi. ı have an issue. there are error messages on the post comments Warning: trim() expects parameter 1 to be string, object given in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 208 can you help me please

installation issue

Hello dear Sir/Madam, The Kleo theme is not installing to my WordPress website. The message shows that the installation fails. I already tried the Zib file only not the whole package. But, unfortunately still its not installing.   Finally, please cancel my subscription and refund my money back. Please see the attached screen shot.

PIN a post

Hello, I am using the pinterest demo. Is it possible to PIN or STICKY a post so that it remains the top post? I have scanned every feature and have been unable to find it. Thanks, Mike

Turn off mobile version

Hi! I want to turn off the mobile version, because with the mobile version it is showed like in the screenshot. I want to mostrate the normal view with responsive, and the user can zoom.

How to implement a offcanvas sidebar menu?

Dear Support, I have a quick question regarding a toggle menu implemented on one of your demos. How do you implement the Offcanvas Sidebar Menu like in the Mobile App Landing Page? Would you mind providing instructions on how to implement the toggle menu just like the one on the demo? Link to the demo:   -Aldair

How to edit text

How do I edit this text on the main page of the template for users that are not logged in?
  • Create an Account. Registering for this site is easy, just fill in the fields below and we will get a new account set up for you in no time.
When I edit the main page the text I see is the text for logged in users which is different.

jquery.js errors when running Kleo and Kleo Child

When running Kleo or Kleo Child we are receiving many jquery.js errors. If I switch to another theme, for example Twenty Sixteen, these errors go away. The same plugins are running when trying different themes. This is causing major slow downs on navigating pages when running the Kleo themes. We really like the theme so we are trying to see if there is a solution that you can suggest to fix this issue we are having when we run the Kleo themes. Some examples are: jquery.js:3 Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression: /(^|\.)cfs(\.|$)/: Stack overflow   Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression: /(^|\.)cfs(\.|$)/: Stack overflow at RegExp.test (<anonymous>) at HTMLUListElement.dispatch (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:3) at HTMLUListElement.r.handle (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:3) at Object.trigger (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:3) at Object.a.event.trigger (jquery-migrate.min.js?ver=1.4.1:2) at a.fn.init.triggerHandler (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:3) at HTMLUListElement.eval (eval at <anonymous> (jquery.carouFredSel-6.2.0-packed.js?ver=4.3.8:15), <anonymous>:1:33115) at HTMLUListElement.dispatch (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:3) at HTMLUListElement.r.handle (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:3) at Object.trigger (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:3)

Changing the opacity of the home register page.

The home register page is great however I need the opaque centerpiece to be more opaque.  I know how to implement it with CSS; however, the changes are not being made. All the best, Selina Kyle

Buddypress Main Home Page

Hello Dear Support Team , I want to ask a General Question About My BuddyPress Community , Main Home Page So If You Have any Idea about my Problem That What I want So Plz Help me .. I am Using The BuddyPress Activity on My Main Home Page ( )  When Someone Want to See my Website So They will See My Buddypress Community Activity.. But I want to Show The Community Activity Just For Login Users .... For Guest & For Non Login Users I Want To Show The Landing Page on The Same URL ( ) When The Guest get login So after Login They will See The Community Activity .. I Hope You Got My Point That What I Want ... If You Have Any Idea For This So Plz Tell Me .. Or If You Know Any Plugin To Solve My This Issue Thanks  

Want to disable google fonts/ “Save” bug in google fonts

Hi. I am loading all my fonts from my local server, and DO NOT wish to utilize google fonts at all.  Here's everything that I have done to ensure that.
  1. Cleared out all Font Family calls from Theme Options > Fonts (see attached)
  2. Defined font styles in Child Theme's style.css (see attached)
  3. Stored fonts on local server, and calling it via child themes style.css
  4. Ensured no custom code is calling google fonts APIs
Despite of doing all of this, calls are being made to google font apis (See attached). I believe there is a "save" bug in the Settings> Google Fonts module. It is impossible to turn off/disable all the fonts.  last font unless you turn on some other font.  Hit Enabled filter to reveal the rogue font. Can you please add a "Save" button so the last font can be turned off.          

Outdated template

Hi, The woocommerce shows 3 of the template is outdated. May i know when will be be updated? kleo/woocommerce/cart/cart.php version 3.3.0 is out of date. The core version is 3.4.0, kleo/woocommerce/content-product.php version 3.0.0 is out of date. The core version is 3.4.0, kleo/woocommerce/content-single-product.php version 3.0.0 is out of date. The core version is 3.4.0,

Sidebar Border

Would this solution - - also work for the right sidebar? I would like to get rid of the border from the right sidebar.

URGENT => google fonts disabled?

Hi because of the new data protection in Europe (DSGVO)I would like to switch off the google font how can I adjust this? Thanks

display of form on homepage

Hi there, great theme! many thanks.

I cant get the form to display on the homepage as per demo... and tried out all the fixes that i could see in the help... 
Can you please shed some light? (site is still being developed obviously:)

also during the setup, i got the following error:
Import Buddypress profile fields  (any insight there?)


Activate your account message

Hello, when creating a new account, my users are getting an email to confirm their sign up but when you follow the link, the activate page is asking for an activation key, yet there is no key in the email. This I am sure did not happen a few weeks ago and was only bought to my attention a few days ago, I created a test account today and got the same message. This would account for my new members not actually being able to participate in the forum. Can someone advise to why this has started happening please?   Many thanks JIM

Posting page or blog page affiliate

Thank you as always I would like to post an affiliate on a posting page or a blog page, but is there any way? Please let us know if you have an affiliate plugin or if there is any way.   Satoshi

my theme is instaled but site still looks like a blog

having trouble... my site is

turn off login

hi i need to turn off the login icon in the header near notification-icon (top bar) becouse o need to use other process is in your template buddyapp an option to do that ? do you have some suggestion ? thx for your help lucia    

Scrolling deactivated – overflow: hidden

Scrolling on my site doesn't work anymore since I last updated the theme. Since then there is a overflow: hidden command for the body-tag. When I deactivate it via Firebug, scrolling works again. Can you help me to fix that problem? Thanks in advance and kind regards, Matthias

Mobile Members search

Hello team. I would like to make like 2 or 3 columns on my members page it only shows 1 column in my mobile mode.

A few formatting questions

Hello, I have some questions about how I can further customize the theme. We are using the "center logo" header layout: 1) Can I 'box' the header content? Right now, the 'boxed' layout applies only to the body of the pages, but the header stays full-width. I'd also like to have a 15px margin above the header. 2) Can I place text links in the top area where the social shares go? (instead of the social shares.) Is it possible to customize the text so that the center link (there are 3) has a pink background? 3) How do I format the primary navigation (in "Primary Menu" position):
  • to increase the font size
  • move the "search" icon further to the right
  • have a pink line beneath the name of the page the visitor is currently on (in primary nav)
  • hover changes text color from #303858 --> #c02f7b ?
4) Lastly, we are having a display issue when viewing the website on mobile. The attached screen shot shows how the logo covers the top of the page content, instead of being above it. I have switched the site back to "left logo and menu" header layout until we can resolve #4 above. Thank you very much in advance for any assistance you're able to offer.  

Media Page Empty

In BuddyPress with Kleo theme, which installed rtMedia for me, when I click on Media from my profile page, the page appears to be empty. This is true of other profiles as well, which is preventing me from even uploading any media at all. If I do a View Source on the page, there is no content in it at all. I don't even see my profile with the other options, like Messages or Notifications, etc. I see no errors in the Console either. We launch in the next couple of days and I would appreciate any help. Warmly, Aprille

Social Articles

Hello Dear Support Team ? I want to Know That Can I Use Any other Plugin Instead  Of ( Social Article ) Plugin For my Blog Posting ? If I Can So Plz Tell me Some Best Plugins To Install it ... Because My Social Network Users Told Me That Plz Change This Posting Plugin .. Thanks

Lightbox first image undefined after 4.3.5

Hello, I'm Rafael, from Cherrypick. There is a bug while opening (magnifying) a thumbnail in a product page.   Environment: WP Core: 4.9.5 Kleo Theme: 4.3.6 Web server: Apache PHP: 7.0   In a product page, after clicking the product main image the lightbox tries to load the image "undefined". You can see live at: If you click the main image, before any other thumbnail click, you will see a 404 error in developer console: GET 404 ()   It 's happening since 4.3.5 update and it is related to Woocommerce page: wp-content/themes/kleo/woocommerce/single-product/product-thumbnails.php and wp-content/themes/kleo/assets/js/app.js (&min.js)   There is a call to updateGalleryItems method with an element with class a.zoom.selected as argument, but there isn't any class "a.zoom.selected" after page rendering:$(".kleo-woo-gallery a.zoom.selected")); so first image in the array wooGalItems is "Undefined" because there isn't any element that match with selected class: = [{src: elem.attr('href')}];   Before the update, class "zoom first selected" was assigned to main image thumbnail: <a data-big-img="<?php echo $main_full_img; ?>" id="product-thumb-0" href="<?php echo $image_link; ?>" class="zoom first selected">   Could you please take a look at this? Thanks in advance. Regards, Rafael Lavela.

Facebook Comments Plugin

I want to Use the Facebook Comment Box On My Blog but I dont Want to Show the Link of Facebook Comments Plugin I want to Remove this Link  Facebook Comments Plugin  From My Blog Comment .. Box ....???

Top Bar

How do I change the color of the text in menu items in the top bar?

Logo Mobile View Error + Customize Mailings

Hi there,   I'm very glad with all of Laura's work. Two issues I came across: 1. The logo is working fine on desktop & tablet view. Mobile view however, it is sitting inside my content. See enclosed picture 1. Could you please help me fix that?   2. I was wondering how I can customize the signup/register mailings more. I believe they are linked to KLEO's signup forms, however when I want to customize them I see a limited number of options (only colors). Is there a way to add my logo + pictures or illustrations (png, gif, video) for use in future mailings? (see enclosed picture for an example) Also I see the mail address I want to send it using --> how to change that? Last, I use WPML to translate strings. How do I access the text in the mailing (saying 'Thanks for registering! .....) Any idea? Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!   Arwin


hello Kieran_SQ I'm going to deactivate the wall to try the registration page, or I can leave you my username and password to enter my wordpress account I'll leave the link to the site password: A user : rigovt ms $ l% HOL311504, I will also deactivate the wall so you can try. I need help thanks for your attention I really like your work is a great theme

Modification method

I want to change the language, so where can I change the red circle part of the image?

Kleo menu items disappeared

Hi, recently i moved hosting company and after finished moving the Menu->KLEO section is gone, even reinstalled the Kleo theme is still not there, could you please help?

members able to add in ‘event listings’ to appear on front page for public to view

Hello, I've searched, but haven't found. I'm creating a membership site whereby members can post one to three event listings that would appear on the front page.  My question:  Am I able to define parameters to create event listings like this within a 'post'?  If so, please describe how to do this?  Also, to have the ability to quantify these 'posts' (desired event listings!), say limit to two, then an added fee for a third listing.  Maybe this isn't really a 'post' but something else... a plug in? Within the membership area, 'posts' are permitted, but not to appear on the front page.  (So what 'feature' to load the 'event listings' into for the front page?) Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you & have a great day! Dorethy

Mobile App

Hi Dear Support Team ! Do Have any idea about mobile application? I Want to Make Mobile app From My Community Members?

Button for member post

Hello, sunny day I wish man, I need to advise how to change and open the button at the end and logged into the popup window.   My knowledge with wp is good, just tell me which file to edit. And I am able to change in PHP via FTP. Are you available?   Thanks a lot for your help 🙂

Paid Memberships Pro – Add Member Admin

Hi, is it possible to add the 'Paid Memberships Pro - Add Member Admin' to the website? Or for that matter, other 'Paid Memberships Pro' add ons? Would they run fine on the website? I need to have the ability to gift subscriptions to my website on my end, without the user having to buy a membership. Thanks.

creating groups

I'm having a serious problem finding a link to the page where you can search for and create groups. The page exists, I can see it in wordpress if I go to the pages section. If I click to view the page I see the search box and the create group text, however, I cannot find a link to that page anywhere in my members section or anywhere through the site. Where is the link that takes me to the group page? I have groups enabled in buddypress so I can't understand where the link is.

profile menu isn't work

Hi, I added bellow code to appear profile url in logged in user profile. But it won't work. please help me correct it.
if ( bp_is_active( 'profile' ) ) {

$profile_menu['profile'] = '<li><a href="' . bp_loggedin_user_domain() . 'profile/">' . __( "Profile", "buddypress" ) . '</a></li>';

P/S: I already added all another to menu with similar code success. Only /profile isn't work.   Thanks

Can I have a version of Version 1.4 – 18.01.2017 to rollback?

Hi, I need to rollback asap. I looked in changelog, but cannot find a download for 1.4. I backed up the theme before updating, and yet when I copy files from backup it keeps showing that it's version 1.5.4. Is there a zip of 1.4 anywhere?

widgets background title color

Hello team. Quick question is there a way that I can change the background color title of the main sidebar? and add it also a border to the sidebar title only? Thank you so much



Home Page Logo issue

Hi there,   I followed all the steps Kieran suggested me to take, however the problem I'm now facing is that once I set the height of the Home Page image on 88px, it gets very 'blurry', and I there still seems to be some clickable area underneath the image. I enclosed the file of the image we're talking about. Both the original and the rescaled one. Plus, Kieran's explanation can be found below.   Could one of you please help me to solve this? Thanks in advance!   Kind regards, Arwin ----------------

Your logo image is 2829 px X 1913 px of which most is white space, this is where the issue is coming from. Run your image through Photoshop, remove the white space from all four sides and resize the logo down to around 88px in height. Once you have done this reupload via Theme Options, save, clear your caches and the issue should resolve itself.

Clickable Area of Home Page Logo too Big + Unknown Dropdown

Hi there, I got two small issues at the moment: 1. The clickable area of my home page logo is too big. When scrolling down any page on my website, around the center of the screen, when I click anywhere the site seems to think I clicked on the logo and redirects me to the home page again. I enclosed a picture where you can see a pop-up text of where my cursor is on the screen (around the middle). The pop-up text shows the name of the website, normally shown when hovering over the logo. Really annoying hahah, I hope you can help me solve this! 2. On the far right upper corner next to 'add listing', there is a new dropdown arrow. It got there after I did something in WPML. Could you please tell me how to remove this dropdown as I only need the add listing in that corner. I want to thank you in advance for your time and efforts!   Kind regards, Arwin

How can I use with Japanese

I installed Loco Translate plugin.   But it is dosen't work. There are no japanese for KLEO theme. What is the vest way that is to use KLEO with Japanese?

i ant edit my Theme

Hello Dear , I am Really SOrry For Disturbing But I have a Problem in theme Customisation I cant see My Theme Options To Customize it Plz Look at the Bottom of Picture  i see a message that Javascriptvoid(0):

rtmedia pictures

Hello team. quick question. How do I take off the picture carousel that is in the profile field? I did it before but i forgot how to do it. Thank you so much

issues with my register page

Hello team. I recently started working in my register page, but when I click on view page in my dashboard it redirects me to my home page and no to the register page. in my buddy press I have the page linked to the register option and still doesn't take me to my register page, any ideas why? Thank you so much team in advance

hide menus and logo n mobile

Hello 7th queen team. I have a quick question. as the title says. How do I can hide the menu and logo on the page in mobile mode? Thank you in advance.

Theme default Login modal in upper right corner – taking a really long time to login

Hi, The login modal in the upper right corner has been taking an extraordinarily long time to load. Do you know what the reason might be?

Buddypress Profile

Hello, I'm a huge fan of The Queen website and i would really recommend everyone i know who wishes to build a website to go for you guys!   i got a question for you.. how can i edit the profile page? example: the icons of the profile that says " Activity, profile, notifications, etc.. " i need to change an icon's title or name. how can i do that?   and i dont know how to get to the .php files and edit them.. like from where do i extract them, edit them and where to put them again?!   Thank you so much!

Logo enlargement in css

Hi there, I would like to ask whether you can help me to enlarge my site's logo and favicon to a commonly used size. Currently both types of my logo are too small to see properly. Thanking you in advance. Arwin

Buddypress User link

Hello Dear Dear I want to Change my members URL .. Now it Looks Like This : But I want to Remove The Member Option ..... Like This URL ?

google login

Hi, may i know which google login plugin is suitable for KLEO?

Split: Button styling

Hi, Please I want to change the following: 1. The color of both the "SIGN IN" button on the login page and the "COMPLETE SIGN UP" button on the register page. 2. Also, the color of the bottom border of the text fields (that displays on hover) in the login and register page. Thank you.

can you reply to my previous ticket?!!!

please help me

video pleyer

Dear Sir, the video player in kleo theme totally does not work in the self-hosted video so when I try to play special in chrome there are not any options for players. I am attaching the situation.      

Woocommerce plugin crashes site

I am having some technical difficulties setting up the site.
Whenever I manually install woocommerce the site crashes.
I am using the KLEO theme.
I am unable to load the demo data.

Changing buddypress icons

I am trying to change buddypress icons according to this article: I just cannot seem to find the config.json file in the css folder. Can you help me out with this?   Thank you.   Zsuzsa

layout not showing properly

please refer to the attachment, thanks!

delete some option in this field

Hello again everybody , hope all of you are doing well.  Quick question. Is there a way I can delete some option in this field? like for example I just want to keep profile, notifications, message and friend? because in my site looks so saturated and I want it to make it look simple, short but nice. Thank you so much in advance

Can not Import Buddypress profile fields

Hi, Import Buddypress profile fields + Buddypress installed, setting done.  Tested deactive/delete, install again still issue + Only install required plugin of theme + Imported success demo === Issue messege == Sweetdate/buddypress/ Could not import. Please make sure you have Buddypress installed and activated.   How to fix this please?

404 Errors even after resaving permalinks settings

I absolutely love this theme.  You've done a terrific job with it.  I'm running into a problem with pages throwing 404 errors if they are a child to any other page.  I went into settings to see if anything had changed with permalinks.  It had not.  It was still set to point to the name page.  I saved it again on the off-chance something hiccoughed during installation and then cleared both the Varnish cache on my managed WordPress server installation and also the browser cache itself.  The problem persists. I've also tried turning other plugins off, and this does not seem to resolve the issue.  The only way to correct it is to make every page a parent page, not a child.  When I remove that dependency, the problem goes away. This has also started to generate Paypal errors, which is a bigger problem than just a nuisance.  I've gone through your knowledge base and the only thing I see related to this is someone reporting the same problem with their BuddyPress forums pages, and the solution is one I've already tried:  resaving the permalinks settings. Scratching my head and not sure what to try next.  Hoping you might be able to help me shed a little light on this? Thanks so very much! Sue Braiden.  

show about me field when users become a member and a field option for them to fill along with name , age country …etc

Under users in WP , if I select my profile there is a "Extended profile" that shows some fields such as my self summary about me . Why this info is not showing up in each users profile . When users registers , how can i make this shows as an field option for them to type about me .

Creating groups and knowledge base – urgent

Hello, After demo importation, everything was working well except for the knowledge base and groups. Please note, I already have buddypress and also paid membership pro plug-ins installed. Please kindly put me through on 2 things: 1. How to set up groups and 2. How to set up the knowledge base area. Hope to get a swift response from you guys. Thank you.


Hello, I have some questions that I am struggling with for help, I have two questions in advance, I apologize for my English. 1.How can I add fontello icon symbols to my profile fields? 2. How can I change the appearance and content of e-mails I send?  

Change content of registration

How can i change the content of the registration front page box . Where it says " Create an account Registering for this site is easy .....etc" see attachment . I want my change to be permanent so when there is any updates this doesn't change back to default again .   Thanks

DOM element with non-unique ids in Buddypress activity pages

Hi, I am facing a strange issue of non-unique ids in BuddyPress activity pages which leads to distortion of rtMedia lightbox. I can see these error on google chrome console. Inside activity pages, all dynamically created "wpnonce input field" bears the same id. Particularly in the comment section. I already checked if the issue is with rtMedia plugin by using Wordpress bundled theme TwentySeventeen with no issue. Further, I checked if the issue may be a result of conflict between Kleo and rtMedia by disabling rtMedia plugin. with no success. It only removes the "wpnonce field" created under rtMedia DOMs. I am using two extra plugins 1.Wordfence and 2.Mycred. I checked by disabling all the plugins except the required ones mentioned for the theme including all optional plugins provided under Kleo with no success. I am herewith providing two screenshots one with rtMedia plugin enabled and another with rtMedia plugin disabled. Apart from this Kleo theme shows with version 4.3.3 while I can see 4.3.2 as the most recent theme inside Please suggest me what should be done on my end or I need to revert to version 4.3.2.   Thank you, Miraj

icons in drop down menu messed up

  I set the icons in drop down menu but is not shoving the icon, it's showing something like this: <i class="icon-list"></i>ACTIVIDAD <i class="icon-users"></i>AMIGOS <i class="icon-cog-1"></i>CONFIGURACION But is not showing the icon  

Slight Changes to Demo Geodirectory

Hi there,   You recently installed the KLEO Geodirectory theme for me. Great work, thank you for that! However, I would like to make some changes. I tried to do all this myself, but I'm stuck. So, I do have a couple of noob questions for you. 1. I would like to make my homepage look similar to the enclosed picture called 'home page example'. Meaning that I would like to swap the GD Homepage Map for an image, and have the search bar on the image. I tried to accomplish this by going to my widgets, but I could not locate the map there, and in the pages section of Wordpress neither. Could you please explain the process how to accomplish this.   2. I wanted to add the feature widget to my homepage, and removed some sidebar widgets. Now I would like to make both the feature widget as the popular places widgets full-width (see picture called 'home page not full width) + I want to center the title saying 'This is how Pleasurebooker works' and add a background colour to that whole section How to?   3. I want to get rid of both the clients and testimonials sections. How to?   4. Possible to have a login section in the top header next to add listing? (see picture called add login)   5. How do I change the text on the search pages? The telephone number and email you see for example. Can't find the place to edit that (see picture called search page)   6. I want to recreate a similar footer as in the example. Thus with the columns and links to other pages (see picture called footer).   As I said, lot of noob questions but I would really appreciate it if you could explain it to me.   I want to thank you in advance for your time and efforts.   Kind regards, Arwin

Buddypress update link for article doesn’t show headline/photo, only shows link URL

Hi - I am testing my Buddypress in preparation for launch and find that when I post an update by pasting an article link into the update, it only shows the URL - it doesn't display the article headline or photo, which is what I would expect it would show, like Facebook does. Is there a setting I need to change? See example: Thanks very much!  

rtMedia page

Dear all, I would like to have a public media page, open and accessible by every user. Is it possible to have it also outside the member personal page? Thank you!

delete the search symbol and menu address option

hello again. I'm working hard in my website. First of all i want to say thanks for all your help that you are bringing me guys for real thank you so much. My issue now is i wanna remove the "search symbol" ( located at the end of the menu option on the right)  and also would like to know how to remove the field on the searching menu that says "enter address" and the " "miles". thank you so much.

Home e Profile & Group Icons

Hello, First of all, congratulations on the beautiful work, I am impressed by the capacity of the thema. The problem I'm having and adjusting the home page, look at the images (home-1 and home-2) I need it to be 100% on any screen, without the need to scroll to the footer. I would like to know if it is possible and where I have to go to change Profile & Group Icons style Choose between normal or light icons.

Can’t update my theme

Hello,   I'm having issues updating my theme. I receive an error during the update. Here is the log: Ocorreu um erro ao atualizar Kleo: A atualização não pode ser instalada porque não será possível copiar alguns arquivos. Normalmente isto ocorre devido a permissões de arquivo inconsistentes.  I have previously installed it in another site, for testing. And now I moved to the one that I want to keep it. What can I do to fix it?

registration gender

Hello im making a datingsite for ladyboys looking for guys and i have an issue about the " im and looking" field how can i change the gender female to ladyboy?  like for example: I am a man ladyboy looking for : ladyboy man Thank you so much for your time guys.

Default Members Profile Landing Tab not working

hello there again. I was trying to work in the part of taking people straight to the profile page instead of the activity page, but it didn't work for me. It stills showing me the activity page as default. the route of the file where i copy and paste the code is public_html/wp-content/plugins/ wp-config.php   Thank you so much for your time.

Logo color

Hi, I’m using a white PNG logo witch looks great in the main page but when I go to profile pages and other light background pages, can hardly see the logo. How can I fix this keeping the white PNG logo? Can I put a color logo only for those pages? Thanks in advance for your help

Plugins Media Library Misbehaving

Hi There I may need your assistance regarding a function of a certain plugin. The plugin is called Buddyblog from BuddyDev and what it does is it allows registered users to write blogs in their buddypress profile like what you would do backend on wordpress. It creates a link called Blog on the user profile and that is where they view post they've written and write new posts. The Problem: When a user writes a new post, they view a WYSIWIG Text Editor just like WP Posts. The problem is when they add media or a featured image. The Media Library pops up perfectly and users can view the images, however when they select the media from the media library. The Insert Selection in both the Add Media Library and Featured Image Library is either clipped off or hidden. Secondly the search on both the libraries is covered by the library. I've asked the developers at Buddydev to assist me and they tried their best in fixing the library however couldn't. They've requested that I contact my theme developer if they could assist me and here I am. I've tried to fix it using inspect elements on firefox by changing the height from 100% to 50px in the media-toolbar-primary search-form class on the Featured Image Library. Both the SET FEATURED IMAGE button and Search Media Form is showing properly. The next thing I've figured out was when you edit the Featured Image Library, it will automatically fix the issues on the Add Media Library however not vice versa. May you please help me with this as I am looking for a css code that can fix this issue. Regards PresPhuture

Sensei Course Participants and Sensei Course Progress not displaying in sidebar anymore

Hi After the latest update to the theme the Sensei Course Participants and Sensei Course Progress widgets are not displaying in the sidebar anymore. To be clear, there is still a sidebar, but those items are not displaying anymore.

Color Change Automatic

Hi there, Since Yesterday, in the site apear some line in the boxes change, they are now a blue, and before, the color was the same as you have here in this boxes (a grey). And I didn't do nothing to change it. I was try to change back to the color before, but I could do it. Can you help me with this? I send  in attachment a image with a arrow point to the color I want to change. Kind Regards,  

Disable animations in homepage

Hello! How can I override page-parts/post-content-masonry.php in child theme?


I am looking to disable animations from the homepage in the News Magazine template.

BuddyPress demo import not working

After installing the theme, activating everything, I try to "Import Buddypress Profile fields", but I always get the error message "Could not import. Please make sure you have Bp installed and activated". So right now I cannot add any demo profiles to test the system. Any suggestions?

At top of Blogs

Why is there a part of the published blogs showing on top outside the website? See attached screenshot.  

Most recent compatible php version

Hi,   Which is the most recent compatible php version of the sweetdate? I'd like to update it to the most recent version that is compatible? Regards, George Oustas

The sweet lady in right does not show

Hi, I just fresh installed the sweet date theme on my site. I follow all the instruction from the knowledge page. The problem is that the sweet lady in the right is not appearing.   Could you please help me out, Regards, George

All Forums Page Error

Hi 7th Queen Team, I have noticed an issue with my All Forums page, it shows the 404 Error not found, I tried to take it out from the menu and then put it back but unfortunately nothing changed.. Would appreciate your help, thanks!   Klaudia

Socket colors in Customizer don’t affect the site

Hello, I saw the previous post about changing the text color in the socket, and used the CSS you provided.  However, I would like the "link text" and "link highlight" text to have different colors too.  How do I set those colors for the socket?  Many of the options for setting colors in the various areas don't work. Thank you, Janet


Under the reading setting i am using blog page as posts page. click on the any post from the blog page you will see that it is showing Home / Post Title as Breadcrumb 
What can i do so that it shows
Home / Blog/ Post Title

Scroll on page id’s

Hello there, In this website created with Kleo an element id was used to create a link on a row. When Services is clicked, it seems to 'scroll' nicely to the id link. On this site that i am designing now, if you click the SEARCH: AND THE CITIES ON THE RIGHT OF THE PAGE it doesn't seem to scroll, it just jumps to the link. Is there a way to make it scroll like the other site? Thanks for your help Ben

Start a new topic button

Hi there, we have seen that it is possible to change the forum structure in two ways: A. one (the one we can see as homepage) with the categories and topics inside every category (, B. another version (actually active under the "community" left menu label with the latest topic on the top and all the others in chronological order, without a first visible category division. ( we're discussing which is better for the community, but we have two vital question: 1. How can we set one or another on the homepage we've created? adding the shortcode ([bbp-forum-index]) we have  the A layout (previously described) but we can't choose the B layout 2. after doing that, and decided once for all what layout the community prefers. How can we add a button or a form (maybe with visual composer) under the list or on the top to start a new topic in which the user can select the category and other things? (so they can add question to answer 😀 ) we can't find a way at the moment, so we're stuck in this two points   Thanks for your time and passion to solve out issues, your support is amazing. WinDroid Answers community


How can i get the kleo app as swappty app in App store or Google play store? How to make or install that?

Visual Composer issues

I purchased Kleo theme more than a year ago. It came with Visual Composer, & the version i have now is 5.1 while you list the theme now has  Visual Composer 5.4.5- how do i get the latest version-there is no update listed on my plugin backend re VC. The plugin also does not work as a front end editor at present-something is amiss. Also if I wanted to change to another page builder, eg, Elementor, would I lose the theme page, which I assume you built with VC.

Import e-mails from address book

Is there a php file or other possibility for a member to select e-mailaddresses from a members addressbook (gmail, outlook, etc) when sending invites to join them on the network using the kleo theme? Other then the very expensive Cloudsponge possibility at Invite Anyone? If this is built in the theme would be better.

Need support with pages restriction

Hello 7th Queen Team! Hope this finds you well 🙂 I've recently purchased the BuddyApp theme and had it installed by one of the Envato Developers. I tried to find a way to restrict the access to my website for registered members only but i do not seem to find a simple way to do it. I can see in my plugins list there is an active plugin 'Restrict my site' but still when you go to you can see all pages including dashboard and groups. Would appreciate your help with this case.   Kind Regards, Klaudia

Frontend Testimonial Submission Form

Is there a way to collect testimonial information on the front end of the site and feed it into the testimonial posts?

Reduce space between lines of profile info

How can I reduce the space between the lines at the profile view?

logo height

Hi, I notice you had set your logo to 147 x 25 but I need my logo to be 147 x 60. How can I change the height please?

Line breaks in activity stream

Hello Lately, due to either a wordpress/buddypress update or a kleo theme update, messages in activity stream regarding friend requests appear in 3 lines as if avatars do not fit correctly. The link to my site and its activity stream is: I also include a screenshot that shows the problem. Is there a way to fix this by editing theme template? Thanks in advance.

How To Make Content Area Not Transparent to See Background Image

Hi there, Please, how can I achieve a content area that is not transparent to show background image like in the attached image below or at least only a little transparent like in the 2nd attached image? Thank you for your anticipated kind help.


hello,i have questions.... 1- ( photo called question 1): how can edit the text " cuampleaños"? i try to change with poedit,and loco translate,but with not results.   2-(photo called question 2): how i can edit the red part? searching and searching but i cant find where i can update   3-( photo called question3): i need edit of the part of red,how i can do   4-(photos called question4 , before editing,after editing) in the wp admin of my hosting,in the page home default,i try to change somethings and all wrong,why that? how to fix it?   thanks

Buddypress and Paid Memberships Pro emails stopped working

Hello I'm always trying to improve my site and last night I installed the Paid Memberships Pro Register Helper plugin and another plugin to monitor my plugins' memory usage as site can be slow. Today I realized my new members as well as myself are not receiving the typical registration emails that come from BP and PMPro. I have uninstalled both new plugins and even deleted them but the problem is still there. I created a couple of test memberships and have not received any notifications. Any ideas what else might be the issue? Something is affecting all the site emails. I did test it with my personal adress as admin address and still nothing. I provided the login details in case you want to take a look around at my site. P.S. I have installed few other plugins in the last week as I was getting fatal memory error but they didn't seem to cause a problem until last night. This includes Heartbeat and Fast Velocity for minifying. Fast Velocity cannot be turned off as the site will get fatal error. This is a big issue as I verify all my members and assign their membership + they need to confirm email and they are not getting any of this. I now have to email them personally to say they are approved.  

buddypress registration

I have an issue with user registration through buddypress. When someone fills out the 'register' page, normally when he submits the page, then another text should appear saying that the user should click on a link that is sent to them by e-mail. Clicking this link will then activate this user and he will be able to log in. However, what happens here is that the user fills out the 'register' page, and then after submitting, he sees a blank page. As it turns out, the user is already registered at this point, something I can see from the back-end (he is not to be seen in the 'pending' users, but in 'active' users). This is obviously very confusing for any user that is trying to register and would be a very weak welcome to the website. I have deactivated all plugins except for buddypress and the problem remains. If I change the theme to a standard twenty-something, it all works fine, as described in the first paragraph. Hence I would conclude it is a theme-related bug. Now I might be mistaken, but I would think it has something to do with the 'facebook-registration' options? If I enable this, logging in through facebook works fine. Registering through facebook as well. Disabling this option doesn't help, but it is the only thing I can see interfering with the buddypress registration process.

WooCommerce gallery problem

I just updated my theme to the new version (1.5.3) When I go into any of my products in WooCommerce, the images in the Gallery now show REALLY small at the top right corner.  Is this correct or a bug? Here a link to see it in action: Im attaching the image just in case

Profile info and more info shown in 2 columns instead

How can I change the Profile Info and more info (profile information) to be shown in two columns instead of one (like it is now)?  

visibility option

Hello, how to hide all the buttons that allow to modify the visibility of all the fields of the profile by editing his profile? Either by a function or a css but with a generic command because there are many! Regards

how do i change color of registration box?

hi... how do i change color of registration box?

User received emails says from WordPress

Hello, in the past emails received for messages, notifications use to reflect the sites name as I think I changed something on the Dashboard to reflect that. Now email notifications say it's from Word Press, how can I change that again? Pic of my email as a Registered User below:

Buddypress Menu Not Centered

Hello.  In one of the recent updates, my BuddyPress menu for logged in users is no longer centered.  I attempted to add some CSS to fix but could not seem to get it to the right place to get it done. I've attached a screenshot of the problem.

Search button refreshing home page

Hi Guys, Great job for this theme, anyway i'm having an issue with it. The search button in the home page is refreshing the home page, don't send me to profile search results as it is supposed. in the member area, the horizontal search is working properly. Maybe I failed some configuration, can you help?

Redirect To “Activity”

For .. is it possible to have users be redirected to the "Activity" tab of their profile? It would be great if this could be done upon the user logging in, as well as when they click "home" or "register" (once already logged in). Let me know if this is possible and/or what my options are, thanks!

Message Notifications

For .. when a user gets a "Private" Message, they get a notification email. The notification email contains the message subject and body.. I was wondering if there is a way for the notification email to NOT contain the message at all (so no subject/body) but rather have it say something along the lines of: "[Senderusername] sent you a new message. (and then...) Login now to view your private messages:  .. is something along those lines possible? Let me know what my options are, thank you!

New Purchase and Installation

Hello 7th. Q I purchased Sweetdate theme a couple of days ago and it came with the slider. I would like to purchase another license and this time with installation,,, but with the Modern scheme design without the slider and not the blue color pattern scheme. How do I specify this at the time of purchase ? Thanks and Happy New Year to 7th Queen Support !  

After login, member level page is displayed.

Hello After member login, current initial page is "member level". Can I display "profile page" as login initial menu?  

Can’t load BP member profiles

I'm trying to import BP profile fields and I get the message that "could not import--make sure BP has been installed and activated".  I've checked.  It is installed and activated.

blog page not visible despite no membership required

hi the blog page on my site has no memberships levels required but it's not visible to not-logged members or non members, although it should be.  

ı can not connect my site

hi.ı have very interesting problem. When ı try to connect my web site from this ip is static and my router. wait long time and can not connect.  ı have tried another internet example my mobile phone gsm internet. not problem. ı asked this situation my hosting company. They can not anything. what the problem ı dont understand can u help me please

buddypress member search doesnt work

hi member search doesnt work.  ı disabled all pulings only active buddypress and try but it not worked. please help me

Can I edit the theme .less files?

I am trying to reduce the filesizes on my website and I noticed that the kleo-generated stylesheets are rather large. Beautiful, but large. I would like to remove a lot of styling I feel I do not need, so please can you advise - how do I recompile the css files from the .less files? Thanks.

remove animation and change layout of “Kleo Posts” widget

Hi, I am using the "Kleo Posts" widget, and would like to do the following: 1) remove the animation, so that it doesn't bounce in as you scroll 2) place the category name above the title and change its color 3) remove icon that shows comment number   See screen shot below for diagram. Thanks!!

blog grid for archives, tags, categories, sidebars, separator

Hello! I have a question about viewwing blog posts, archive categories tc. where more than one post show up. Kleo has a custom blog page look, which I am not sure where to change. I have created a custom blog page with a grid and it looks great, however if I click on archive, or a category or tag page still this Kleo page look shows up. We would like to change that where can I so that? Also, about sidebar widgets. For my buddypress pages I want to have my sidebar on the left, but for blog pages on the right. For some reason the theme uses the same sidebar for this left and right sidebar called main sidebar. How can I have different side bar for buddypress and my blog? Lets call it left and right sidebar. I can only see options in KLEO theme options, but that does not solve this problem.   And a third question, I have a black separator between sidebars and the main area. Where can I change the look of that, I cannot find it.   Thanks.   Zsusza      

How to align top bar and menu items

Hello, How can I customize the main header of my site in the following ways?   1) Top bar is enabled, social share is enabled BUT it aligns left. How can I align the social icons to the right? 2) I chose the header layout that allows you to add banner text to the right of the logo, with the menu items below it. How can I align the menu to the right? 3) How can I tweak the alignment of the menu and the alignment of the banner text so that they both align to the same right-side margin? (Right now, the banner text can either be too far to the left, or too far to the right.. When centered it looks ok, but I won't know if it's "just right" until I can see the menu aligned right.) Thanks in advance for your help!

domain change

hi i m using kleo template for But ı want to change domain name Because it is local name for my country. I want to use this template at I can use this template only one web site ı konw. I cancel spearfishingturkey and ı use this is impossible or ı must buy another template for ?

Slow Posting

Hi, I have Kleo installed, everything works. But posting for forum is so slow. 10-19 seconds usually. Notifications take so much longer, I am getting the same message 3 and 4 times because clients don't think it posted so they hit submit again.   I run vps on inmotion that is optimized for wordpress. I have max children at 100, max requests at 500. I run WPRocket for my caching system. Amemberpro for my membership and Formidable Forms. But all the BuddyPress and bbPress run from the WordPress logins.   I have disabled my LearnDash which I really want to use. I have disabled Visual Content, Sensi, and a host of other things. And while these programs could have been slowing down my site load, that is not the issue, it is posting. Do you have any ideas why it posts so slow?   I appreciate your help. My clients love your theme, but I'm worried if we take our posting up a notch things will start to crash.

not displayed user

<span lang="en">hello the last registered users are not displayed, neither the online ones nor the top ones in the main page

<br class="Apple-interchange-newline" /><span style="font-family: arial, sans-serif">I do not know how to change the start form of the main page</span></span>

Members are not visible

Hi guys On the Members page, everything appears to be working except the members are all invisible. The page expands as if they were there, and the cursor changes when you hover over the places that they should be, but they are invisible. See attached screenshot. This affects all members, including those who have logged in recently. It does not seem to be a problem with BuddyPress, as I have tried a similar theme called Lynk that uses the same BuddyPress, and the members are all visible. If you need to have a look, I have created an admin account for Laura from a previous ticket and can provide that again. Thanks, Ben

Translation problem – Live Messages

Hi. I'm translating the theme via Loco Translate. Everything is fine except Live Messages section. I couldn't find "There are no new messages" string in Loco. What do you recommend about it? How can I translate this text? Thanks.

Custom register page redirects to BP register page

Hi,   currently I'm using your custom register page, where users type in their username, full name, email and password. Now if they type something invalid in the form, they get redirected to the dynamically build register page of buddypress. Is it possible to prevent this? I tried disabling the buddypress register page in the settings > buddypress options, but this way the users won't get the activation email. Thanks in advance

Search for men and women gender appear

We have followed the solution given for the above problem. It is still giving the wrong gender. Can you please advise us further?

color of forum sticky similar to demo

hello i would like to make the color of the forum sticky in the buddypress group to be similar to the color you have in your demo but i dont seem to be able to find where this option is. could you help me please?

Create a bar like demo for social icons and login/register

  1. i would like to have a similar bar to my site, like the one appearing on demo, where someone can see the social icons and login/register.
  2. The login/register appears as a popup and it does not redirect you to another page which is a feature i really like.
  3. and after the login the members avatar appears in the menu with the options of "profile/activities/notifications/log out"
please explain how this can be achieved, i have included some screenshots to make it more clear

How to get feature image to be the same size as slider on home page

Hello, I've used the feature image on this site for a header images on all the pages except the home page. On the home page I have a slider animation. All of the images on the pages and the slider images are the same size 1200 px wide by 186 pixels high. For some reason the slider image is not showing as the same size as the feature images on the inside pages. How can I adjust this? I want the slider animation on the home page to be the same size as the feature images on all the other pages. Here is the home page; Here is another page where I want the image at the top to appear the same size: Thank you !    

wp-admin error 500

Hi,   I was adjusting the buddypress sign up and registration.php pages and an error occurred. I know cannot get into my wp-admin page its says error 500 though the rest of the site is working. Any suggestions that could help would be really appreciated.    

how to limit buddypress groups

Hello i would like to use the paid memberships pro plugin you provide with KLEO, in order to do one of the following,
  • either allow members to create only 5 groups in buddypress and then if they want to create more to have to purchase a membership and upgrade themselves
  • or, to allow members a trial period where they can create groups for a week, but after that to have to pay for any group creation they want.
could you please inform me on how can i achieve that


Why is my Forum still visible for non-logged in members/users on my site? How can I change this?

change the color of the profile background color

hello how can change the color of the profile background color not uploading a cover profile picture but changing the default color from blue

Fatal Error (different to what is in the FAQ)

Hello, I get this message when I try to activate RevSlider. I understand the filepath, although am confused about what the message means... Thank you in advance for your help.   Fatal error: Call to a member function get_url() on null in /home/juliep60/public_html/wp-content/plugins/revslider/includes/object-library.class.php on line 62

icon search

Hello i dont know why but suddenly i have lost the icon search in menu and now i have a rectangle you know what is the problem ? look at my page on the menu on top left thx

Full width header on 2 column page

Hi Is there a way to display a full-width header in a 2 column page. See attached image.

How can my users create groups without using the admin bar?

I need to be able to hide the admin toolbar but I also need my users to be able to make their own groups and currently the only way to do that seems to be by using the admin toolbar. Is there a way to allow my users to create their own groups that doesn't involve the admin toolbar? Thanks

Issue with

Hi all, great stuff you made, exactly what we were looking for. I seem to have an issue though with login in through FB on mobile On desktop all seem to work fine, but on mobile (android for ex.) we have an error that states: "can't load url the domain of this url isn't included in the app's", which is strange as it works fine on desktop, so i think the app seems ok. Looked into fora and other information but found nothing that really states that specific issue. Pls advice here. URL: Another question: is there a way to force members to fill in their profile when they login by using the FB api? sincerely gys

Adding custom links to to buddy press menu

Hello, I want to add new components that are not native of buddy press to its menu. I want to do this so that all member unique pages can be accessed from on navigation (the buddy press menu). This unique pages include 1. "sensei my courses", 2. "Events from fooevents" (I cant use the event manager that kleo integrated it with) 3. some post pages accessible to each class of membership I may decide to add one or two more member unique links but if I get the scope I'll be able to add others anytime.   Thank you in advance

Toggle menu closes too fast on smartphone

Hello, my toggle menu closes too fast on smartphone, when you try to use it on a phone it disappears before you can click on a link. Using my computer the menu opens and works perfectly. I have no idea what to do... Thank you

text color

Hi, I am unable to alter the text color in a couple parts of my client's website: The info in the socket at the bottom will not change to white, despite me selecting #ffffff in the Customizer, and I cannot change the color of the text in text boxes, even though there is an option to do so if you scroll down below the field where you type the text (using Visual Composer). For example: If you look at this page the lines below the title (Gemma...) should be white, not blue. And then the socket at the bottom also shows how the text is blue instead of white. On top of this, my paragraph text is showing up in 2 different shades of blue-- unintentionally. Is there a code mis-match somewhere that is preventing me from changing the color of the text to something different to the main theme settings? Also, how can I make the links underlined? There is no option for that in the Visual Composer text boxes, but older posts that my client did with just the basic WP backend function have links that are underlined. Thanks!

Create An Account box location

Hi! Would like to show Create An Account box on right, not on left side. How can change it position? Thank you! Steve

main menu link

hi , I created a custom link to disable the login pop-up window and added it to the main menu. so the user who wants to log in goes to the wp-login.php page. there is no problem here. I do not want the user to see this link in the main menu after login. What do I have to do for this?

live chat for the users

did the theme come with a live chat for the users or i have to integrate a plugin

set your search form to one country

how do you set your search form to one country and add your cites of your country to the cities list e.g i want to set the search form to Guyana and Guyana alone and add the cites in guyana e.g georgetown, liden etc

disabled admin toolbar results to top margin on mobile devices

Hello support, When I set the switch „Admin toolbar“ to Off in the miscellaneous settings, a top margin (above menu) is displayed on mobile iOS devices. Unfortunately this behavior wastes space. Is it possible to remove this unwanted margin? Kind regards, Martin

add advance search on the members page

how can i add advance search on the members page and who do i add the who's online to the main menu

How to change titles of blog and forum?

Can we change the titles of blog and forum area?  I want to change "Forums" to Discussion, and "Blog" to Our Stories.  Please see my screenshots.

How can I disable comments on blog pages?

How can I disable comments on the blog pages?  I want to make a section called "Our Stories" that visitors can just read without commenting on

default slider the theme front would just get confused

hello every time i remove the default slider the theme front would just get confuse how do i fix this issue?


How can I redirect users who log onto the page in the picture.

What is Development mode

Hello, What is Development mode? (in Miscellaneous Theme Option) For default, this option is enabled. If I disable this option the layout of a home page will change. Or could I disable this option before editing the design of home page? Thank You.

Post Masonry Grid url

Good morning, I set "Post Masonry Grid" on a page, with data source "Essential_grid"; the post url is, I would like to edit it at it's possible to do it? Thank you for your availability and I apologize for my English. Good day. Marco

Profile pictures not round

Hi!   With the option for round profile pictures enabled, the picture’s display square instead of round on the “Create an account form” on the homepage. How can I make them round?   Thanks!

Paid Membership Pro

Hi, I use PMP pro on my sweet date site and I have set everything as I should. But I noticed one error, once payment is made successfully for membership, my site does not automatically redirect users to a success page and it also it still restricts the user from accessing the restricted pages. Even when the payment was successful and I have been notified of the payment by my payment gateway, PMP pro still shows that the user is pending and not successful This does not change until I go to the back end to manually approve them. Please what can I do urgently. Thanks

featured items grid & buttons

Hi. My Kleo site is up to launch and I love Kleo but I found some problems with the theme/plugins and they are crucial for my site.   1. FEATURE ITEMS BUTTONS AND LINKS. I use much Feature Items Grid but the texts in the grid are teasers for other pages. The user does not understand that they are links without buttons or read an article-tags. I made Kleo-buttons inside each grid item and inserted also to buttons a link. They look nice ( see the pic enclosed) but the problem is that button links do not work.  When you now click the button, you get again the same page where you were when you clicked. Not to the new page which was defined in feature item link or the new page which was in Kleo Button link. Often  the both links are same but clicking the button still does not work.   2. KLEO TABS FONT SIZE? I have lot of content in some landing pages and I would like to use KLEO TABS to organize content. My problem is that I use big headlines and quite big font also in my site and the tabs and their texts are extremely small. I cannot code myself and this is maybe a small task so could you tell me how could I make tabs fonts bigger? Is there some code I could use? 3. VISUAL COMPOSER GRID& KLEO TABS & OTHER HOVER BACKGROUND AND FONT COLORS. The colors  in hovers, forms, grids and tabs come out with dark text in dark background, so you cannot read the texts at all. I have tried to change my brand color settings from Kleo Theme Styling Customization many times and even my web company did color customization one page at time to get colors right. How could I remove the problem easily? Which colors in the customization panels will set up the fonts in hovers/tabs/grids? In my site the background is normally white and text almost black. In the hovers/tabs/forms it should be the opposite but the text color is always dark. My site is but you cannot go there right now, because I am using Coming Soon-add on. I can give you my admin credentials if needed. Thank you very much before-hand for your quick response? Br   Katja from Finland

Add Extra Profile Fields – Show certain profile fields in member profile header.

Hello,   Ive copied and paste the code as you say on the help site, but its not working. See attached, and i would like to know what is missing and how to solve it? Greats

Advanced search for paying members

Is it possible to make some of the advanced search parameters just for paying members?

customize register page

Hello, just wanted to know how to customize my registration page? ex. add a button for doctors to take them to a special registration page for doctors   Thank you!

KLEO Monetizer not working without buddypress

KLEO Monetizer works only if buddypress is active, if buddypress is deactivated then the entire webpage is not loading properly, please release an update with fix.


Is it possible to show sitename /login instead of sitename/wp-login.php  ? You see this when hoover over login and logout links. I have the kleo login setup.

Share This

Thank you for your theme I love it. I use it here:
I can't find the location of the template in which php template the share links part appears (see for instance at the bottom)
Apparently it is not in 'post-social-share' because when I modify this, it doesn't change anything.
Could you please indicate me where it is? Could you also let me know what the 'post-social-share' php template refers to?
I would like to change 'Share this' to 'Like or share this'.
Thank you very much
Kind regards,

how to add button into secondary menu

Hi, I would like to add a buton into secondary menu, as shown in the screenshot (one of the predefined header options), like the "Buy Theme" or "see demo" button, but I am unable to find out how. Thank you for help.

Loco translate words

Hello, without translating this word, I use a plugin loco, I have read everything in a forum but I have not found an answer.

To replace Publication date Meta with Last Modified date

Please, how can I show Last Modified date to tell readers and search engine bots when a content on my site was last updated? I will like to show something like "Last Updated: September 1, 2017" , in place of the actual publication date, as can be seen on the image below.  

WooCommerce styling question

In thw WooCommece Product loop, I am having a few styling issues and I was wondering if you could direct me toward the code to fix.  I am not a developer - just starting.  

1) How to stop the product category from showing up on the product display.

2) How to adjust the font for the products so that the longer names can fit on ne line.  As it it, they take up two and it makes th display background bigger for certain products.  Alternatively, maybe make the padding to adjust, all so all the products lited side by side will have the same sized background.

Any insight on the location to adjust this in the theme would be great.  I have the child theme enabled, so I have been copying over the files that are being adjusted to the child theme folders.  I just haven't been successful in making the correct adjustments that correct these issues.  Thanks in addvance..

  v/r,   Bethany Nash

SPAM Buddypress on WP 4.7.4

Hi, i have a problem of SPAM in private message of Buddypress. I thought to install one of this plugins: - BuddyPress reCAPTCHA - WangGuard - BuddyPress-Honeypot - etc... But  more of them weren't updated from many years and are not tested with my version of WP. How can I do? Can you help me? Thanks for the reply. Alex

User role “Shop Manager” can’t access WordPress Dashboard

When I make a user as any role type other than administrator they can't access the dashboard. This is especially confusing on the shop manager. When I change the role type or blow away the user and start fresh as a shop manager they still can't access the orders page in woo. I've tried redefining the use roles deactivating and reactivating plug-ins, and switching themes. Nothing seems to help with this issue. What I'm wondering is if I am having a Ajax issue somehow that is not completely apparent to me. Pretty lost here. Any help would be awesome!

Media link in buddypress showing dobble

Hello,   Since the last theme update the underlink in buddypress Media is showing dobble. Im using the RTmedia plugin. Is it better to replace it with MediaPress? How can this be fixed?

I want to remove part of profile setting

Hi, I want to remove the Lifestyle settings under my profile but it still shows even after turning it off under the theme options and buddy press settings. I have circled it in the picture I attached to this file, I don't want that section to show at all to the members.

SweetDate isn't displaying edits or plugins on my website

<span style="color: #000000"> I i<span style="font-family: 'Roboto Condensed'"><span style="font-size: 11pt">nstalled SweetDate on my server with FTP </span></span></span> <span style="color: #000000"><span style="font-family: 'Roboto Condensed'"><span style="font-size: 11pt"> with sweetdate and sweetdated-child</span></span></span> <span style="color: #000000"><span style="font-family: 'Roboto Condensed'"><span style="font-size: 11pt">But none of the edits I make in the Wordpress admin menus appear on the site. It just always shows the original homepage that displayed after installation. I completed the entire setup process and installed and activated all the plugins. But no changed appear on the website</span></span></span> <span style="color: #000000"><span style="font-family: 'Roboto Condensed'"><span style="font-size: 11pt">I think it may a problem activating the main SweetDate or child theme. </span></span></span> <span style="color: #000000"><span style="font-family: 'Roboto Condensed'"><span style="font-size: 11pt">Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?</span></span></span> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in"> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in"> My Website: <p style="margin-bottom: 0in"> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in">Admin: <p style="margin-bottom: 0in">KyndFellow <p style="margin-bottom: 0in"> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in">Password: <p style="margin-bottom: 0in">w88HE3OcKWUYdo <p style="margin-bottom: 0in"> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in">Purchase code: <p style="margin-bottom: 0in">f966b059-7db8-44c4-8abf-2a175d215c85   <p style="margin-bottom: 0in">

Geo Directory: add listing

Hi there, I test add place by GD add listing menu, but I can't select another area, it say 'Please choose any address of the (Bangkok) city only.' How to allow user to add any place? or limit only place in the country not city.

Bug with dropdown icon in user profile page

Hi, I have a bug with the dropdown <li class=”dropdown pull-right tabdrop”> in member profile page. It doesn’t  work. The dropdown menu with the buddypress additionals tabs doesn’t deploy. Can you help me please ? Thank you.

Login from pop up is blocked

Hi, I can't find much of a pattern behind this problem. Sometimes access by logging in through the modal works and sometimes it doesn't. Tried disabling all plugins. Clearing any caches. Currently I just can't log in through the modal. All I get is "blocked" in the browser. Cheers, Peter

help needed

Hi, I would like to know if it's possible (and how) to remove (hide) the @ sign before the user name and also he last post title, both in the Profile header of a Buddypress page. You can see what I'm talking about in the attachment, surrounded in red. My knowledge in PHP is quite limited, but I can edit a PHP file if needed. I am at ease with HTML and CSS. Thank You!

Wall updates not working anymore for groups, only general

Don't know when this changed but when users try to write an activity update and publish it in a group, the system gives a red error message: "There was a problem with your update. Try again." This is not the case if outside of a group. Latest WP and Sweeetdate 2.9.10 Thanks for any ideas.

Theme option not accessible

I have install theme successfully but I can not access theme option.It shows nothing

Group Description

Hi - is there a way I can set the number of characters in the group description on the groups home page? Right now some have a couple words, others a couple paragraphs. Thanks!

Format Portfolio entries

Hi Support!  So I'm not sure why my portfolio entries are displaying without line breaks.  I have added an attachment to display what I am referring to and indicated in red where there should be a line break in a couple of the entries, but you can also just visit my page at: and see that the entries display "run on sentences." Thank you! Linda

Plugin causes issue

Hello, I just installed and activated the BuddyVerified plugin to add verified badges on member profiles and names. However, the badge breaks the names of the friends in the friend widget on the profile. I see someone else has had an issue like this and the plugin author replied with this message: "That looks like its theme related. I’m filtering usernames and the badge shouldn’t be used in the title attribute. That being said if the username function is used in the title attribute it will break. The end span isn’t missing but getting broken.

I would go into theme or widget code and remove the username function from the title attribute."

Any idea how to fix this? I've added a photo showing what happens. Thanks, Håvard

Buddypress activity loop filters

Hi there, I spent hours trying to figure out how to exclude from the site-wide activity things like 'user uploaded new avatar', 'user created new group' etc. Any ideas how to do that? Many thanks, Adam

Offer my mobile APP

Hi, I would like to offer when a client logs on the intranet our native mobile app if BuddyApp detects that the client is mobile. fyi: Our network is 100% private.   How could I do that ? ( I program a little) Samples are best for me. If the sample could be a beautiful one, better.   Many thanks, Jr.  

Adding button to member masonry

I've watched and think I can follow this video about how to add member details to the list view. However I'd like to add a button that links to the member's store if they have one (I am using WC Vendors).  I see that the User Switching app adds a button ('switch to') so realise it's possible, just can't figure out how. A related question - is it possible to change the member css based on a profile field such as 'vendor'?  Would love for vendors to be a different colour (eg black as in the video), normal members white. Thanks

Image not showing – White space instead

My images are not showing, I've already tried .jpg, .png, different resolutions and sizes and non of them seems to work. The default images work fine, but when I upload a new image it doesn't work. I've tried on image carroussel, slider revolution plugin and default WP image.

Child theme layout


I am having a problem with my child theme, its like there is something wrong with the  responsive framework.

I have tried reinstalling a new child theme but its still doing the same. The parent theme seems to work fine .

If you can be of assistance that would be amazing! Thank you for your time and patience.

I have left the child theme on for your view.


How to modify post content

Hi there, I try to modify post content on element 'Post Grid' with basic grid: go to slideout like the attached. What file that I should edit?   Add 2 points: 1. Add some post meta 2. Add post view count via <?php if(function_exists('the_views')) { the_views(); } ?>

One Page Menu

Hello, I'd like to know how can I create a menu that shows one part of my home page. I know that you use it on the Home Food page. I've already tried to put a # on the title element, but I cound't find it on the menu section (in this case I tried a custom link, but it didn't work). I just want to create a single page web site with Menus -> [ "Prices", "News", "Testmonials"], can you help me? I didn't try yet, but is it easy to add a button on the menu? Thank you!

Raleway font problem

Hi, I set a Raleway Font from theme options -> Fonts (Kleo child). When I'm logged inside my web site and I apply Raleway Font for all headers (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6) , I see the changes made and the font Taleway. When I'm Log Out, I lose the changes made and I see another font (maybe defaul background font) and I don't see the Raleway Font. Can you help me to resolve this problem? Thanks a lot, Carlo

Erro: “Are you sure you want to do this?” while testing offline

I'm getting the error: "Are you sure you want to do this?" while trying to test the theme on my local computer. It's my firts time using a paid theme, so I don't know if I can test it before uploading it to my company website. Can you help me? I've already tried all the other solutions, but none of them seems to work. First of all, I need to know if I can test it localy or just online. I´m using: Wordpress: 4.8 PHP: 5.6.25 MySQL: 5.7.14 Thanks!

how to change the text in pmpro levels

hi support,  can you tell me where can I change the text in pmpro levels? like below picture. I already reached out to pmpro plugin forum but they told me to reach out to you because the text is custom made by sweetdate.

Adding message button in members loop

Hi there! I found this code. This function php add a message button in members loop, but without Css. If you can help me with that (example pic 2*). ____ *  Example 1, without text, only icons: How can I hide the text here? overflow? I don't remember...   // BuddyPress - add message button in members loop // Source: function filter_message_button_link( $link ) { $link =  wp_nonce_url( bp_loggedin_user_domain() . bp_get_messages_slug() . '/compose/?r=' . bp_core_get_username( bp_get_member_user_id() ) ); return $link; } function display_private_message_button() { if( bp_get_member_user_id() != bp_loggedin_user_id() ) { bp_send_message_button(); add_filter('bp_get_send_private_message_link', 'filter_message_button_link', 1, 1 ); } } add_action( 'bp_directory_members_item', 'display_private_message_button' );

error Warning: Cannot use a scalar value

hi support, in my site footer there is an error that says Warning: Cannot use a scalar value as an array in /var/www/ on line 407 can you tell me what causes it? and what is the function of the plugin SO widgets bundle? I wanted to deactivate this plugin but afraid it might mess things up. so I need your help here. thanks

Menu Bar and Header Profile

hello, I get stuck so please help me. in attachment there is an account author but still have "bar wordpress" how can I dissapear this? and how to setting if any user register and then in his account appear default header like yours. (attachment 2) ? thankyou.

where is search button code located?

hi support, I am trying to know where is the code that regulates search button in the front page is located? because I am trying to hide search button for free user and only display them to paid user. I wanted to put this code in the function of search button `if( !current_user_can( 'manage_options') ){ if( !pmpro_hasMembershipLevel() ){ return; }  }` I already disabled bp search function using the above code but it seems for the search button on the frontpage uses different code setup. so can you tell me where it is located?  

problem with changing from http to https

hi support, I had change my site URL from http to https, but I can't see any green bar on the browser. turns out I am having mixed content problem. it seems that the default image from sweetdate can't be changed into https and that sends the mixed content problem. and as you can see in my attached screenshot they're all stock images from sweetdate themes. so are there any way for me to change all the image address to https? and how can I do that? thanks

buddypress comment

Hi, i checked forum support but i cant find. On buddypress activity commnet is like a button style but i just want to use text no rounder or with border such as delete... And also i want increase bottom margin... I am sending image to more explain...

how to modifed search result display page?

hi support, I am now trying to modified the search result in sweetdate. currently here is how it looks like it doesn't look too good, there are many empty spaces between profiles display there. and I wanted the display to look like this. any idea how to make the display results more compacted?


Hi, I am trying to translate my sweetdate dating web site( to Turkish. But i could not translate some parts of web site for ex: "İt all starts with a date" section on home page , also "sweet stories from our lovers" section on home page , "Top Members" section etc.. You can check status on I am using loco translate. Other Questions : 1 - I am using my site in Turkey so i dont need country field at search,registration etc.. How can i remove country field from search and registration etc..? 2 - Can i use city field with predefined items as combobox? How can i put predefined cities in city field as combobox? 3 - İs web site comatible with visual composer? Can i edit pages in visual composer? What do you offer to edit content of pages? Regards, Zafer.

Reset Password eMail translation

Hi,   I have the same issue as Any updates on this? Plugin doesnt fix the problem.   Regards

missing submit button in account page

hi support, based on the attached screenshot below from the link I can't seem to see any submit button so I can't really update my posting in buddypress. can you tell me why it happen like this though? why did the submit button is missing? you can try to login using my credentials I had provided in my other thread.  

how to redirect non-paid member away from buddypress component?

hi support, so I am wondering if I am able to create below restrictions in my dating site for those who haven't upgrade their level using pmpro?

•when a user Try to write a message
•when a user Try to answer a message
•when a user Try to see who have poke them
•when a user Try to see the whole event post.
•when a user Try to take part in “forum” when they click on a post, it should also not be allowed to create a post.

so every time a user does any of the above things then the price list membership page would show up instead? essentially buddypress components would not work without paying for the membership level in pmpro? so those free users might need to upgrade their levels to be able to interact with each other using buddypress components.

any idea how to do it?

Redirect page after login to buddypress profile

Dear Support, I have read the forum topic about redirect page but i couldn't find an answer for it yet i get confused. I want to know 1. how can i redirect page after login to buddypress profile like login.png to admin.png ? 2. Also redirect register to buddypress profile after user activate it ?   Thanks for your response, Best Regards, SC

putting banner ads on the frontpage

hi support, I was wondering which file I should edit to put the banners of ads like in the picture below. I need to put 3 banners, the first 2 on either side of the frontpage and the last one is in the footer. can you tell me how to do it and which file I should modified?

adding terms and conditions in signup page

hi support, I need to know the best way of adding terms and conditions during signup in sweetdate so that they must agree to what the terms say before continuing with the registration? how to do this?

Import Go Pricing data

Hi there, I try to import Go Pricing table from your theme data as: Main Files\Demo Content\Go Pricing tables\clean\1-15\1-15.txt but can't. Please advice, thank you.

how to make menu link unclickable for non-members?

hi support, I am wondering of ways to make menu link on the frontpage to be unclickable for non-members. and the only menu link they can click on is about-us page. how do you think I can achieve this? to make the menu link unclickable for non-logged in user?

Revolution Slider HTTP 500 error

Why when i install the Revolution Slider plugin does it kill my site and then i'm forced to disable the plugin via FTP to get my site working again? Theme updated to the latest version All plugins updated to their latest versions  

Filter post by hit count

Hi there, I looking for to display most popular post base on number of hit (view). Please advice.

Cover Image Not Saving

Just updated to 4.2.6 – all user profile background images gone and won’t save any newly uploaded profile background images. I’ve deactivated plugins and retried. Same result!? Was working perfectly fine with said plugins activated before too? Strange. Is there a setting that i could’ve hit that is causing this? If necessary I can provide user pass/login for you to take a look? Here’s a screencast of me replicating the issue below:  

Member Media page not found

Hello, I tried to deactivate some of the plugin to check what is wrong with my thumbnail as this is what you told me to do :   However, when I deactivated MediaPress plugin, member media page isn't functioning anymore. There is another problem in the site as we can't upload video and media into our member media. Can you please check what is wrong? Thank you.

making red cross line on old prices

hi support, I am trying to make old prices to be scratched out like below screenshot.

currently, it look like this

so any idea of how to implement scratched out line on old prices in pmpro template page?

how to remove fullname

hi support, I am trying to remove fullname from a profile. I need to do this so that the other user can only see the photo of another user and not their fullname. so this user will be forced to communicate with another user and not search their name on facebook to find out more about another user. and they will have to communicate in my dating site are there any way to do this? to remove fullname in the sweetdate themes

Adding Ajax Search Pro shortcode to top menu

Hi, You told me earlier how to add a search to the top menu with the code below: function kleo_search_menu_item( $items, $args ) { if ( sq_option( 'ajax_search', 1 ) == 'logged_in' && ! is_user_logged_in() ) { return $items;} $location = sq_option( 'menu_search_location', 'primary' ); if ( $args->theme_location == 'top' ) { $form = kleo_get_search_menu_item(); $items .= '' . $form . ''; } return $items;}} Now I've installed Ajax Search Pro and for some reason the search in the top menu isn't executing the search from ajax search pro search, it is still executing the KLEO search. Can you tell me where I need to add the ASP shortcode (echo do_shortcode('[wpdreams_ajaxsearchpro id=1]');) to the code shown above? Thanks Cathy


For better support I paid But you do not help. 1 : Members do not appear when searching 2: man Woman  Members do not appear 3: Invalid PMPro License Key. For help   You want my money  

Theme Options have disappeared !!!

Theme options in admin have disappeared in i have deactivated all plugins and even deleted theme and tried reinstalling. i even tried it on a new WP install that never had the theme,  

private site The above issue how was it finally resolved ,am having same issue ,the code you gave that guy does not work.i need to try and make the site private. Sweet date its a dating theme and needs to highly private by nature.   thax Pharel

How to hide fullname?

hi there support, I was wondering if I can hide the full name of an account in sweetdate? so there'll only display the username. like the screenshot here. in the screenshot there is fullname and username. now I wanted to make the fullname gone on the profile page. how can I do that? thanks

Change Default WP Login URL For For Better Brute Force Security

Hello, I use a security plugin that allows me to change the default WP login from to a completely different one like The problem is that the theme and PMP are using: with their logins.  Is there a way in the child theme functions.php (or elsewhere) to change the default login URL so that the theme and PMP plugins will use it instead? Thanks!

TinyMCE: Failed to load plugin url k-elements//admin/tinymce/plugin.js

Hi Kleo team! When trying to add a new post I get this error in the visual editor: Failed to load plugin url: Please note the // in the url between "k-elements" and "admin". Maybe this causes the problem. Kleo version: 4.1.8 K-Elements version: 4.1.8 Any ideas to solve this? Best regards, Jan  

Full browser/screen width on post page (single.php)

Hello, I would like my some of my visual composer elements, images and backgrounds to full screen width on my single post pages. How do I do this? In theme setting I've selected: Layout Settings > Site Layout: Wide Layout Settings > Main Layout: No Sidebar Blog > Blog Page Layout: No Sidebar Blog > Single Post Page Layout: Same as Default Page Layout Even with all of these settings, my VC elements only go to "full width" and on full browser window width. Thanks, Brent

Add Apple mobile app capable meta tag

Hi there I'm trying to activate the full screen mode for the mobile application. when I add the application on my iPhone's desktop then I open the application in full screen, but as soon as I click on a link it opens Safari. I know that maybe relative urls could help, but I could not find one taking care also of buddypress related links. Do you have a solution for this problem? Otherwise I will disable the option and let the mobile app open in Safari. Thanks

Woocommerce Photoswipe integration 4.2.4

I just updated to 4.2.4 and am really happy you guys implemented the option to use Photoswipe, unfortunately we  found that if you enable photoswipe, and NOT the zoom, it still opens a magnific popup in the background, so when you close photoswipe you are presented with magnific. Looks like the javascript needs a little more logic in the kleoShop.init() function to keep that from happening. It also seems that the thumbnails are no longer floating, the kleo woocommerce.css sets the display to inline-block, with nothing else affecting the element, removing this style declaration solves the problem. There is also a blank frame added to photoswipe after the first image, which is weird. If I override the "product-image.php" and "product-thumbnails.php" with the defaults from woocommerce, leave their CSS loaded (by overriding kleo_load_woocommerce_css), and add the photoswipe and flexslider support via the child theme everything works perfectly. Thank you guys for a great theme! We've been thrilled at the amount of features, and speed it provides, we previously used X theme and Jupiter 5 and have been extremely happy with the switch!

Changed http:// to https://www and

Hello, Please, I just changed my website's URL from the HTTP:// only version to WWW version then, forced HTTPS on it such that my urls has changed from http://DOMAIN to https://www.DOMAIN Now, some sections of my site's backend no longer loads. This includes the Widgets section and Customise section under Appearance . Please, help check what could be the issue.

WooCommerce Bug?

When a member purchases something it changes their user name to real name from the ship to in check out! HELP! Is this a kleo bug or Woocommerce bug? I can manually select it back to user name but is sorta a HUGE issue

Theme management is not working (left blank)

Good afternoon, I do not know what happens with the section of managing the topic, when the option of managing the topic I get the blank page. This is the URL you are trying to open but it is left blank.

Hide Single Post Tiles

Hello, I'm trying to remove the titles from my single post pages, but cannot figure out how to do this. I have tried the following css in my child theme file: kleo-child/style.css   .template-page .page-title{ display:none !important; }   .post-header .post-meta { display: none; }   .single-post { display: none !important; }   Thanks, Brent

Woocommerce bug?

Hi,   After updating the latest theme version and woocommerce version I'm getting yellow text on the shop page as shown in the enclosed image. Can you let me know how I might remedy the situation? Many thanks Dean

I don’t want ” Activity update ” on every profile!

Hi dear i have this problem ... If an user write me, then i ask at his message, but i see always the '' Activity update '' on my profile too. I don't want the activity on every profile, because it's like a duplicate. Please help me ... See the attach

How to reduce size of comments form text area?

Hi there, I've searched the forum with no results - only for comment form label changes - and would appreciate your help in getting some code to work for this. Aim: to reduce the height of the WP comments text input box. I've managed to move it to the top of the comments section but the text area box is too deep. I've found some info for this to go in my child theme functions.php but can't make it work as I don't think I'm using the correct ID's and classes or fields. The code I found is here ( and I'm going to adapt this part of it for the height, by reducing the rows="8" to rows="1": 'function wpsites_modify_comment_form_text_area($arg) { $arg['comment_field'] = '<p class="comment-form-comment"><label for="comment">' . _x( 'Your Feedback Is Appreciated', 'noun' ) . '</label><textarea id="comment" name="comment" cols="45" rows="1" aria-required="true"></textarea></p>'; return $arg; } add_filter('comment_form_defaults', 'wpsites_modify_comment_form_text_area');' But when I try to check it with Firebug the fields are textarea, form-control and comment. So the textarea ID is correct and the name 'comment' is correct - do I also need to use the class 'form-control'? All ideas appreciated! many thanks, j

Outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files


I’m getting this message in my WP backend:

“Your theme (Kleo Child) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. These files may need updating to ensure they are compatible with the current version of WooCommerce. You can see which files are affected from the system status page. If in doubt, check with the author of the theme.”

When will the new version of the theme be ready?
Here’s the status report that I should send you:


Nombre: Kleo Child
Versión: – 0 está disponible
URL del autor:
Tema hijo:
Nombre del tema padre: Kleo
Versión del tema padre: 4.2
URL del autor del tema padre:
Soporte WooCommerce:


Anulaciones La version 2.3.8 de kleo/woocommerce/cart/cart.php está obsoleta. La versión del núcleo es la 3.0.0, 
La version 1.6.4 de kleo/woocommerce/cart/cross-sells.php está obsoleta. La versión del núcleo es la 3.0.0, 
La version 2.1.7 de kleo/woocommerce/single-product/add-to-cart/grouped.php está obsoleta. La versión del núcleo es la 3.0.0, 
La version 2.1.0 de kleo/woocommerce/single-product/add-to-cart/simple.php está obsoleta. La versión del núcleo es la 3.0.0, 
La version 2.6.3 de kleo/woocommerce/single-product/product-image.php está obsoleta. La versión del núcleo es la 3.0.0, 
La version 2.6.3 de kleo/woocommerce/single-product/product-thumbnails.php está obsoleta. La versión del núcleo es la 3.0.0, 
La version 1.6.4 de kleo/woocommerce/single-product/related.php está obsoleta. La versión del núcleo es la 3.0.0, 
Plantillas obsoletas: Aprende cómo actualizar

How to minimize the preview of blog in home blogpost?

Hello, My website is dual lingual and when I post chinese language blog, it occupies too much space in the home page. How can I minimize the preview? Here is the image link. Please refer to the image for better understanding.

Demo menu import issue

Hi,   I imported all the pages & menus, however the menu is empty/blank (i.e. it doesn't contain any items) I tried a few times (deleted all menus, setting, etc. ) still doesn't work. Please see screenshots attached. Both kleoNavMenu & kleoTopMenu are blank, please help! Thanks, Henry

from buddypress member to author

Hi! How do I 'relink' the author link so when someone goes to the author link it shows me the author archive instead of the profile? I see it like that in the News Magazine demo but not on my site. Thanks in advance.

How do I stop 17 year olds from signing up?

Help! I'm getting 17 year olds on signing up on my website. They are people who will be 18 this year but haven't yet turned 18. This is serious as it could land me in a lot of hot water. I've tried fiddling with the dates but it doesn't seem to work. The only way I've found is to delete the year 1998 but I don't want to exclude legitimate 18 year olds.   Also in the members page how do I control the three fields that show up. Right now mine are 'city' 'age' and 'marital status'   Please assist and thank you for your past assistance.

syntax error after update of KLEO

I am getting this error after updating KLEO today to 4.2: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_BOOLEAN_AND, expecting ')' in /home/believer/public_html/wp-content/themes/kleo/lib/importer/import.php on line 1259   I am not seeing this issue on any topics. I manually reinstalled Kleo from a download, and that didn't change anything. I can't tell from the line of code any reference that shoots off this error, but it has brought my admin area down, so I can't work in it. Rick  

shopwoo commerce

I am trying to build off the shopwoo commerce, but when I upload the theme it does not look like it. I am using Bluehost and cannot replicate.

Rename Child Theme

Can I rename the Kleo child theme or will that cause issues?

Cannot complete checkout with Paid Membership Pro and Braintree

Hi there, I am having the exact issue as this ticket: When trying to complete checkout with Braintree an error shows "please complete all required fields". I can checkout using PayPal. When all plugins except for Paid Membership Pro are deactivated, the problem still persists. When I change to Twenty Fifteen, and reactivate all plugins, I can checkout with Braintree.   The attached images show the fields that are different when the form is shown in the two themes. The country dropdown disappears in Sweetdate. The fields for City, State and Postcode are also a little confusing in the way they are labelled in Sweetdate.   Could you please advise how to fix?   Thanks

mobile sticky menu

Hi, I would like to have the sticky menu on mobile. I followed instructions i found on other two support ticket and I ended with some issues. Firstly, my header background turned black (originally was white). Other than that the menu is now sticky but there is a transparent gap between the menu and the top margin of the browser when I scroll down (please see screenshots). I use the top menu on most pages except on 4 key pages which I chose to hide the top menu. I realized that the gap is wider when i scroll down on pages that I use the top menu. This is the css code i resulted from other support tickets: @media (max-width: 991px) { .kleo-main-header, .navbar-transparent .kleo-main-header, .kleo-navbar-fixed.navbar-transparent #header { position: fixed !important; top: auto!important; background-color: #000 !important; } @media (max-width: 990px) { div#header { margin-bottom: 45px !important; } .kleo-main-header.header-normal {position:fixed !important;top:0 !important} } Thanks in advance, Diego

Change h1 title tag on page

Hi. I wont change h1 title tag on page to h3. I write: in themes\kleo\functions.php but tag is still h1 – tell me please what it change to h3?

buddypress error

 my site giving this error Fatal error: Class ‘BuddyPress’ not found in /home/nzsol/public_html/ on line 46 right now i disable buddypress whenever i enable i get that error. my site address is

Requiring a profile photo

Hi there, I am wondering if there is a way to require people to uplaod a profile photo.  I have users with blank profile and it makes the homepage look bad. Thanks in advance, Emmy

main menu on portfolio

Hi,  I need help for my website. I add a new portfolio item but I can´t choose a main menu (I´m talking about site main menu) When I  add a normal page I have the opction to chose my own menu or other but not in  a new portfolio item. I imagine that I have to enable something, I try it in theme options but Icouldn´t find it   Thank you    

Demos Page İmport

Hello there, I want to get the demos of the page I gave the link below. How can I do this? I brought all the pages in but I could not make this page. I need this page for me, please help me on the subject.

Top Bar does not display

I have Enabled Top Bar with Social Link Icons to display, in every place  I can find documentation for. and It still is not showing up, in fact there is nothing to call for the topper showing up in the DIV.   See attached images. First Image is a Screenshot of your demo, with an Inspection window of the DIV Code, you can see where it calls for the Top Bar, and Social Icons the Next Screen shot is of the Same Demo install on my Wordpress site,  with the Inspection Window, you can see there is not Top Bar, or Social Icons, nor does it call for it in the DIV Code the next two Screen shots of the settings to display the Top Bar and Social Icons Enabled.      

Upgrade of Kleo removed all custom changes

Hi SQ I recently had a lot of customization done to the theme, in order for it to fit my needs. However after upgrading the theme to latest version all of these changes are now gone.   I asked the developer who made the changes, and he says that he used the child theme, so an update shouldnt remove the changes. Could you please advise here.. The site is if you need a user to check it out then please let me know. Thanks Chris

the theme settings for Pages and Posts with updating to WP 4.7.2

we are working with your theme now for serverl months and the last time some bugs have been recogniced. We have to fix, because of their general nature.   The Project ist located at:   Theme - Settings: for  Pages and Posts After updating Wordpress to 4.7.1 and 4.7.2 the theme settings for Pages and Posts disappeared! The Background and Headersetting can't be changed any more. This is really a Probem, because the Design needs this settings fundamentally.  Former settings still are active but we cant change them or cant create new Pages and Post with individual Theme Settings. This was noc problem with further versions.  

Change Font Size For Sub Menus & Breadcrumbs

Hello, I've tried the different code snippets I've found in the forums but have been unable to get them to change the sub-menu drop-down font size and the also the breadcrumb font size. Can someone please help here? Thanks...

I can not change the colours anymore

When working with kleo on wordpress I used to change my colours in theme options > Styling Options. Now when I try to change the header colour it does not work anymore and stays only at a shade of grey. Am I doing something wrong or how can this problem be solved?

cant change general settings

hey, i cant change the theme general settings of the home page of kleo(get connected). i just want to put a background image but it doesnt do anything when i click on upload or in other options of the theme general settings pannel

Make KLEO like OneSocial?

Hi, I'm wondering if I can modify the buddypress pages to have the top dashboard like Buddyboss's OneSocial theme produces. For example, I use Buddyboss's User Blog, and on the page that the user is taken to create a blog, all of the buddypress tabs are missing, so the user has no way to navigate. OneSocial has the user's avatar in the upper right and when it's clicked all the buddypress tabs show in a dropdown menu for easy navigation. Is there any way to add this with KLEO? Thanks for the help with this. Cathy

change TopBar

Hi the top bar that can have menu or social icons in it - is there any way to just have 'text' in it? would like to put phone numbers along the top in bold thanks sandy

Remove map pic

Hi, My question is simple how can I remove the map picture on the register page? Or possibly change the picture?

Custom registration page

While you have a custom registration page made with your shortcode, I see no explanation on how to use it. I searched for register/registration/custom registration and I found hundred of questions. Actually most of the time the same question. Would you mind explaining on you docs how does it works setting up a custom page?
  • pros/cons using it with Buddypress
  • recaptcha
  • custom fields
  PS After all I need just add an image on the buddypress default registration page. Is it possible to modify a template somewhere. More or less as i made with the 404 page? Thank you   PS2 Could you explain why I find dozen of "blank" results via the search form? I see a post into the result; I click on it and i get a blank page with "You cannot reply to this topic." It's full of them. If it's a private topic why are you so lazy to hide them?

Post Grid Element buggy layout

I changed the grid from 6x1 to 4x2 and the grid is completely messed up on Chrome. With Firefox and Safari (on mac) everything is ok. Site is currently in maintenance mode so you need admin credential given below See attachments  

Can I change container size?

Hello~ How do I change the width of the container area when the site is set to full width? I like that the content(Photo, etc) is full width, but I just want it like my attachment file. Please check my attachment file. So, I want to change container size in only posting page like my attachment file. Would I use custom CSS? Or? Thanks~  

Member Carousel

The Kleo Member Carousel (Visual Composer Element) is displaying our member avatars far too large and won't format properly when we attempt to force them to specific pixel dimensions. What we end up getting are larger, degraded avatars that are highly pixelated. Please let us know what we can do with this to improve the look of our homepage.

Duplicate Featured Image

I followed your code edit found here ( for placing featured images above the content area, however the image also displays in the content area's default location for the featured image. So what I end up getting is two displays of the same featured image in the post. How would I only show the full-width above-content area featured image?

How to use the membership options for registration

Hi, I would like to use the membership level for registration so that user will pay the amount to register in to the website. I followed the below mentioned steps but it's not working. 1) Created a level in membership pro 2) Selected the level in the registration page but as a user when I try register it's not asking for any payments. I want to created 3 levels Basic - Once payment is done, member should be able register to access every thing other than searching for members, selling items in woocommerce Silver - Once payment is done, members should be able to register to access everything, sell items in woocommerce Gold - Once payment is done, members should be able to register to access everything, sell items in woocommerce, search members Issue 2: In the members page, I want to add the search box and advanced search box but unable to add the same. Issue 3: When I try to activate the geolocation plugin I am getting an error Issue 4: When I try to delete a user by click directly on the delete button, it's giving an error  

I have a question for profile image upload.

Hello~ I love your themes. I have a poblem for profile image upload. Please check my attachment files. The select your file button is not working and not response in personal and group profile image upload page. But, The button is well worked in personal and group cover image upload page. Please send me a solution. Thanks~

how do i change font colour under members page

I have been trying to discover how i can change profile field color right under the profile name of the members page. Please find attached those circled in red.

Is there a way to do the following?

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin-top:0in; mso-para-margin-right:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:8.0pt; mso-para-margin-left:0in; line-height:107%; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:11.0pt; font-family:"Calibri",sans-serif; mso-ascii-font-family:Calibri; mso-ascii-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-hansi-font-family:Calibri; mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin;} 1.    When you post an update several buttons like comment, favorite and delete show up bellow the post. Is there a way to make the buttons comment, favorite and delete a drop-down list? 2.    Is there a way to allow people to post an update on the main side bar, left-side. I hate the fact that people must scroll all the way up to be able to post an update. 3.  When posting a YouTube video the size doesn’t match the others. When I refresh the page the size of the YouTube video is reduced. This happens on the demo site as well.  

Formating search

Hello. Right now I have formated search check boxes like this (screen1.jpg). Since I have so many, the search form is very long. I have found a CSS Attribute to format it in blocks like this (screen2.jpg)
.form-search .kleo-checkbox label {
    display: inline-block;
But this doesn't really look nice. I would rather format it something like that (screen3.jpg) More space before and after the check boxes. If possible space between the blocks of checkboxes. The colors in screen1 and screen2 (green) is ok. It doesn't have to be white. Any tips how I could accomplish that? Thanks Andreas

All my post/pages permalinks are pointing to error 404 pages

Please help, All my post/pages permalinks are pointing to error 404 pages although no pages seem to be trashed or changed.

Essential Grid preventing Slider Revolution slides from linking

I have been having an ongoing issue with the links on the slides on the home page created with Slider Revolution from working.  They are supposed to each link to their respective stories/posts.  I submitted a ticket about this before and for some reason when you guys tested it, you did not have an issue with it.  For me it was intermittent, sometimes worked and sometimes not.   But now I think I have isolated the problem and it seems to be with Essential Grid.  When I deactivate Essential Grid, the slides work and are linked/clickable.  When I reactivate Essential Grid, the slides are not clickable.  I have created an entirely new home page based on Essential Grid, and of course need the slides to be linked to their stories, so what can I do?

How to refresh page when a user posts an update?

I have noticed something odd when post updates include text and YouTube videos. The videos show up on the users' profile on the left hand side. When you refresh the page the video disappears and only the text remains on the left hand side. I have also noticed this on the demo. How can I refresh the page when a user posts an update so that the videos included in the post updates don't show up on the users' profile, the left hand side?


Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin-top:0in; mso-para-margin-right:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:8.0pt; mso-para-margin-left:0in; line-height:107%; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:11.0pt; font-family:"Calibri",sans-serif; mso-ascii-font-family:Calibri; mso-ascii-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-hansi-font-family:Calibri; mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin;}

 I have tried to change the Sidemenu Hover Link color to black but that only changes the widgets hover color, not the buttons. The buttons have a white hover color and I would like to change that to black.

Create Border Around Site

Good day, What would be the best way to create a border like Bridge theme: around kleo site (content scrolls inside white border). thank you 🙂 Wz

Getting “gateway timeout”

Hey Team, Thanks for the awesome theme. But i getting gateway timeout on When i contacted hosting provider they told "it is because of bp kleo notification function" - - [19/Dec/2016:21:12:29 +0800] "GET /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=kleo_bp_notifications_refresh&current=0 HTTP/1.0" 504 247 "" "Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 6.0.1; MI MAX Build/MMB29M) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/53.0.2785.124 Mobile Safari/537.36"   Please tell the solution. Thanks, Nitin

How to remove a BuddyPress Profile Tab

I am not using forums. So I would like to hide "Forums" in the BuddyPress Profile Tabs. I found a snippet that should do that. $bp->bp_nav['forums'] = false; Via But I am not sure where to put this? Thank you.

customise members profile fields

Hi Please How do i customize the members directory to display other profile fields or add new profile field to display under the member directory?

How to edit profile text elements

Please how do i edit text element  in the  ‘add friend’ ‘Public Messsage’ ‘Private message’ found on the user’s profile dashboard?

Slider Revolution showing “no slides found, please add some slides” via mobile devices

Hi there.  I'm having a small issue with the Instagram-based Slider Revolution slide I created.  The Instagram images and content show up just fine on workstations, however, on mobile devices, I'm seeing a "no slides found, please add some slides" error.  Can you offer any insight? Thanks much, in advance! Regards, Kory

KLeo Search widget with buddyPress +profilphoto

I use your sweatdate with KLEO Search as widget. How do i ad in the search profile "with only photo also." or "search by photo"

What are the steps to use tabs and pills?

Hey Team, Please tell me steps to use tabs and pills + how can I write content including image in tabs and pills. I want to use these tabs and pills in WordPress single post. Please reply as soon as possible. Thanks, Nitin

A bad redirictiono when i connect my profil on my blog

Hello, I had problem with my connextion internet the past month and since i'm back i got a bug. when i go on my website all is good. But when i'm connect my profil. If i go on, i got a redirection on"mysuername"/messages/

Create an account on the checkout page

Hi, We need to be able to create an account (user & Password) directly on the checkout page. This is an exemple of our checkout page : We need to have the checkout page like that (this is an other plateform that we have create with your template) : So do you know how I can add the «Account Information» on the checkout page?      

How to add a third button?

Hello KLEO Masters! Excuse me if you answered for this question in FAQ, but I can not find solution! Theme has two buttons: "FeedBack form" and "Go Up". I would like to add a third button and tie to it link to a page. How I could do it? Thank you!

Override Buddypress file in child theme

Hi there, I need to make some changes in a file of BuddyPress that has been coded in the main theme of KLEO and the path of the file is,  kleo/buddypress/activity/entry.php I need to make some changes in entry.php.   I made same structure in the child theme like kleo-child/buddypress/activity/entry.php but my changes are not being reflected.   Can you please let me know if I am doing it in a wrong way or if there is another way available.   Thank you in advance.

Pagination on VC post grid custom query

Hello, we’re using VC through the Kleo theme, and I’d like to be able to use pagination in a custom query in a post grid. Without the pagination option, we will just have a long grid full of posts. There is no option through the interface for pagination in a custom query.  I can't find any information through Visual Composer. Any suggestions?


Hi, -Sorry English is not my native language, but I will try to be as clear as possible. I work on a site using your theme and this theme is very good. Basically, I can make it work. But I have a problem with the restrictions. I noticed that someone (connected without a subscription) can read a message received by another user before clicking on the message to read it in full. This person can read precisely the subject of the message and the beginning. I would like to avoid that. Could you please tell me if that is possible and how?     - We are trying to use this for a customer. They only want to make men pay to join and not ladies. Is it possible?   - Is it possible to moderate all profile updates, image uploads etc. etc, by profile? While the administrator can see who has changed something, and can approve or disaprove it?   - Is it also possible for comments?   - Is there a creditssystem available? If users buy credits, they can view profiles / start chat sessions / reactions. Can they buy credits and use them or give them to other users so they can chat with them?   - Chat feature, chat in group and 1 on 1 discussion?   - Function: if a user does not have a profile picture, that user can not see all the images, even if the user has credits, is this function or an option out there?   - Members of photos in the member page list are toooo small, is there any way to make them look like   - I also want to know if it is possible to protect images, to "save under" can not be posible.   - I need something from this theme - advanced search when I search profiles, can you guys who do for paiment?   And people who do not have a membership can look at the events but not sign up for them - a pop-up must appear and a button that can redirect to the payment method.   - I wanted to know if it is possible to subscribe to all the members who register in my site automatically   - Is there a way for premium members to see which members saw it profile?   - Users can mark their uploaded photos (for the face of the instance, the full body, dressed, nude). If all the photos of all the members can be displayed (question above), would it be possible to select tags and limit the photos displayed?   - Is it possible to display all photos of all members on a page? Maybe limiting the amount of photos displayed to lets say 25 per page and go to the next / previous page? While users can browse all member photos, select a photo and go from there to the respective profile.   - I have modified the registration page by adding fields like sex, but when someone clicks SIGNUP at the top, the popup only has the basics like email and password. How can we add more fields to the window, or the pop-up menu lead to the registration page instead?         We understand that this might not be possible, or we have to fix it with customization / plugins. But maybe you have allready added these functions / options 🙂       I hope to have some news soon,  

sto lavorando ad un

I'm working on a site for children ... I have to replace the word <Members> with another word <enrolled> or <enrolled> or <enrolled> ... in Italian members is synonymous with penis I do not want problems of "politically correct" I need to replace the word .... <members> to >> another word like <enrolled> or <enrolled> or <enrolled> ... in Italian commonly writes <Members> my problem is that I do not know where and how to put my hands ... there is a specific function / procedure ?? or I need to change the PHP code or some other? how and where? I did it to me (same menu as you can see in the screenshot attached) but I do not know where and what to change to modify the message that appears (in red) below the logo at the top left of the page how can I / should I ... do to fix this ?? I'm working on a site for children ... I have to replace the word <Members> with another word <enrolled> or <enrolled> or <enrolled> ... in Italian members is synonymous with penis I do not want problems of "politically correct" I need to replace the word .... <members> to >> another word like <enrolled> or <enrolled> or <enrolled> ... in Italian commonly writes <Members> my problem is that I do not know where and how to put my hands ... there is a specific function / procedure ?? or I need to change the PHP code or some other? how and where? I did it to me (same menu as you can see in the screenshot attached) but I do not know where and what to change to modify the message that appears (in red) below the logo at the top left of the page how can I / should I ... do to fix this ?? attention: I installed the plugin (paid): WPML Multilingual CMS All Import WPML WPML CMS Nav WPML Media WPML Sticky Links WPML String Translation WPML Translation Management and also, I believe I'll have to change the permalink to >> >>

Visual Composer Custom Query Pagination

Hello all, since I don't have access to VC support (only here) I have a question about the custom query in post grid. This is my query so far: post_type=page&meta_key=_liked&post_status=publish&orderby=meta_value_num&posts_per_page=2   It uses a plugin called WP Ulike to get the number of likes and display the top rated pages, and everything works fine, BUT For the love of me I can't get pagination to work, I set the post per page and that works wonderfull, could you just help me out and tell me what do i need to add to show the pagination on the website? I tried all kinds of things and still cant get it to work, it just does not wanna load 🙁   Thanks in advance 🙂

Login in Comments of Blog

Hi there, For the Blog I'm using the plugin BuddyBlog, because this one allow to insert images and the Social Article does not allow that and when edit the article the Social Article goes to the back-end. BuddyBlog it work much better, because you can costumize who can edit the post in back-end and also allow to insert images. But there is a issue that I would like to resolve. When a member is reading a article he/she make a reply, but it apear above the reply boxe, the information of Log In. And I don't want to show this, because every member already made the login. So I contact "BuddyBlog" support and they say, this is coming form comment template of my theme. Is it possible for you to help me create a function for the style.css to hide this? Kind Regards,  

Plugin does not install

Hi I'm having a problem with a couple of plugins. When attempting to install it says destination folder already exists and refuses to install. I tried using the suggested way of ..appearance >> install plugins >> But have the same issue. Please help. BB Press and Rev slider

Translation Site Templates to Persian (fa)

Language English is default... How do I Persian-language site? (wp-content/themes/kleo/languages)    

adress and phone in top

Good evening I would like to delete from the home page address, and phone number but I can not thank you for the help ....

Menu Items Font Colour

Hi, I have used a transparent header and in the backend edit options, i have selected Black BG and white text (Transparent Main Menu Color) to make my menu items visible on the website pages. You can see this on the homepage. Now, I am having trouble for the indivual portfolio pages (example in the site URL shatred with you). There are no such options in the single portfolio pages. Kindly help me find a way to make my menu items in black font color for the individual portfolio pages.

Members Count Diferences

Hi there I'v check this ticket but did not see the resolutions to it. I have the same problem. I've check my Sql_Table_User and only have there 30. And in the dashboard User it apear 30, but as you can see in the image i've attach here there is a number that also is not correct the "participant" apear 23, but when you go to the page of the participant there is only 20 (an this is the correct number). Also in front-end, the page of member show 33, when there is only 30 members. And I'v already did the repair tool to Forums and BuddyPress So what you think is the problem? Can you help with this? Thank You!

Ajax top search results order

Hi, My website at displays search results in the top menu in the order: POSTS, PAGES, PLACES. My client would like PLACES to appear first in the list. Is this possible? Many thanks in advance for your help.

RTL Support Bugs!!!

hello All RTL problems are introduced here Please fix these problems Problem 2, 3 and 5 are important

Page like query

Hello there, I was wondering if there is a way to query the Ajax page like that you implemented in your theme. I want to use visual composer post grid to custom query the top rated pages and display them on the page. Is this possible? and what wold i need to query to get the likes from your theme?   Thanks in advance 🙂

How to change color of ‘text’ typing in search bar

IS there any way of changing the text color when typing into the search box? Many thanks

Don’t show “Clients Archive” and “Member” pages on search engines

Hello,   When I look up my website on Google, the first two results are linking to my "Clients Archive" and "Members" pages. Is there a way to make those two pages not indexable by search engines?   Thank you for your help

Google Analytics ERROR!!! this education is old! i can not do this   401. That’s an error.

Error: invalid_client

The OAuth client was not found.

  Your support is very weak 🙁

install theme

i want create a site llike this link: (RTL language)   i install wordpress please help me step to step

How can i force the translation?

I use Poedit to translate, but some words or texts do not change. So what can I do?

How can i add a customized top banner for each buddypress and bbpress page?

Hello, i`m trying to add a custom banner for Activity page, other for groups page, other for profile page, and other for forums page. I allready try with Slider Revolution and adding in each page with visual composer and the other options within the page but it doesn´t shows up. Can you please help me with this? Thanks!

BuddyPress 2.7.2

Hi, Is it save to update to BuddyPress  2.7.2 with the current state of Kleo Theme? Are you guys going to release a new version of the template full compatible with BuddyPress  2.7.2 ? If yes should i wait until there? Regards   Fernando

Member Directory… Search Form

1)  How I can display profile info and entries here (look at the picture 1)? Okey, I read that: add profile information...  But does not work for me.   2)  Search: When I look for a filter, okey! But if I click on "All members" to return to the user directory it does not work. The page remains in Results. I can only return to the Directory if I click Members in the Menu.  

A problem with Media

Media --> All / Albums / Photos (maybe Videos and Music also) Here you can see: Small photo, cut text, icon–text decentralized, item title very away. Please, check and resolve.    

Box of Log In box

How can I add the link of the login Box in a button.  

Theme Options error (WP-Admin side)

Hello, I have a problem on the admin side with the Theme Options menu. Indeed, all the settings are on one page, and I have those errors in the console: "wp-content/bitnami/wordpress/wp-content/themes/kleo/kleo-framework/options/assets/css/redux-fields.css?ver=3.5.9 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)" I checked that the file is indeed in the folder, it is. I am not sure about the problem here.

Resume page

Hi: Is Kleo can make each member have a resume page ?

Can’t verify purchase credentials via theme panel

Hi all, I've tried to register your theme on my wp install via KLEO Welcome panel but it says that key and envato username don't match. Help please. Best,   - Luca

Removing Section Separation

Hi, I was looking to see if there was a way to remove the line separating sections. Both sections have been labeled; Inner Container: Yes + Section Style: Main Style, yet the separator still appears.  

Need avatar pictures on members’ page to be same size regardless of picture size.

Hi Is it possible to stretch all user avatar pictures so that when displayed in the members page the picture fits the circle size in which it is displayed?  So the circle does not resize to fit the picture.  I am looking to have all displayed circles displaying the avatars in the members' page to be the same size, regardless of the size of the picture uploaded. Currently, the circle displaying the members' avatars on the members' page resizes according to the size of the picture uploaded, rather than the picture resizing to fit the circle. Thanks Owen

Load More in the group is not working

Hi Radu, my site is live finally and my client has found a new issue. The Load More button in the group that shows animation does not seem to be working.   Can you please check this and let me know ? Link of the page :

Mobile View – Homepage

Hi,   Can i set the featured products and categories into two columns in mobile view?     Thank you.

Related articles on gallery post type

Hi guys, I have several gallery type posts. The related articles part for these posts doesn't show their titles hence it's impossible to select and display them. Hereafter a screenshot of the problem  

WordPress Login/Register

How do I make it so people don't see the attached top left wordpress menu that says "Login, Register, Events"? Thanks!

Form input field background color

I've spent ages trying to use CSS to resolve this. I have two questions in regards to the same thing: 1) I've changed the background color of the main and sidebar sections; now the various site Forms (input, search, etc) are not visible unless clicked on. Please see attached image showing the /register page. Note that the input fields are not visible. How can I make the fields a lighter color? 2) How do I change the font color of the text in the search forms? It needs to be darker to be visible. Thank you

Memory Issue

I have just updated the theme and get this on one of my pages: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 512 bytes) in /www/sites/c99/ebd/ on line 838

BuddyPress Groups Frontend Configuration ERROR

Yesterday I updated to BuddyPress 2.7 and to Kleo 4.1.6 template and began to appear errors in BuddyPress groups. ERROR: It is not possible to change the settings of the groups in the Frontend (attached printscreen). To make sure that the problem was with the template, i created a new wordpress installation with the default template (Twenty Sixteen) , buddypress 2.7 and it worked. Please FIX this ASAP. Best Regards

Top menu behaviour

Hello, I have a general question about the top menu. In the top menu i want to have on the left the social icon and on the right the login en subscribe link. What I am trying to do is to have the same behaviour as the social button links on the login and subscribe links. I want to show only the login icon and the subscribe icon and when the user goes on the icon, the text appears on the right of the icon (same behaviour as the social icon). Is it possible to do that ? Thanks in advance for your response. Yves

Problems Creating Sidebars

Well, I did create a Sidebar for: Activity, Groups and Blog, Because I don't want the same Widgets in all pages... But, look at, for Activity, etc. Custom Sidebar work bad: Big Avatars for example. And, I want Custom Sidebars for specific links: Profile / Friends, etc. For Notifications, Messages and Settings... I don't want Sidebars,  Full Width Yes!  

BBPress sidebar not changing

I have set the forums/ page for bbpres to the new sidebar I created: But when I test the page, it shows me the default sidebar not the forum sidebar. In the BBPress settings I have tried different sidebar options. None seem to affect the sidebar. (Except full width will change it to full width). But I can't change the actual sidebar to a different sidebar.   I have tried changing the forums/ page sidebar to different ones and always shows default sidebar.

Alignment of xProfile Fields

Can you please help me with a weird xProfile-styling issue? Please see the attached image first. When a rich text field contains more than 2 phrases, the first two are perfectly aligned with the rest of the profile content, but the 3rd and the following phrases, do jump and do not align with the rest.  

VAT tax not displaying in product or store page

Hi, I'm having an issue where I wish to show the product INCLUDING tax prices, but whatever I change the WooCommerce settings to, it doesn't change the price on the store front. The products are in the store backend INCLUDING VAT tax. Thanks for your help, Jim

Cancel Button

Post or Press Esc in Commentary box. Here I need the BuddyPress Default CANCEL Button. Press Esc is not practical. And, I’m trying to add a Border to Activity Content but, I can not change this little triangle... I need this with border too. 

Search Members Error

When you search by city, the message wrong, attached photo of the message, as I correct?

Can not find the word to translate it.

Hi!   Please help me.   I use LOCO TRANSLATOR for translating KLEO theme (mother).   I can not find this string: "SHARE THIS". Please see attachment. The string placed on blog page.   I searched in the theme and in a plugins list of LOCO TRANLSATOR.   How I can translate it?   Thank you.

Theme options meta box for Custom post types

How to add the "Theme General Settings", Before Content, After Content, Page Attributes to custom post types?

I installed the Hero Knowledgebase Plugin ( and would like to be able to control the page rendering in the same way as for post/pages. For instance:  

  • The Title of each article is apparently switched off / invisible. I would like to switch it on.
  • I need Before and After Content Boxes
  • Ideally, the Sidebar Field (which is visible) would be set to a certain value for new posts

Buddy Press Purchase and Install

I am looking for help on my new purchase. I just purchased the BuddyApp theme and the install. Here is what I am looking to do. Currently we have 3 separate wordpress installs under our main install (which is not ideal) PG Active (main Hub) BLOG COMMUNITY EVENTS   We want to get rid of all of the separate installs and just use BuddyApp, which it seems like it can do. What i was not clear about is the BLOG element. I saw a news section, but that did not look like a true blog. What would your suggestions be? Also, in the buddypress menu, i see a SHOP icon. Is it possible to pull content from our magento store that is at If so, i want to disable this feature for now until this can be setup. How long will it take to install and import all of the data over? Can we keep the same homepage that aggregates all of this or should we use yours? Do you have a screen shot of what it looks like on home if you are not logged in and do you have control over what is being displayed on main dashboard for logged in and non logged in users? I need to get your public key so that i can set you up on our test site for SSH. When do you think the install will be done? and lastly, can you chat via skype? it would make this easier.  

overlapping elements

In the article pages there is an overlap of items that I can not fix (with the title and related articles) as you can see here: -of-cO2-emissions / How can I fix? I updated the theme to the latest version

Remove Social icons mouse over animation in top bar

Hi, I wanted to remove social icons mouse over animation. Just link should work on  icons. Can you guide me how to get it done?

Remove Drop Down Menu Item

How do I remove "Activity" from the drop down menu that expands when you click the arrow between "Log In" and "Profile"? Thank you.

user privacy

I would like to hide the friends from a user to other users, I mean only the user can see his/her friends, but only him.

VC plugin is not working in the latest KLEO theme.

Hi,   I have got a request from my customer, who said the VC plugin is not working in the latest KLEO theme in spite of completing theme update. (cf. And I tested it on the site, I can not update the plugin, too. Could you resolve this issue? Thanks a lot.

Groups and To Do List

Is there a way to create to do list within groups. I'm building an intranet network and I would like each department to have their own group and a place to assign tasks to team members within the group. Would this be possible?

Do we have access to revolution slider premium templates

Hello, was wondering if the kleo theme includes a license to revolution slider in order to download premium templates for revolution slider. At the moment i can only access free templates of revolution slider, if it try to select a premium template it asks to activate revolution slider. Does the kleo theme include an activation license for revolution slider aswell? Thankyou very much for your time

Disable additional thumbnail and custom image size?

Kleo adds its own thumbnails (678px) (in addition to WordPress thumbnails) and a custom image size (1138px). This unnecessarily bloats our upload directory (we work with many screenshots) because Kleo adds additional files for each screenshot. Where are these image sizes actually used? I disabled these sizes now by adding the below code to functions.php in the child theme which appears to solve the problem. (We use 600px thumbnails). What I would like to know is if this can cause problems.   function kleo_child_setup() { set_post_thumbnail_size( 600, 9999 ); remove_image_size('kleo-full-width'); } add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'kleo_child_setup', 11 );

Sign Up Button fields

Hi! Can you explain me, why does sign up button show only user name, email, name and password fields? I set up much more mandatory profile fields at "Base/Primary". How can I fix this?

Left bar theme

Hello, how 1 / enlarge the logo (I do not use it on the intranet) ? 2 / change the background color: white (menu links: black color) ? Regards

My Kleo-WordPress Theme is in trouble.

Hello Team. I need your help, please. I installed KLEO using FTP in according to the instructions of Kleo Support. On the other hand I couldn't install KLEO-Child. After installing and activating the theme, I installed plugins, but two of these plugings failed and I received the following two messages: 1- An error occurred while installing Revolution Slider: The plugin generated unexpected output. Warning: Error while sending QUERY packet. PID=2932 in /home/amigosia/public_html/wp/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1868 . 2- An error occurred while installing Paid Memberships Pro: The plugin generated unexpected output. Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cookie - headers already sent by (output started at /home/amigosia/public_html/wp/wp-admin/includes/template.php:1969) in /home/amigosia/public_html/wp/wp-content/plugins/paid-memberships-pro/paid-memberships-pro.php on line 30 Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home/amigosia/public_html/wp/wp-admin/includes/template.php:1969) in /home/amigosia/public_html/wp/wp-content/plugins/paid-memberships-pro/paid-memberships-pro.php on line 30 . I continued to work and when I click on Appearance -> Menus the Link Menus does not work, so I got this other message instead: Internal Server Error: The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator at to inform them of the time thiserror occurred, and the actions you performed just before this error. More information about this error may be available in the server error log. Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Could you, please check what is happening? Thanks. Regard.   Tomas.

Front Page & Menu related

Hello, I have following queries : 1) I want to set register page as landing page for not loggedin users. And for loggedin users, the home page should be different. Please assist. 2) I want to set Login with LinkedIn account. 3) I am not able to see 'Kleo section' in Appearance > Menu. Please advice. Thank you, Nimit

Kleo post carousel – meta data like date, authour is not showing

Hi, Thanks for the amazing theme. I would like to display my post in carousel view I tried but, date , author meta data, read more are not displaying.   Also I would like to show the arrows by default and not in mouse over alone.   please guide me   attached the image of what i wanted.   I am developing the site in local machine.    

Feature image not working

Hi My feature image is not allowing me to add new feature image.  I have tested by disabling all plugins and it still did not work.  Also i have "on" the Display media on post page*...  Any help will be great... thanks

Short Codes not functioning properly

Good day, I have been using this theme uneventfully for a little while.  I also use it on another website as well. I use PMPro and recently, last few days, not certain of exactly when, the PMPro [pmpro_levels] short code quit working.  It is located on my registration page.  I went to the PMPro support forums and found one other issue with the same short code.  We are both running the same version of... PMPro Word Press and KLEO theme Since we are the only ones having the issue I wonder if it could be a new conflict with a recent update... This being said I have the same setup on the other website which is also experiencing the same issue. Any thoughts? Best wishes, Mr Fox


Helo, how can I add bold and underlining to the footer headers?


Hello, how can I customize the color of this popover as seen below in the screenshot.

Inserting profile page on a specific page

I found a ticket in support forum with exact the same question, but unfortunately it's invisible to read. So had to open e new one. How is this achievable?

Add Nofollow in TOP social links?

Hi! What file i need correct for social networks in TOP was with nofollow tag?

Social Article bug

hi 7th queen, great theme. however i found a little bug with social articles, when an article is published a notification is sent to users saying "there is a new article by admin, check it out" when the "admin" link is clicked it returns a 404 error page because it provides an invalid link to the user that provides the article.... if for example i am in the url : "" and i click the user link that publish the article it takes me to ""..... it is suppose to direct users just to " deactivated all plugins but still the same issue

An error occured with Memberships after updating kleo

Hi, I've updated kleo to 4.1.5. yesterday. Since that moment my membership levels page is not working (blank). Can you tell me how to fix this ? Thank you, Samuel

Kleo Posts

Hi Team, I have a page with two kleo posts feature added. I have two issues; 1 - I've set them to show 4 posts in a row on theme options, kleo posts settings and wp settings. It shows correctly up to  1140px wide. However, when I try to make the browser wider it takes one of the posts down below under others (1150px and more). Please check attachment. 2- I have 42 categories and when I try to filter of which posts should be seen on these posts, search results doesn't find anything. Could you please help me on these issues? Thanks in advance.

Cropping Cover Photo Similar to Profile Photo

Hello, I was wondering if there is any features to allow users to crop their cover photos, similar to when users upload their profile photo. Thanks.

Refined filtering

Hey guys, Apologies for our many tickets and questions (which we can't find answers to on the support forum). The support has been great so far, so thank you for that. I'd like to know the following: In my profile I filled in my birth date, appearing as my age. I would like to fill in, looking for "Age from" and looking for "Age to". A sort of age range of what "I'm looking for". The question is how AND the reason why is because of this: Imagine I'm a 40 year old man looking for a woman between 20-30. When searching, only woman who are between 20-30 years old AND they too are looking for someone in my age (40). Results should NOT show women who have indicated that they are looking for a man upto 30 years old. Only women who have said that they are open to a relationship with a man in the fields mentioned in the first paragraph - looking for "Age from" and looking for "Age to". This will ensure better results for all our members. I would like to know if this is possible, how to do this and let me know if you have any questions on the above. Thank you very much. Julien


Hello if you look at the attachment, you will see the dropdown icon on Menu Item "THE ASSOCIATION" is colored white in one header but it is dark and hard to see in the bottom one (another page). How can I fix this?

“Search” finds and shows my profile as result

Hello, When I search for matches in Members Directory, it also finds myself. How to avoid that? Thanks. Julien

Visual Composer

Would be nice to get the Update for VC. If you are not planing on releasing it soon, does KLEO work with the latest version of visual composer? It has some features that I need and if you cant provide updates in time, i will have to buy it and update it.

blog page

I AM trying to style my blog page but it isnt styling. i want to add news ticker and other images . i use buddypress and i have a different bloggin page within the site

Add-On Functionality for Members Profile – Rate/Review other Members?

Hello, I have a question about Kleo 🙂 I'm building an Australia-based scuba diving website called 'Diving Buddies' with Kleo - where people can search and connect with others in their area, plan diving trips, etc. My question is - is there any way I can add an extra feature to the members profile section? I would like members to be able to rate/review other members after they have dived with them. [Similar to how Uber works in how you rate the driver after a trip]. I notice on the members profile you can see activity, profile, orders, notifications, messages, friends,g roups, forums, my articles, media.... but if there was a way to add this, i'd gladly pay for the add-on. Look forward to your reply, Tahnee 🙂   P.s. I love the Kleo theme so much!  

Question about Core Changes Identified by WordFence

Hello, I did a scan of my site and WordFence noticed the following:

WordPress core file modified: wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php

see attachment too. Want to make sure with you guys - this is nothing to worry about right? Thanks. Julien


Hello, I am using "Envira Gallery" and whenever I create a new Gallery using the "single.php" post type (it is Default for Envira Gallery), it adds extra post information on the left top of the post. Is it possible to remove this? Or do I need to create a new page type? "By default we use single.php, which is the default template of the single blog post in your theme." See an example here: Kevin

kleo group masonry Customize CSS

Hello, i would like to edit the way the group masonry shows the groups, because it lacks of few good things. But the problem is , every group in the masonry have the same ID, i can"t find a way to edit only a specific group. Let me show you with some pictures that will be easier. I use Groups Masonry to display my groups in a page, and i have only 5 groups for now. The problem is, with 4 groups everyhting is great and fit the space properly, but with 5, i have one group alone on a second line, and that's really ugly. I need to, put this single group centered on the page, (like with a text align: center) or, like on my picture, (and i prefer that) make this group to fit 100% of the width. The problem is i can't specify a css to a group, they all have the same ID. Or i miss something ? Can you help me with that ? Thanks. Regards.

Difference between sensei and e-learning themes

Hi, I have followed youtube video for the installation of the Kleo and done it successfully on my domain As I have said in my email (unfortunately you did not reply), I want to create a website as social network for students and tutors for competitive exams like GRE, GMAT, etc. The main purpose of the website will be: Finding study partners online based on the competitive exams users are going to appear. In future I would like to add tutors with paid membership where tutors can create courses and sell to students. After going through all the demos I felt e-learning or connected will be the best theme for me (please suggest me which theme would be better based on my requirement above mentioned). And I would like to know what is the difference between Sensei theme and E-learning theme. Regards, Krishnakumar K A

Reduce footer

please how can i reduce the height of the footer? there is so much space top and bottom thats why i want to reduce it

How Can I connect Mail Chimp And Kleo ?

Hello, I'm Started with Gravity Forms. I would like than users have to put his E-Mail in MailChimp to download a digital Files. I chosse MailChimp only for send Mail to All Users ( i think than we can't make that with BuddyPress ? ). I saw than we can make a pop up for all user but no to send a Mail. The Best will be than an user connect with his EMail already in MailChimp can download directly his Files. I would like too than a Users can choose Subscribe in NewsLetter when he's making his account in my kleo WebSite. Do you know a good Way to Do That ( MailChimp and GravityForm will be good to do that ? You know some Good "Add On" or best Plugins ? ) Thanks You 🙂 Thanks you

Edit the Footer layout with Visual Composer

Is there a way to edit the layout of the Footer by using Visual Composer. I'd like to be able to add elements such as images carousel, separators, tabs, etc.

Picture on post list

Hi How can I have it so when I list my video post it shows a picture... so want to show picture and name of post. Thanks

Css chante the colors of the progress bar

Please, I need the CSS to change the colors of the bar. It is the circled on the attached image.


hi I am using iFrame plugin on one of my pages in kleo theme and it is not resizing on mobile devices. Can you help or offer some advice... thanks

Quick CSS for header background

Hello can you please give me a quick CSS code so I can customize main site’s background color? I've tried to find it in forum, but didn't have a luck, sorry.    

Cannot Edit Members Page with Page Builder

Hello Laura, Is it possible to edit the Members page with Page Builder? All I can edit in the Members page is its' Page Attributes (from Default to whichever template). Is there no way to use Page Builder to edit this page? Thank you. Julien

Login not working

Hi When i click login on the main menu it just opens a blank page and the pop up login does not come up. Can you please help....

PHP errors on debug log

i keep on getting these errors which crashes my site.  
PHP Notice:  Undefined offset: 0 in /home/hoopsph/public_html/community/wp-includes/meta.php on line 489

 PHP Notice:  Undefined index: email in /home/hoopsph/public_html/community/wp-content/themes/kleo/kleo-framework/lib/function-facebook-login.php on line 213
 PHP Notice:  wpdb::escape is <strong>deprecated</strong> since version 3.6.0! Use wpdb::prepare() or esc_sql() instead. in /home/hoopsph/public_html/community/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3707
 PHP Notice:  Undefined variable: email in /home/hoopsph/public_html/community/wp-content/themes/kleo/kleo-framework/lib/function-facebook-login.php on line 242
how can i fix it? thanks!    

Registration Page

Hi, We have purchased the theme and managed to install it. however; we preferred not to import the demo in order to setup the website completely from scratch as its really complex project. Our registration page will be in 2 steps as follow:
  • Step 1: Profile info (name, email, tel, pass ...etc)
  • Step 2: Finance Questions (Salary, Turnover ...etc)
Our questions as follow
  1. Contact Form 7 plugin does allow such a feature (Multi Steps), is it ok to use the plugin?
  2. All registered members are saved in the users module of WP? or the theme has its own modules for all members?
  3. What is the best option to achieve the above?
Thank you.

Cannot see registration form on Home register landing page

Dear 7th queen Team, Hope you are all doing very well, I have come across an issue regarding the register landing page, and was hoping you could help me understand why this is occurring and offer some insight to a solution. After importing the register landing page and content form kleo demo data, I tried to view the page which loads fine except there is no form visible form for entering registration details. I tried using the kleo register short code on a newly created page yet nothing shows up, i tried the option to make registration page visible for registered members as well, yet makes no difference whether logged in or not. disabling plugins has no effect as well.  I would very much appreciate any help and if you could resolve this issue i am facing, as always, im really grateful for your time and all your help, eagerly awaiting your response, Sameer Ali  

View button

Hi there   I want to rename view button and want to change the link of it. How to do it? Hope i get a good support for this paid theme

Message box

Hello. On mobile the compose box seems to be going too much in the right? Is it possible for it to be just directly under the user profile picture? So as to cover the spacing which is under the profile pictire? Please view the image attached. Thanks for your time. Great theme!

How to make full-width, low-height sections

Hello, I'd like to make our homepage divided into sections similar to the following website: This is possible with Page Builder however I'd like sections with full-width, low height photos (see attachment 2) in between and other sections with text (centered). The sections with text I can create no problem. However, making other sections full-width, low height with photos/or transparent - how do I do this? With revolution slider, the photos (even if panoramic photos) are far to big in height and usually limited in width (see attachment 1). Alternatively, is there any way to make some sections transparent, so that the background already chosen in Sweetdate/homepage/backgroundimage is constantly visible? Thanks. Julien    

Kelo 4.1 Demo Data

I just purchased kleo 4.1 and I've downloaded all the main demo data and I don't see the Kleo home page as an option, that is the template I need Can you let me know where do locate this or how to download it?   Thanks, JD

Paid Membership Pro vs WooCommerce Subscriptions vs Payu

Hello, There is little information available about payments systems. Which of the below would you recommend? 1. Paid Memberships Pro 2. WooCommerce Subscriptions 3. Payu Knowing that PMPro is quite limited because you can't change the tax rate (from US to my required Colombian tax rate). Currency is also missing Colombian Pesos. Installation is complicated and you need PMPro PLUS to get any support whatsoever. What are the limitations of WooCommerce Subscriptions within the SweetDate theme? E.g. Can I limit pages/content according to subscription using WooCommerce? Thanks. Julien

How to set up Masonry view

Hello, The Masonry Cascading photo gallery - will this show up in the top part of the Member Profile area or at the bottom (in BuddyPress) under Media of Member Profile? I've followed the details on how to set it up (see below) but it doesn't seem to be working. Could you guide me through how to set up the Masonry view? - Masonry View set to "ON" - Changed Thumbnails to 150 (Width) x 0 (Height) AND unchecked "Crop" - Regenerated images in Media Thanks. Julien P.S: Perhaps did not understand, "To set gallery for fixed width, set image height to 0 and width as per your requirement and vice-versa."

Page Comments

Hi, I enabled page comments, but disabled for some specific pages. But still, in those specififc pages, "0 Comments" title is there. I found this topic: But I can't see the messages. So can you help me here?   Thanks. (By the way I am using the lates Kleo version.)  

WP Job Manager redirection issue

HI, I have install WP Job Manager Plugin and for some reason when a user who is submiting a job and is not already logged in or is a new user, after pressing preview btn, instead of showing the preview is showing the 404 error template  page. However if i refresh (f5) the 404 error page disappeare and i can see the preview of the job. This is only happen with this template, i already try with other templates and its all good. Please help, i need this to work.

Quotation Background Color

I did an out of the box install of Kleo. Almost everything is well thought out and easy to interact with. I would like to change up the background color of various quotations. The default color appears to be #00b9f7 (cyan), which is nice. I am looking for an easy way to add additional visual interest to the page. Here is a link to a photoshopped landing page Hopefully, you are able to view the image, but if not, one quotation features the above cyan text block, but also a separate box with an orange background of #ff9900. Thanks, Todd

Text Field / Text Area under breadcrumbs bar

Hello 7th Queen,   I use the kleo template and have got my site layout the way I want it. I was wondering if it is possible to add just a text field, or an area right under the breadcrumbs/ title bar for google adsense. I was trying to accomplish it in visual composer but had no luck.   I know google adsense codes must be inserted using a <div> tag. I know also some core wordpress files like functions.php. I was wondering if anyone can point in the right direction of what I can edit in order to just add a text field, or a block of content <google adsense code> right under the breadcrumbs/ title bar? I do see the ability to have an ad in the header to the far right as an option. I would love to beable to move that to under the breadcrumbs/ title bar? Thank you so much for your time

Microformat tag

Hi, In Google search console, I have a regular problem with microformat Hentry. Some people said to remove Hentry from single.php : Do you have any issue ? Thanks,    

Strange Title in BuddyPress Profile pages

I am getting a strange title on the profile of All Members and in all tabs. The title says, "Black Pink Drops Jennie's Individual Teaser for 'In Your Area' - MoonROK" , that is the latest post from my blog. I am not getting why it shows the title of my post as title of the page. I am seeing that in the profile of all members in all tabs.

friends and group display

Hi When i click on friends or group tab it is displayed with too much space in between and all over the screen... see attachment... Can you help... thanks

Single Post Page “edit” links

Hello, How can I remove the "edit" link on the single post pages. Please the attachment. Thx.

Image Sizes

How can I make image sizes same for post listing small left thumb images, category page small left thumb images and single post page images? As I see for all the width of image is standard but the height is auto. I would like to have them all standard width and height. Please see the attachments. Thx.

News Highlight Bottom Side

Hello, I put some space between 2 new highlight element to separate them. Now there is a bottom line and a empty place under the element. I would like to remove the line and that empty space which are marke with "x" at the attachment. thx.

VC template

Hi: I want to delete all the default template that you created.

rename the ‘search’ label in search form

I need to rename the placeholder of search bar and name it differently. is that possible?

Automatic list of matches per user

Hello, How can we create a page ("My Matches") that will automatically retrieve all (weekly) matches and be visible for each user individually? In addition to that, how can we push these weekly matches via mail to each user? Thank you. Julien

Members Page

Hi is it possible now show this content in the member page?   Kind Regards,  

Car sharing demo

Hello, i would like to build a mountainbike route sharing platform like the car sharing demo on the live demo. You can choose the type of car etc. In the sweetdate the field are pre defiened ?   How do change the buddypress fields so i can get other options like the car type etc.

Carousel Photo Border Issues on Homepage

Hi there again, My homepage carousel is having issues with its' latest members, photo border. See attachment. How to fix this? Thanks guys. Julien

user profile image

Hi How can I move the user profile image so it is to bottom left of cover image or below cover image? Thanks


 how do i add logo to header and how do i remove the content wrap under header that says "Home  Members  Matthewokoh

feel free to call us    +91.33.26789234"

Background color

Hello, I would like to make the background color of the page grey and I want to keep backgroung color of kleo-posts, new highlight, news focus, testimonial elements as white. Thx

Import the pages

Dear support, sorry for the easy question, but I am quite new.. My question: I have imported the demo-content of the carsharing-style-website. Yet the pages were not imported as shown in your instruction videos. What can I do to import the pages, which are included in your package? Thank you very much in advance. With best regards, Timothy

Sweet Date and GeoMyWP

Hello, I've had a look at the manual on both this site and the GeoMyWP website on how to integrate this plugin to this theme however I'm having a lot of difficulty succeeding. Can you help? For example, should I activate the Member Locator add-on or the Sweet Date add-on, within GeoMyWP. After that, how can I make sure that when a user searches members (on Members page) that the search can be filtered by location and distance? Do you have a detailed step by step guide on how to integrate the plugin for this theme? Thank you. Julien  

Mobile view

Hi, since the last update but one when viewing my site on a mobile the logo seems to have dropped down and sits over the drop down menu. Not a great explanation but I've attached some images! I think it's just a css thing but I just can't work out the solution. Can you point me in the right direction please?


Hello, How can I make the Title Text BOLD? Kevin

Video Missing

Hi there, I was try to see the video to see the installation, and when I click in the click it goes to a page in Vime that say the video des not exist. Can you please give the correct link. Kind Regards,

BuddyPress Profile photos do not work

Hello, When I try to upload a profile photo, the download shows successful, but there is no photo. Here's a video of what happens: Any suggestions what might be wrong? Thanks!

Default Featured Image Placeholder : by category

Dear 7th-queen, I was wondering if I could set a fallback featured image as a placeholder with a different image based on the category of the post. I have tried various plugins which claim to do so but did not have any success. I Understand you do not offer custom theme configuration included in the support, the reason of which i understand and acknowledge. It would be  a great help to me and I would infinitely appreciate if you could point me in the right direction as to how i might achieve this in the kleo theme. I would like to mention this is the start of my journey into web design and your guidance and expertise is of immense value and importance and goes a long way in encouragement and motivation for me. Thanking you sincerely, Sameer Ali  

Customize registration process?

Hi, I'd like to be able to customize the registration process in several ways:
  • On the home page's form, remove the "Confirm" field
  • On the register page, only show "Username once" (under Account Details or Profile Details, not both)
  • Remove "This field can be seen by: Everyone" for fields whose visibility isn't configurable
Are there relatively simple ways to do any of these? I understand that I could directly modify the PHP in the theme directory, but I worry that I'd make a mistake, and that these changes would be overwritten when I update the theme.

Persistent scrollbar

My main menu on the left shows a scrollbar that is not present in the demo. Moreover, an inactive scrollbar stays in place even if there is no content to scroll. No unnecessary plugins are activated, and I've not (yet) tinkered with any code. Kind regards, Maxim

My Ticket #136958 was suppose to be private

Hi there, The forum does not allow my to delete or update my post. My post was suppose to marked as Private, especially since I included the admin and pwd information. Please either update my post to private or delete it. Thanks again!

My Ticket #136958 was suppose to be private

Hi there, The forum does not allow my to delete or update my post. My post was suppose to marked as Private, especially since I included the admin and pwd information. Please either update my post to private or delete it. Thanks again!

Cover full width row with background image

Hi there, Thanks for making such a great theme! In Visual Composer, how do you make an image cover the entire background of a full width row? I was going to use Visual Composer's tutorial video for guidance, however, Kleo's version of Visual Composer does not have the same options. For example, in the Kleo theme there is no option for Row Stretch. Thanks in advance! Jen

Different Headers Home vs Other Pages

Hello guys, I'm new to the theme - working out well at this moment however I'm trying to figure out how to have different headers. For example, our home page is a revolution slider, full width so that the header menu is on top of it. The header menu is white - so that's perfect. However, this white font becomes a problem when we go to About page or Member page. We would like this font to be black on a white/beige background. The change of the background is no problem, but if we change the header menu font to black, it will change it everywhere else. Do you have a solution to make the color font for home is different than any other page? P.S: The search form on homepage has a border, can we get rid of that? Thanks a lot! Julien

News-Focus and News Highlight elements

Hello, Is there any way to make the title bold in the News-Focus and News Highlight elements? How can I change the font properties?   Thx.

border-left color of posts listed according to category in masonry grid of blog and archive page

Dear 7th-Queen, In your demo i have noticed the posts listed in the blog page in the masonry grid have a different left border highlight color for certain posts. Is this according to the category of the post? or is this functionality custom css for the demo and not included in theme. If it is possible i could not find a way in the theme options or the theme knowledge base. would very much appreciate any help, since all my posts show up with the same purple color on the left border regardless of the category they are in. As ever, I really appreciate your help and time, and wanted to thank you for the amazing theme and all your efforts and assistance here at the support forum. Best of Regards. Sameer Ali

May I import multiple demos into one site?

Can I import multiple demos without overwriting an existing demo import. I'd like the layout/functionality of both homepages like and for this site. If this isn't possible, could you share the text code that I could copy and paste? Thanks.

K Elements Major issue

Hello, I just purchased the kleo theme and I am testing on a xampp local server,with wordpress 4.6.1. At first things were working smoothly yet after a few hours i faced a white screen all of a sudden. I did not alter the theme functionality and was only experimenting in the kleo theme settings options in the admin panel. I tried to switch from the child theme to the main theme and now i dont get a white screen but chrome dispalys the error "  The site cannot be reached connection error " I f i disable the k elements plugin the page loads yet breaks the shortcode functionality and the page looks like a mess. I can confirm my local host is working properly and i have several other themes and wordpress installs running without any issues, my php memory limit is configured already. Restarting apache and mysql does not make any difference. Restarting the computer clearing the broswer cache or changing different browsers firefox internet epllorer etc all show the same error. Has this issue been reported by other users or are there any known issues so far with the new kleo 4.1.4 update and wordpress 4.6.1 ? I am running on a deadline and would appreciate any help regarding this issue and was wondering what is causing it.   Note: I am running xampp on a Ramdisk with sql apache wordpress running off the ramdisk, I create an image of the ramdisk which i can roll back at any time if any errors occur. This is a tried and tested method which has always worked for me without any issues. I tried rolling back the image which I made prior to any issues, yet that does not solve the problem. The error it seems is not an issue with any files being changed since i have rolled back to a fresh install of the kleo theme and database.  All other instances and local installs of other themes/ websites are still functioning normally.   Thanking you for your time and help, Sincerely, Sameer Ali

Header not displaying correctly.

Websites: and Hello, Both URL's above are using the same settings for the header/menu display. However, as you can see 5 Firemen's header spans the entire top of the screen from left to right, whereas Travel Cuckoo has borders on each side of the header. I want the 5 Firemen website to display like Travel Cuckoo, with the borders. Any suggestions on what settings might be different? Can't seem to figure it out. See attached snap shots of the homepage. Thanks.


Hello, i tried to get HTTPS working on my Website but all it does is that the Website isnt working anymore when i force it to https. It looks just like your demo site when you put https before it: Can you please help me with this.   Thank you for your time. Markus Sell PS: my site is not open to public til now

Facebook Login

Hello there, An interesting issue that im having, When a user registeres via facebook, he gets an e-mail asking him to create a password for the new account?

message history

I was wondering where my message history was stored. After I send a message to someone, I can't find the message anywhere. Where is the message history stored and/or if not how can I implement it or which plugin should I use best?

Q re: Advanced Modification: Show featured image full width before the content area

Hi, I've applied the code from this article to my php file, however, I need to center the image as well. It renders correctly on mobile as full width and centered, however, on a desktop the image is left-aligned, and I want it centered above the title. I tried using the stylesheet to align the new div class, but it didn't work, any suggestions? .fullwidth-image-before-content{ align-content: center; };

Mobile Nav – Save +/- icon color

Hi, I'm sure this is an easy fix but I can't figure out how to change the color of the + and - icons used to expand collapse sub menu items in the mobile navigation. I've tried using the theme settings but can't figure out what setting changes that. I've also tried manually updating in the CSS but have not been successful. I'm sure it is an easy fix that I'm just missing. Thanks in advance for your prompt help as the current mobile nav is not user friendly because they can't see the expand / collapse icons. Thanks!

header logo url

hello, by default my header logo url points to please how do i change it to any code to add to the functions.php on child theme will do, or any suggested ideas. Thanks 7th queen

Can not save changes made in theme options

Hi, i can not save changes i made in Theme Options. Instead of saving the changes, Dreamweaver opens and wants to save the php file..i never had this problem before..Thanks for your help.

How to disable side menu on landing page

Hello, please i want to know; I made a landing page and a menu to it how do i disable the "side menu" from displaying on the landing page? the name of the landing page is "home-register" (i attched the menue i mean the one with lines that pops up a side dark menu). Also please how do i restrict logged in users from seeing the landing page after logged in because when users login and click my menu company logo they are taken to the landing page.

Help me!

Hi, Please see attached image.

Change the “Serious dating with Sweet date Your perfect match is just a click away” text in the search/reg form?

I know this is a simple question but, I cannot for the life of me find where the "Serious dating with Sweet date Your perfect match is just a click away" text is located so I can change it to be relevant to my site. Does anyone know where I can find this text so I can edit it?? Thanks!


There were the following problems with the style (display elements): 1 question: Not sidebar displays a message boundary. Above and to the right. See attached 1.JPEG; Question 2: Paragraph 1 - do not appear fully headers "message" and "notice" hover. Russian language has more letters in these words than English. You can increase the size of the region? To these titles appear completely! Paragraph 2.3 - the field "message" and "notice" bump on the title page of the border. With an area of "problems" it's OK, because there is less header font size. Maybe do the same font size, so that all areas are displayed correctly and uniformly (equally)? See attached 2.JPEG; Question 3: Is it possible to make the area more widely checkbox? To all items (words, phrases) were placed. Now tick runs into the header item. See attached 3.1JPEG, 3.2JPEG;

Responsiveness on difference screen sizes

Hello, I love your theme! I have installed the child theme and am using the Resume one page at I've had feedback from people viewing this on mobile that the site isn't rendering well. Can you let me know what I should be doing to solve for this??

Slider Revolution Not Appearing After Demo Import

Hey guys! I've imported all your demo content and everything is running smoothly expect the sliders...where they show this error message (See attached). Looking in the Slider Revolution Settings in the backend, I'm a bit unsure why it's not working as I thought I did import all the slider demos.... Is there documentation somewhere or a video that helps with setting up sliders? I'm a bit lost here. Thanks, Tahnee

Cant change fonts

Hi, I did a fresh install and now I cant change fonts. The only font I see is : Roboto Condensated + none, and all the other fonts are goooone. Anyone got an idea how to get all the fonts back again ? Kind regards Peter

Cant change fonts

Hi, I did a fresh install and now I cant change fonts. The only font I see is : Roboto Condensated + none, and all the other fonts are goooone. Anyone got an idea how to get all the fonts back again ? Kind regards Peter

Discount Code more obvious

Hi, Is there a way to make the styling for the discount code element more obvious on purchase - just not that clear. please see attached. Many thanks

how to change form dropdown values

i need to be able to change the values in the search form drop down values, where can i do this please

Menu does not stay open on mobile device

When I click the menu it opens and immediately closes so you are not able to navigate on a mobile device    

Add Music to landing page

Hello I am trying to add music to landing page, I have uploaded the music file but no music on my website. What am I doing wrong? Regards Peter

Form 7 not displaying on mobile

Hi, I have installed the plugin Contact Form 7, it's perfectly functioning and integrated on the theme on mac/pc but on mobiles it disappears. Is there any option to make it available on mobiles, when I shrink the browser on my computer screen to see the responsive feature it works just fine. Best Regards, Mattia

translating menus with wpml plugin

I can't seem to translate the menu's with wpml. Over the last periode, you all have done some great work at making sweetdate more compatible with WPML. And i bought the wpml-plugin to satisfaction, but now I ran into a problem with translating the menu's in the sweetdate theme. I've tried translating the menus through the 'menu sync' option in wpml, but it doesn't reconise the menus properly. All the fields are greyed out (see picture: wpml menus sync) OPTION 1: Menu 1 is the menu I want to translate, I marked it in a blue box! The red box next to it, is supposed to show the translation, but it says 'not translated' instead, and furthermore it can't be edited!! The only fields that CAN be EDITED on the page are marked in a GREEN BAR! OPTION 2: The second way to do this according to WPML is, manually so I tried that (see picture editing original English menus). This picture shows the page and menu on which I want to do the translation editing manually, it also shows a green box, which is again the menu I want to edit and in a blue box I marked all the pages that are available! Which is a significant number. And then I go on and press the 'duplicate translation' button in the marked pink box and the result I get with all translations is about the same, some languages give me 2 pages and some  other give me 3. Furthermore in some strange way, the Dutch translation (see in the picture red box) has 3 pages, but the page where the  title starts with home is a duplicate and leads to the same page as the other without it!!!  The same goes for the Danish translation, but the Danish translation is the most extreme one, because it ONLY has 1 translatable page!!! Help please Kind Regards

search field

Hello, I'm having difficulties getting the right search results. I've found in a support topic, the matching field for looking for a, which was already very helpful, but there are a lot more search profile fields, I would like to use, don't you have a complete list for the matching profile fields, because only 3 fields is very little and I can't seem to get it right   Kind Regards

Background, header and breadcrumbs

Hello! Excellent topic. I was very glad when he saw her for the first time!   1 question: Can you please tell how to change the background color in positions 1 and 2 marked on the attached image 123.jpg; 2 question: How to turn off the display of header and breadcrumbs on the home page? image 1234.jpg  

Revolution Slider

Hi, I am Adrian and I had KLEO them a few days ago. I had import news magazine as a demo but revolution slider looks does not work. Furthermore, I had try change the background image in main backgroud option but I could not change it. Even if I re-install Revolution Slider I had bought but it also same. I would like to get any advice from you and I would very appreciate if you get back to me ASAP. Thanks,   I have been testing the your theme on and ID/PW as following: adrian / joohyeon3438 Best & Regards, Adrian.       Best & Regards, Adrian.      

Membership Levels Page Translation

Hi, I translated my site into two languages using WPML; however, the page of Membership Level was not translated properly, I want the first link to be translated into zh-CN: I customised the content of pricing table from admin Membership Levels > Description (photo attached). Is it possible to translated the customised content of pricing table in zh_CN page? Thanks

Side Bar Background Color

Hello, Is there a way to change the background color of the side bar or do I need to use custom CSS? If so, can you please let me know what code I should use. Thanks!

social articles

on the buddypress tabs it displays "articless" and not "articles". how to change

GeoDirectory – Can’t Add Locations Outside the Default Location

I'm trying to create a directory of businesses located across the United States, Canada and possibly the UK. I set the "default location" as Boston, MA but when I try to add a place anywhere else, it gives me an error message that says "please choose any address of the (Boston) city only" Does this mean I can only add locations within one city??

After Kleo update, bbPress Enable TinyMCE Visual Tab visual features aren’t showing

Hi - I've tested on the Twenty Sixteen theme, so I'm pretty sure my issue is with the Kleo theme. After updating to the latest version, I've lost the visual options on the bbPress Enable TinyMCE. You can see the problem here, scroll to the bottom: I have deactivated plugins, so that's not it. Again, when I changed themes, I the visual editor returned. Any idea on what the conflict could be and how to fi it? Is anyone else having this issue? Many thanks.

How to translate Sweetdate in French

Hello, I'm developping a website for a french client. I saw that SweetDate theme is 10% translated in French so I started to translate it myself, using PoEdit. I translated small words or phrases like "eye color" or "hair color" (hazel become "noisettes", for example) and I uploaded the fr_FR.po and files via FileZila. But when I go on the website, all of my translations are not effective and those words are still in English.   Do you know how I can translate my website from English to French ?   Thanks a lot

Notifications in Top Left Header Menu & WPML

Hi, I'm using your amazing buddyapp theme, great work. I've a problem with the notifications that should appear in the Top Left Header Menu because I'm using WPML and I can0t find the way to show the notifications in the other languages, I mean, there are notifications in English but not for the other languages. I've checked your documentation and forums and I have not been able to find if I need to configure something or not. Can you help me please?  

Hide latest activity in member listing

Hello 7th Queen! Like shown on and the latest activity is shown in the members listing and in the title of the member´s page. This looks nice when members post a few words, but if they post a lot of characters this can break the layout completely. Because of this I would like to stop the display of the latest activity. Is there a hook I can add to the functions.php? Best regards, Jan


At Themeforest, I asked when we installed the theme that: I understand the issues with the images and we have our, but we have tried replicating the demo at least THREE times, we are nowhere near the demo. Then you answered: "Yes you import the demos and you get the same structure and text, Some images are not included so you need to add your own." My installer says that the demo content is not the same. So I don't know what else to do. We need to get the exact same content and we can start changing or customizing the site. Please help!


Please how can I change the sender email included in notification emails to subscribers from to . Thanks

Menu links not working

My menu is not linking to pages I created. I am getting 404 errors, even through the pages exist. Please advise.

Mobile Logo

Hi, I want to use different sizes for my logo on mobile devices. Is that possible?   Thank you.

Adding external Fonts

Hi, we need to add an external font (eg. from a .ttf file) to be used on all text throughout the site. I can put the file in the child theme and add CSS to override the theme default fonts, but is there a way to add it so that the theme picks it up in Theme Options / Fonts, allowing the client to easily change it later on down the line?  

got a neat issue with icons for forum

I added icons to forum index which I love! here is code: add_post_type_support('forum', array('thumbnail')); function ks_forum_icons() { if ( 'forum' == get_post_type() ) { global $post; if ( has_post_thumbnail($post->ID) ) echo get_the_post_thumbnail($post->ID,'thumbnail',array('class' => 'alignleft forum-icon')); } } add_action('bbp_theme_before_forum_title','ks_forum_icons'); But problem is it also adds to header when you open topic. How can I remove from header and still leave as icon for forum description?

Translation issues

Hi there, I'm using SweetDate with German language setting and using LocoTranslate to add missing translations. This works fine so far, however, I encountered two issues: 1) Register Layer (header top right) => there is no translation string available for "Remember me" and "Forgot your username or password" 2) Account activation emails (and I suspect other emails too), are send out in English, although German translations are available in Buddypress PO/MO file Thanks for your help Michael

Vc News Focus Element and Kleo Posts does not work for categories

Hello, I would like the show the articles on the homepage based on categories as it is shown in your demo. But when try to write categories i desired from built query, it does not allow it and the element is not working. Same is for also Kleo post element. Help needed urgently. Thanks.

Tags not working with recipe plugin

Dear Team, i am using Kleo with Buddypress and the WP Ultimate Recipe Plugin (, a nice recipe plugin with lots of features. Recently i noticed that tags which were added to recipes do not work under Kleo, i tried to refresh the permalink settings, cleaned caches etc. and also crosschecked with an other theme where everything works fine. I already contacted Brecht, the plugin author who tried to help and offered to check the template, but i wanted to get in touch with you guys first. the plugin uses a seaparate post type for recipes, did you find any other issues with tags and additional post types in the past? what would be the best way to get that fixed? as described, it works fine with other themes, so maybe there is an issue with Kleo? here is an demo example of an recipe, if you click on one of the article/recipe tags you land on a not found page. btw: tags for standard wordpress articles work fine

Could you please help on that?

tnx, Eric

HTML Element Not Showing in Revolution Slider

Hello, I've added an embedded link to a slide and it's showing in Revolution Slider but not on the actual page (see attached). Any reason this is happening? Thanks!

Bug in home.php

Hi I found a bug in home.php file,   bug i related to last feature from buddypress 2.6 with allow to set custom home page.  Link   I add one line of code   after the line 75 and working : do_action( 'bp_before_member_body' ); if ( bp_is_user_front() ) : bp_displayed_user_front_template_part(); elseif (bp_is_user_activity() || !bp_current_component()) :  

Activity stream shortcode

hello, i am using the activity stream shortcode on a widget... but when i use the shortcode on the main activity page it displays the activity of all users which is good for me, but when i go to a user profile it displays the activity of that user only. how do i make the shortcode to display all activities of all users even when i visit their profile such that when i visit a user profile it doesn't just show me the activity of the user but of all users. this is the shortcode i am using - [kleo_bp_activity_stream number="6" post_form="no" show_button="yes" button_label="View All Activity" button_link="/activity"].

Groups & Member Bug

On the BuddyPress Groups/Members pages there seems to be a bug related to their display. When viewing these pages on my domain, the text Viewing * - * of * active members"  is displayed twice, once at the beginning of the list, and again halfway down the list, overlapping a user or group profile. If the amount of the user/groups is greater than the length of the page, those profile are hidden behind the footer, creating more display conflicts and corrupting a widget in the footer. This issue is no longer visible when a tab is chosen for a specific user or group set (All Members, Following etc) Please let me know if this is a known issue and if there is a work-around for the conflict.

Wrong Featured image appears when shearing a post on facebook

Hi, I am having a random featured image appears when I try using the facebook shear botton on my site to shear my articles on facebook. kindly assist with a solution to this issue as it is preventing me from shearing my posts on facebook.

Conflict with Piklist

I have a form that submits a CPT from the front-end. It works fine in Safari, but on Chrome or Firefox, it won’t allow the page to scroll.  Here are the details...

Custom Link in Kleo Login Modal Popup

Hello Superheroes, hope you are all doing well!   I would need assistance with what I believe must not be a too difficult task: I would need to modify the default link of the "create an account" option in Kleo's modal Login (popup login form, see attachment), to insert my own custom link. I believe I would need to locate some template file to perform this, but can't figure out which, and what line. Of course I would need to copy that file into my Chilld-Theme folder, and I hope it will work this way. I tried to surf your KB but was not able to find info about this. Thank you so much for your awesome theme, and awesome support! Cheers.

Categories won’t appear on “Build Query”

I want to add categories in the News Focus Settings section, but when I type anything in the input box a spinning wheel will appear but nothing else, in the console log this error appears: Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function load-scripts.php?c=1&load[]=jquery-ui-resizable,jquery-ui-button,jquery-ui-position,jquery-ui-dialo…:90 Even if I type something in Tags or Taxonomies, this error will keep appearing

CPT using standard single.php doesn’t have access to post layout [more]

Hi, I'm mid setting up a community for my local area. I've created a bunch of CPT's to cover different scenarios like Events, Obituaries etc. These CPT's aren't using their own templates and are relying on single.php - so they appear like every other post on the site. My issue is that the CPT's don't seem to have access to 'Post Layout' and 'Main Menu Options' in the right hand sidebar of the post editor screen. I think I am missing a custom capability for my CPT but for the life of me I can't find it in the documentation. Would you perhaps be able to tell me what I need to add to capabilities to allow for 'Post Layout' etc? Thanks in advance, Kieran.

Search box drop down not showing content

Search box drop down not showing content on new version   please check the search on the home page

logo not displaying on mobile correctly

logo not displaying on mobile correctly. old version is ok, v 4.1.3 has the issue

Social icons using shortcode in footer and sidebar

Hi Team, I'm unable to place social icons using shortcode in footer and sidebar without social names appearing under or next to the icons. Can you advise on how I can remove the names of the social platforms while using the icons?

BuddyPress Shops

Hello Awesomes, Again, and again, and again thank you so much for existing, Kleo is Definitely the BEST Theme out there, period. I have one general question regarding the Social Network capabilities of the Theme and BuddyPress. Please forgive me as I am totally ignorant about this "side" of WordPress. I was wondering if it would be possible to create a social network where some users could be vendors as well. this meaning that on the same installation they could also have a unique shop linked to them and therefore be able to sell things directly from the site, to other users. I tried to figure out from your social demo, and I do see an "orders" tab in some user profiles, but I am guessing they come from 1 unique "site-wide" shop. Instead, as I said, I would be looking for the users to have their own shop too. Now I don't know if this being possible, if it would have to run as a multisite, and in such case, still count on Kleo and if I could still link all users, their shops and everything across all sites under a unique "umbrella", to still count on all the features of the social network capabilities of BuddyPress / WordPress / Kleo. I hope I've made myself understandable ? 🙂 Have an awesome everything! Thank you again for existing!  

Problem With buddypress member search (Multi Select Box)

Hi, I'm using your beautiful theme for creating my first website. Unfortunatly, I have a problem : When I create a Buddypress member search with Multi Select Box (or custom post type selector), I don't have access to my whole list of options. As I show you in the attached file, I haven't the problem with the Twenty sixteen Theme. I think it's a little bugg to correct in your Theme ... To create the problem you need to install Buddypress, BP profile Search, BuddyPress Xprofile Custom Fields Type. and create a long liste of options in your profile field ... I hope you can fix this little problem because I really need it and in case you can't my only option is to change theme (Of course I don't want because yours is very good !!) If you need I can give you access to my website and my FTP codes Thank you very much in advance. Clément                      

How can i change Fonts?

Hello, I bought your Theme. And my users using Korean not English. So, default fonts does not look good. I want to chage it to other fonts. This is what i want to apply, @import url(; font-family: 'Jeju Gothic', serif;

group/profile dropzone fails with “http error”

hi there, cannot upload photos and covers for groups. fails with the error mentioned above. any help appreciated. this is on localhost. i do have wp 4.6 though. and no rtMedia installed C

buddypress profile tabs

Hello,   The view of the different tabs for the buddypress profile is not correct, please check attached screen shot. What might cause this?   Best regards,

Sidebar width

Is there a method to reduce the width of my sidebar?

Post Title (H1,H2,H3) color not taking effect

Good Day, I have tried to change the Post Title color for (H1,H2,H3) but yet it is not taking effect on my post but retains the default black color. kindly assist in resolving this issue. Attached is a snipe for more clarification.

BuddyPress cutome tab

Dear Support, I would like to add a profile Tab to the BuddyPress profile page. I would like to add icon for it too. The tab should display a content from shortcode as [dokan-dashboard] The BuddyPress profile theme option is full with. How and where can I create this function?

Issues in customizing Kleo Home-Hidden theme

Hi, I'm unable to figure out a way to customize the text on landing page of Home-Pinterest theme. Initially I installed all demos on my localhost. My intention is to get a running setup on localhost and then replicate the configurations by exporting/importing on the live production server. However, I am facing following issues : 1. a. I need to change "EXPLORE THE PLANET"  text on the landing page to something else. b. I need to reset the counters for 'PORTFOLIO ITEMS', 'FEATURED ITEMS', 'DAILY SEARCHES' to real time values. I couldn't figure out from where are these values fetched ? Are these hardcoded or are they generated at run time by some script ? c. I plan to reset all posts/comments/likes/testimonials etc that come with the demo theme. One way I can think of is to clean from mysql db. Is there any cleaner way ? d. In the 'Info' page, I want to impose this condition : - if user is already logged in , then do not show register/login hyperlinks on the UI - Provide a logout button on the landing page if there exists a session for the user. e. I've observed that facebook social integration is not working on some instance. I can provide more information on this .   Please help me in answering these questions. I know it's a deluge of questions but I am in trouble 🙁 Thanks !  

Header image goes full width with VC

Hi, When adding Visual Composer elements to a post, the featured image goes full width and I cannot manage to modify this. Here the display is fine : But here with VC elements it goes bad : Thanks , Sebastien


I do not want to use the messages feature on the theme, it is a bit out of date. I would like to replace the feature with an instant messenger or chat feature. Which ones are compatible with the Sweetdate theme?

Item Navigation Issue

In our site we tried to decrease the font-size of the icons in our item navigation. There is this one item in the dropdown("Settings"). It seems like it can still fill in the row. There is still space to put the Settings tab. Suggestion on how we can achieve it? See screenshot below.

Related articles header: how to add a change to a child theme?

Please help me with basic child theme code. I want to make a change in the child theme, but am unable to write it correctly, so I did it for the time being in the Kleo code. (a big no no that I want to undo) I changed the text "Related articles" change to "people are talking about" in Kleo > Page parts > posts-related.php, because i wanted to change the header for that section. how would i instead make that customization in a child theme, using functions.php?

Kleo Post Carouse Issue

Hi! I have installed the community template and the site has an issue since the last update. The Kleo Post Carouse doesn't display the little image of each post anymore. You can find it under the title "News". I haven't done any custom change by code. I would really appreciate your help! I need it!    


Hello, Please i need help, when i change the body font, it affects the headings menu font as well, is there a way to change just the font and font type of the menu headings? Asked this before but its been over 4 days and the issue hasnt been fixed.

uploading the theme

Hi, I can't seem to upload the theme. can you please help.

change section icons in profiles and groups

I have found instructions on how to "change section icons in profiles and groups" and the instructions state that I need to locate the config.json file under wp-content\theme\Kleo\assets\css. I did not purchase Kleo, I purchased the sweetdate theme, Do I need to purchase Kleo to get to this file?  Also, the documentation is under the sweetdate support. thanks.

Change layout for the members page

Hi there,   I have a question regarding the layout of the members displayed under the members page, I thought it will be already documented here but can't find it at all in the forum. Currently the view of the members page is the default one like in the first attached image, however I would like to change it a little and found other layouts in the below link I would like to use the default view however with displaying the avatar image with a bigger size same as the second attached image and underneath it the username, last activity, ... I suppose this would need a tweak in the buddypress.css in the child theme folder however I am not sure how to achieve that. Can you please advise? Best regards,

Submit button on forums all the way to right

any way to have the submit button on left? currently its towards right all by its self and people say its not good

0 COMMENTS at bottom of forums

I don't know when it showed up but how do I remove it?

My site settings not taking effect in all web browser

Hi, I am having this issue of my site header, body and footer settings not taking the same effect across the web browsers and on mobile browsers. The settings only take effect on Mozilla only. Kindly assist with this issue. Attached is a screen shoot of how it looks like.

video stytle

Hi: I try to do some resume template, I have a problem, I need to add some video, but the effect is not good, I need one side is the text, the other side is the video, just like the attachment. Do you understand my request? Thank you! Have a nice day。

Activation Problems

Email sent after registration with activation link that leads to 404 error therefore new signups are not activated.


Hello i have a problem with bbpress i have desactivated all my addon and just keep buddypress 2.62 and bbpress 2.5.10. i am on wordpress 4.6 and my template is ok with api key forest i dont have access to the forum ... I have the list of all the forum but when i click on one forum in this list i obtain the list of all the forum like in html mode... like that :

La communauté

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text letter_spacing= » » el_class= »blocindex » css= ».vc_custom_1462630577662{margin-bottom: 10px !important;border-bottom-width: 0px !important;} »]Dans le Club xxxx vous consultez des fiches de membre xxx manuellement donc 100% réelles. x …[/vc_column_text][kleo_button title= »En savoir plus ! » href= »http://xxxt/la-communaute/ » style= »see-through » position= »cen
letter_spacing= » »][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row text_align= »center » text_color= »#ffffff » type= »color » bg_color= »#878787″ vertical_align= »yes » padding_top= »20″ padding_bottom= »20″ el_class= »col light »][vc_column width= »1/2″ css= ».vc_custom_1411383486564{background-position: center !important;background-repeat: no-repeat !important;background-size: contain !important;} »][vc_single_image image= »2921″ img_size= »full » alignment= »center » animation= »animate-when-almost-visible » css_animation= »left-to-right »][/vc_column][vc_column width= »1/2″][vc_column_text letter_spacing= » » css= ».vc_custom_1460628373561{margin-top: 10px !important;border-top-width: 0px !important;} »]

    the solution ? thx

Shop Archive ipad horizontal view problem

Hi,   When viewing shop archive products on desktop, when hovering over a product ,the cart & eye icons pop out. When on mobile devices (touch screens), the cart & eye icons are displayed always as there is no hover ability on touch screen devices.   The problem: When holding ipad vertically these icons display as they should, but when holding the ipad horizontally the icons don't display. The horizontal view in ipad behaves in this instant as a desktop rather then as a mobile/touchscreen device.   I'm sure there is a very simple fix for it. If you can release a theme update with a fix right away that's great. If not, please provide a css or php snippet that I can add to my child theme to fix it meanwhile.   Thanks, Tom

Revolution Slider not installing correctly

Despite my folders being writable, I am receiving an installation error for the Revolution Slider plugin. I have re-installed the theme and plugin several times and still getting the error. I have also uploaded the 'updated' plugin on provided on the Main Files.   Any advise would be great.   Thanks in advance.

Problem of profile tab translation

Hi, I had translated profile fields for another language. However, the profile tabs are not translated. As attached photo, the profile fields at the bottom are translated properly (the profile tab on top should be correspondingly translated as well?). I use WPML how can I translate the profile tabs on the top, where can I find those text?   Cheers

Can’t remove Forums page Title

Trying to remove page title from Forums page. Checked the hide page title option in page settings but it's not working. Thanks

How to Change Forum Text Editor and adding media on Forum

Hi, Please I would like to know how I can change the text editor on the forum reply page to the standard editor. I also want to be able to add media like pics, video, and music on the forum.   Attached is a screen shoot of what I want to achieve.

Blog template customization

I want to display username everywhere on blog options where it shows "name" right now, as show in this screenshot   Which are the theme files which need to be edited.

How to hide footer in mobile view?

Hi, I mostly finished build my website using Kleo theme. And I tried to see my website using phones and figured out that footer was located on the bottom of every page with very long column. (I think its because i use 4 column footer on my website ) Can you teach me how can I keep my  4 column footer on website and hide entire footer in mobile view?   Thanks!   JW

Can’t configure Business Directory

Hello to everyone, i'm having big issues configuring Business Directory. I don't need it as homepage but I can't make it works even in another page. The API is working I think, but it doesn't show anything in the Demo Content. Please help.

Change width of content container when site is set to full width

How do I change the width of the content area when the site is set to full width?  I like that the content is not full width ( and I do know how to make it full wide), but I just want it to be slightly wider. For example:  The content area on this page seems to be about 1253px wide....I would like to adjust it to be about 1400px wide. I'm sure I could probably do it page by page with VC elements....but thinking 1400px wide for the entire site's content would be nice. Would I use custom CSS? Or?   Thanks!

Change search form options

Hello.. I want to customize the search form on the homepage.. Example, "Looking for a" (1) Man (2) Woman. And then i want to add a new option, but i can't find anywhere to do that.. Thank you very much for this awesome theme.   /Simon

top menu

Hello How to have a top right menu? How to add a link / icon (eg site registration) See image Regards

Feature Showcase Question

Hello, You have built a really great theme, well done and thank you. I am trying to build a website for a nightlife management app that allows club owners to each have a page to showcase their features and offerings, ,and I think your theme is excellent for this. I want to put in an availability area to let each of them showcase specials on their profile pages that they can update daily or weekly as they choose. Could you recommend a plugin or code that I could use to achieve this please? Thank you.

Wink option

Greetings 🙂 Does Sweetdate have any sort of flirtation button we can add onto our website next to someones profile picture like a "wink" button? Respectfully, Mike Reed  

Footer credit

Hello. I need to change some one the wording on my footer, down in the copyright section. How do I do that? Thank you!   -Greg

make next page icons darker

HI how can I make the next page icons darker , see attached pic

Image Background

How do I set an image as a page background ala the "image full width" demo? I know this is probably a simple answer but can't figure it out.

WordPress 4.6

Has anyone updated wordpress to 4.6? if so hows everything working for you?

MENU Repeated Twice

I am reporting the bug which i have found after updating my website theme to latest version of KLEO theme. I rolled back to previous version of the theme to check if any of my plugins are responsible for it. But in previous version of theme. Menu buttons worked fine not repeated like how i am getting now after updating to new version of theme. Hats off to KLEO team for introducing Modules and Speed. Best of Luck.  

Different Mobile Logo

how do I use a different logo for the mobile?  here is what I tried: @media screen and (max-width: 480px) { .logo img { height: auto; background-image {url('') !important;} }   didn't work thanks

The main menu is not aligned to the page after the update

As soon as I updated the theme to the latest version, the main menu on moved. It was centralised, now sits on the left. Also when navigating to any page, the header background image is also misplaced

CSS for Accordion Text

Hi, Can you give me the CSS I need to change the color, font type, and turn bold the font in the accordion? Can I style active accordion "Title" differently? This is what worked for the tabs. .section-container .kleo-tabs.tabbable ul.nav.nav-tabs {color:red !important;} Here is the page with the accordion. Thanks

logout issue

sometimes or randomly when user use logout button it will goes to wordpress login but not on the theme login. try to go profile then click the settings and logout. you will see it will goes to wp login. how can i avoid that? i want all the user redirect to login page after logging out.

Profile side bar

Hi, For some reason I can't seem to remember how I customized the labels on the profile side bar menu. ie-Activity, notifications, messages, groups etc. I want to change the name of a few on the labels in this profile sidebar menu. Could you help me remember where and how to do this please. Thank you so much

Details Age/I am a/Marital status/City + the description does not appear.

Hello, I would like to know why the details which appear normally below every profile on the page of search for the Members do not display with me. There is only an age old which displays correctly, remains it, worth knowing "I am a" / "Marital status" / "City" more the description down does not appear. I shall like I can personalize these details to be able to show the fields of profiles which I wish. See screenshots for more information. I hope that it is feasible, because I paid all the same 59 dollars to be able to personalize completely the theme as he was marked. 🙂 😉 Looking forward to your reply, Very cordially

Changing the avatar size on the Members page

Hello, I shall wish to know how we can modify the size of the avatars which appears on every profile in the page of the Members. I would want that this size is the same for all the avatars seeming on this page, but more that at present. See the screenshot for more information. Can you help me? Because I have already asked on forums specialized as WordPress or BuddyPress but everybody tells me that it is necessary to contact the support of the theme, thus you. Besides, it is marked that the theme is completely customizable, thus I hope that it is actually true. 🙂 🙂 Looking forward to your reply, Very cordially

Option PERFORMANCE and SPEED generate issue with menu item

Hi,   Since the update to the 4.1 I facing multiple issue which I will open a ticket for any of those.   This one is related to the PERFORMANCE and SPEED option.   When PERFORMANCE and SPEED is enable, no particular issue noticed on desktop browser, but on an iPad or iPhone using Safari, clicking on dropdown the menu, its show the menu correctly. When I go on top, only one item remain in the menu. I had to reload the page to get the menu back. So, for now, I disabled PERFORMANCE and SPEED option Also, even if the menu is set to sticky menu, it won't follow as I scrolling up or down.  


Since the update 4.1 the megamenu is not working.

Uber Menu broke with Kleo 4.1 release

Hey guys. The fly-out functionality of the menu broke with KLEO 4.1 release, rendering it useless. Any tips on how to resolve this?

Profile page nav

I was wondering how to remove the buddybar navigation on the member profile page. Only the member not visited profile page. I use the buddy links plugin to have navigation in the sidebar and do not wish to have the navigation for the logged in user running horizontally. When visiting another member's profile I want to have the horizontal nav, but not on the main profile page of the current logged in user. How would I disable that main navigation for buddypress. The sub nav is fine, I just don't want the duplication of the main buddybar. I hope I explained that clearly.


updated to 4.1 and seems dropdown menus not working for notifications and profile. Also fonts are all larger now

Different Nav Menus for Non-logged-in Users

Is it possible to have 1 main (header) nav menu (see attached) for non-logged in users and a 2nd main (header) nav menu for registered users? I am happy with the default Kleo header nav for registered users. I am trying to keep the user experience different for each set visitors and members. Can I add buttons to the Kleo main nave menu like the attached pic? Thanks in advance for your help.

Side borders

Hello, can't add borders to various column in this page How can I do?

Logo issue

Hello! How are you. I am having a couple of issues with my buddy app child theme and want to get someone to come check it out for me. I've been having an issue with my logo. Whenever I upload my logo it's either too small, or it doesn't show up at all. It will show in certain browsers as a broken image. I've tried everything to fix this issue but to no avail. I got an app developed and it shows the same way in my app. Can you please take a look at this problem please before I begin migrating my site to another server. I have created a login and the information is located in the description.     Thank you for your time L.A.

Hide post meta data in archive list preview

site: I successfully hid the categories and comment count info in the meta data for each post listed in a category, by adding these rules to my CSS ---------------------------- .post-header small.meta-category { display:none; } .post-header small.meta-comment-count { display:none; } ----------------------- The reason I called them out specifically instead of all the meta is that I do want to keep the author and date meta. but, because the separating commas live outside of the classes, I am left with 2 random commas still showing. I'm guessing my new child theme CSS rules were nothing more than amateur hacks and you have a better way to create the end result I want, which is - On archive pages, each post listed should NOT show categories or #of comments, but should show author and date, in the small grey meta data. Without any random commas left over. Please help, thanks so much  

Urgent – Home Page Broken

After going to my home page and editing some minor text, which had nothing to do with formattting just a text change, now all of the sudden my home page is no longer showing the search form and my background image, and it's also showing in 'boxed' form even though I have not chosen that in the settings.  Also, the title is showing on the front end (Home) at the very top. I have tried everything I know of to fix, including uninstalling and re-installing Sweetdate and Sweetdate child themes, and repairing and optimizing the database, but it is still happening.  It's like something is not communicating to my page to tell it to show these items. I really need help with this soon, I have taken my site down because it looks so bad now. I have no idea how this happened, but it's extremely frustrating and I'm out of options.  Please help as soon as you can. Thanks.    

Remove group title

hi there, How can I remove the title area from the buddypress group? I have 'Show Breadcrumps' set to NO, but it still shows for buddypress groups. If anything, it'd be better to have group title on the same area somewhere, otherwise I'll probably include the name on the background image.   Many thanks, Adam

Menu not showing in Mobile format

I have set my menu on each page to KleoNavMenu but the menu is not showing on my Mobile

Colours on kleo grid posts.

Is it possible to customise the colours that appear on the various types of kleo grid posts?  

Related Articles

A simple question, in the article page, the image of the Related Articles, and sometimes with a small thumbnail,like pic2.png, and sometimes it is a huge picture,like pic1.png. I hope all of the Related Articles of the picture are small thumbnail,like pic2.png. What shall I do?thank you.

User Groups doesn’t complete process

When I create User Groups, (I’ve made 2 so far testing), both times after step 1 I’m redirected to a page that says: “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.” That link at Please try again, redirects me back to step 1. So I cannot complete steps 2,3,4&5. The Group is created but I’m not given the other options, no cover photo etc.

I Can’t See my Footer Widgets

I am unable to see the footer widgets. They are all blacked out.

Extra social icon

How can I get an extra social icon in the top? I did found this:   But I dont know PHP..

first steps with this theme

Hello, Buying your 3rd theme. Start more difficult than your other themes with live customizer! 1 / Can do we do with the dashboard shortcodes plugins without visual composer (I do not like)? 2 / how to move the vertical menu buddypress in sidebar to the right? 3 / most embarrasing, I wanted to have an advanced rights management (as sweetdate) how is it just possible? soon? or else must he fully encoded with paid membership pro? Regards

Max upload size

Hello 7th queen, i cant upload files larger than 2MB, is there a way to increase that? i checked some tutorials and was asked to create a php.ini file with some codes, did that but it still didnt work, is there another way to increase upload size? thanks. currently on godaddy hosting.


I don't understand the difference formatting headings (H1,H2,H3, etc.)  in Wordpress using the wordpress Format and Sweetdate shortcodes. Could you tell me the difference and which is preferable? Thanks,

Paid MemberShip Pro does not restrict the BuddyPress members page

Hello! I´ve followed the instructions on and this works fine except on one page: The BuddyPress members page. It does not matter what memberships are set here for accessing the page. After some tests I found out the restriction works when the page I try to protect is not set as the BuddyPress members page (see screenshot). When choosing an other page the restriction works fine. Unfortunately I have to restrict this page. Do you have any idea how to solve this? Best regards, Jan

Modify the color of the text of description of the profiles BuddyPress

Hello, I shall wish to know how to modify the color of the text which appears below every profile BuddyPress (where appears other the age of the member) during the search for the members (see the screenshot). Because this grey color is little visible and thus I shall wish to replace her by a more visible color. Can you help me? Looking forward to your reply, Cordially

Template container problem

Hello!, I have a problem with template width. I have the following settings , see attachment site/blog/page layout settings (wide with right sidebar ) In my page I'm using kleo widget, wide with right sidebar too. But my page container is smaller than demo pinterest with right sidebar , see container and sidebar KLEO VS container and sidebar projlink (my site)   Many thanks for your help  

Restrict the access in search of the members

Hello, I shall wish to restrict the access in search of the members BuddyPress. I tried any sorts of plugins, of codes to be put in the "functions.php" but this page is resistant in any modification, it does not do not want to listen, whoever can reach it even without being connected. In fact, I shall wish that my page of search for the members BuddyPress is strictly reserved for the people registered on my site, and that the people who are not registered or connected are redirected on the page of connection or registration. Can you help me? Looking forward to your reply, Cordially

Ajax Search

Hi, for some reason my Ajax Search stopped working... I looked at my files I downloaded after I bought Kleo and I tried to find the search-plugin to reinstall it. - and I can't find it. Please, what do I have to do to reinstall just the Ajax Search? Thanks  a lot

Kleo grid – adjust spacing?

Hi - is it possible to adjust the spacing/padding between the posts when they appear in the Kleo grid?

Account creation page edit

Hi, kindly advice on these requests. 1. I would like to make email as the only required login criteria for users instead of user name, on the register and login page. 2. How can I change both the meta font color and size on a post. attached are snips of what I am trying to achieve. Regards,

How to make background images sticky/flow

Hi I have two background images in the front page, one is from Sweetdate option>Styling>Background image, another is from what I add by `[kleo_section bg=url centered=1 border=1]` Is it possible to make them to be sticky/flow? For example like the two background images in I think I need to use something like background-attachment: fixed; background-size: cover; But what the exact way to do this, please specify.


I create some Custom Post Type with CPT UI plugin. All works fine, but how can I apply the Kleo features as Kleo Theme General  settings, post layout or Mail Menu options?

One sidebar width for 300px ads

It seems like many ads are 300 px wide, and I was wondering if it was possible to easily set up the width of the sidebar (right sidebar in my case) to be set up to handle 300 px ads? In the theme options I can switch between 67% and 75%, but I seem to have to do some manual CSS adjustments. On my site I want to show ads (like affiliate link ads, etc) for users that are not logged in. I have a license for i.e. Sahifa, and it is built to handle ads really well. Would this be possible in Kleo?

Menu Issue

Hello, When I install BuddyApp and pull down the demo data, everything looks fine.  I can change the menu items at will and nothing breaks.  But I'm trying to use BuddyApp to replace a theme on one of my sites and I get what seems to be some sort of break in CSS (see attachment) I've tried creating a new menu, tried clearing cache, I just can't seem to diagnose what happens. Have you seen this before?

Modify the menus BuddyPress

Hello, I shall wish knowledge we can modify the menus BuddyPress which appear for every profiles. I shall wish to move some and to exchange their places and to add small icons before. See screenshot for more information. Can you help me? Looking forward to your reply, Cordially

Built-in Contact Form

Is it possible to enable the Built-in Contact Form (flooding contact formonly on the home page? I want to hide it on other pages. thanks..

Built-in Contact Form

Is it possible to enable the Built-in Contact Form (flooding contact formonly on the home page? I want to hide it on other pages. thanks..

login as pop-up

Hi, i am trying to add a button with link as /wp-login but i want login as a pop-up window. the one like buddy-press. i tried using wp-login but it shows like default wordpress login. but i want like the one found on the below link My Account>Login.

Importing KLEO Demo data

Hello KLEO Team! I'm having trouble importing the Home Company page, everything seems to be fine, I click on import and afte one second I receive the message that the import was successful, but when I go to the home I only can see the default home. This is my second clean install of KLEO and the problem persist, the WordPress version is the latest that is available on and my version of KLEO was downloaded yesterday from ThemeForest, I also installed only the "required" plugins. What can I do to solve my problem? Thanks! I've alredy followed these instruction: Best regards,M.

buddypress problem

Hi I would like to ask, why can't find the posts option in my  buddypress Member Activities tab page. And the option is also less than the demo site. Look at the picture below. My site is a test site, until I find out all the issues, I will apply to the primary site.

Issue with Activity Post

Hi, All thank you very for creating this wonderful theme,,,I am using Kleo with Buddpress and BBpress plugin, guys the concern which I am facing it is facing related  Buddypress Activity post,,,,,when user publish any type of post activity, that post is visible to every logged in user of my site,,,,want I want that it should be visible only to those member who are friend of the user who is doing some post activity,,,,So problem what is happing that whosoever is not my friend and they are doing any nonsense post activity,,,it is showing on my account also even though he or she is not my friend,,,,so kindly suggest me any plugin,,,,,or any code by that I can make private activity,,,,,which can be seen only to user friend not to everyone,,,,,,I have tried many plugin but none of them are working kindly help us,,,our team is waiting a positive reply from your side so that we can launch our website.....

Please how do i change the searcher

Hello  please i will like to have my searcher in the horizontal layout and not as a vertical as its with your theme. I check through the codes you have and did not see any code that can do that. Please i will be happy to get help from you on how to change the searcher to horizontal. I don't want it to be like the advance horizontal searcher. Please just tell me where and what i can change for that to be possible i will go on from there. And if you can help me with a code  that will make the searcher a little transparent on the slider i will be very happy. Please just the horizontal stuff will be much appreciated because i need that more right Please  i will provide admin credentials to you if you need it. Thanks very much

Kleo’s “quickview” button on shop pages…

Hello there awesomes! Each day that goes by, I fall more in love with Kleo, you guys deserve the best from your hard work! 🙂 Now to the point, I would need to keep your "quickview" button (which I believe is the shop / add to cart button as well?), the one that appears on each product thumbnail in the shop, but modify some of it's content. I would need you to point me to the template file for that button, as I would like to remove the cart icon, and change the "read more" text... Could you help me out? Thank you very much. You guys ROCK!

Revolution slider glitch with video


My first slider is a full screen video. The video format is 1920×1080 and I uploaded a background image which is also 1920×1080 (first frame of the video). All works fine except there’s a slight movement up by 5 pixels or so when the video starts to play, so it’s not smooth at all.

Can you please tell me what could cause this and help me fix it?


Menu issue with WPML

Hi, There's always a line below the language selector. It's particularly visible in transparent menu mode. Please look at the image attached. I tried to change the settings from WPML, like having the name of the language + flag and it's the same problem (but wider). Please help me get rid of this line. Thanks!

Edit VC Kleo Register Button

Please share how to edit the VC element Kleo Register button. It is very hard to see

Ajax on search bars

Hello 7th queen, great theme!! please i need help, when ever i use the search i dont get related results, i only get results when using the search at the header section. but when using the other search bars on forums and other sections of the theme the search results doesn't seem to display display. thanks.

Load ajax login automatically for page ‘register’

Hi, When the page 'register' is loaded, I want to automatically have the ajax login pop-up load. I added this code to the functions.php of the child theme and it doesn't work. Please advise how I can get this done. Thanks, Marc   if(is_page( ‘register’ )) {?> <script type="text/javascript"> jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery(".kleo-show-login").trigger("click"); }); </script> <?php }  

My header menu appears large and then jumps small on reload

Header appears around 100px when page is loading, then when it finishes loading, its jumps to about 50px.

Visual Composer Image Gallery Custom Links

I asked WP Bakery support why the my images weren't opening to the custom link and they responded with the below:
"The issue is because there is a Visual Composer related code present in your theme added by the theme author. You will have to get rid of it. I would advise you to do so with the help of theme author, otherwise you might loose the extra elements added by them. Once this is done, you can install the standalone plugin and it will work fine. Kindly check."
Can you please help me?
Below is a link to image gallery and attached are screen shots

Pages are displayed as Posts

Hi, I have the main page and the BuddyPress looking fine as they follow the specific layout in the theme. Every other page I have is displayed as a post: 1. right column (default is wide for pages and right column for posts). The page is set to default, but even manually changing it to full width doesn't get rid of the right column 2. the date and author on the top left (that should only be there for posts). Can't find any way to make it go away. 3. the comment section is displayed at the bottom (even though it's not so in the general settings for pages). I can make it disappear by manually removing it from the page settings, but there are so many pages I don't want to do it by hand. Thanks, Marc  

FastCGI or fcgi errors causing intermittent 404 error

Hi guys, I've read through your "My site is slow. How to speed up my website?" troubleshoot article and agree that the server may offer too little resources, however I'd still like to give you feedback from my host companies tech support regarding the problem incase it helps you speed up the theme for everyone with some optimisation? Their response: "i have checked the server logs and I could see mod_fcgi errors for the site ''. Please see below snippet. --- [Sun Jul 31 12:38:16.977053 2016] [fcgid:warn] [pid 28170] (104)Connection reset by peer: [client] mod_fcgid: error reading data from FastCGI server, referer: ---   We have already increased the fcgi parameters to the maximum value allowed in our shared servers. Unfortunately, we cannot increase the values further. If the issue persists, you may contact a developer to assist in optimizing the site to resolve this issue." Is there anything you could do to increase the performance of the theme and eliminate this 404 error? Kind regards Brokenbox

Revolution slider not showing

Hi, Kleo 4.08 Slider Revolution 5.2.6 purchased Am new to Kleo. I imported some Kleo demo data containing revolution slider into my site, but the actual slider never shows. The rest of the demo data on the page is just fine. What could I be missing?

Modify “I agree with the terms and conditions” on the page of registration


I shall wish to know how we can modify the text of acceptance of the general conditions " I agree with the terms and conditions " on the page of registration. Because I went on the file " register.php (registration/register.php) " but I found nothing of equivalent to my search. See also screenshots. Can you help me?

Looking forward to your reply,


Modify the “Sending info, please wait…”


I shall wish to know how to modify the text of load when we wish to connect and to replace the "Sending info, please wait..." and "Login successful, redirecting..." by the text of its choice. See screenshots in attachment.

Looking forward to your reply,


Mobile view issues

Hello 7th queen, I am not sure. If this is an error but it looks like it... On mobile  view the update "Collins created new group kombat games" seems to be far off.... As seen in the image I sent. Comparing the two images the the other image is better (kept it on horizontal) but keeping the smartphone vertical makes the" line " not to be visible and the updates (Collins created group kombat games"  seem to be far and not properly aligned.. Is that normal? Great them.. Keep doing the good work.

Change the Search and Register Form Colors non working

Sirs, I've followed the guide here to change the colors, but it didn't work. Could You please help me in that issue?

Additional photos in profile

Hi there, I want my users to be able to upload more photos than just their profile pic.  I have added the tab into the menu side, but there isn't an option for uploads.  Can you please help?   Thank you kindly, Emmy

Background for Buddypress Registration Form


I shall wish to know how to modify the background of the page of registration (registration/register.php) which is for this address: . I shall wish to add a thorough image but I do not know how to make. Can you help me?

Looking forward to your reply,


How to translate the registration form

Hi i put the registration kleo in my home page and i don't how to traduce the form , all my site is in french , i don't know why this form is in english Can you help me please best regards   Jérémie

Social Icons do not appear above homepage menu

Hello, How can I add social icons above the Main Menu one the Homepage?  They appear on other pages (example of About page attached) Would simply like to have them appear on the homepage and or all pages.  Have selected the option for them to appear, but they are not showing up. Best, Chris  

Horizontal Form

How can I get my horizontal Form to align correctly. Please see the attached. If I need to change styling can you put it in the most basic form for me please, I'm not a coder. 🙂   Many thanks.  

Defining User Roles/Managing menue items/pages for different users

Hi team, I am configuring buddyApp to suit my needs right now. I need to do the following: - I have added accounts for Users A, B, C,... For each user I want to display different links (to different pages) in the sidebar that should show up when they login. How can I handle this? I have installed all plugins you recommended, but when I configure the menu I can only define items for existing user roles (but not specific users, see screenshot), so I guess I would have to create new user roles, but how can I do this?

Activate Visual Composer Not Working

Hello 🙂 First of all - beautiful theme and I'm excited to use it! My question is about how to successfully activate Visual Composer. I want to activate visual composer so i get all the benefits (as I understand Visual Composer comes with Kleo). But, when I go "Activate Visual Composer' it takes me to the wpbakery support page saying:   NO LICENSES FOUND. It seems that you do not have any valid license for Visual Composer. What does it mean? It may be so that you got Visual Composer by purchasing Wordpress theme which does not grant you with direct license for Visual Composer. - Is this normal? Do I need to email them with my item purchase code that came with downloading Kleo? See attached screenshots for your reference. Thanks so much Tahnee

Tab Font Size

The tab font size is way too small. I don't see where to change it. Its currently size 16 but none of the fonts in theme settings are set to 16. Where do I change the font size of the tabs?   Thanks

Social icons on footer and Follow botton on buddypress page

Dear Support, I would like to add a social link widget icons to the footers of my site, kindly assist in guiding me through. I would also link to know if it is possible to have a follow link icon on the buddypress page.


Hi there I having issue with embedding videos , several actually ... on WP post I get an error however the video does embed , but when in the activity when I embed anything ie youtube link it only displays the text , I don't know if this is theme related or wordpress being a pain in the ass

Danish translation

Hi. Since you did not have a danish translation, we have translated it ourselves. I have attached the translation, if you wish to add it to the theme.   Regards Peter

View Site Problem

Hi, I've attempted following instructions on loading a child theme with success. I've also loaded the importer along with Demo content. However, no matter whether I choose Demo or go in and add pages on my own, each time I click to view the site at the top of the wordpress dashboard, I end up on a page that's entirely black and has a notification saying "This is a demo store for testing purposes - no orders shall be fulfilled." As a test, I even removed all the demo pages and menu items and instead created a simple "Home" page, and encountered the same results. I've never had this type of problem with the sites I've previously constructed using other older themes. Please assist. My site domain:

Activity post button disappears..

Hello, after I post an update on activity stream, the post button disappears and I can't post more updates unless I refresh the browser. The post button then appears but when I write an update and click post it disappears again unless I refresh the browser again.

Search Result Member Details

On the member search results page, only the member's age is displayed - I'd like gender, location, etc. to be displayed in here too, like on here: How do I resolve this? Also, am I able to disable the forum? I don't want users to have access to it.

custom post type

Hello I’ve created custom post type,  i'm 'using pinterest layout and when I add a new custom post I don’t have the same layout settings that regular post, there is a version of "Kleo Post" for custom post type ?.   Thanks for your help

URL’s for forums have extra categories included

Hi there, I am trying to setup a forum similar to the KLEO one (ideally pretty much the same, for support purposes), but when I create a forum page, the url is getting assigned an extra layer of category or something. --> That should only have one /forum/ or /forums/ not both. Am I missing something or setting them up at the wrong level or something?   Any help would be appreciated

Membership Levels

Hi, In the Membership Levels Page I have 3 Membership Levels Clients, Models and Agencies. I would like to change the content of the option e.g. the list content. They have the same content but I would like to change the icons e.g. check mark or x mark. Is there any easy way to edit it? Cause I've seen taht  it is dynamically reproduced on the template.

Change the color and size of the featured pricing table button

Hi, We want to change the color and size of the button in the featured pricing table column. The color should be the one that is setted in "Highlight Background Color" in theme options, and the size should be the one in the class "btn-lg". Thanks, Carlos

Background image appears in articles content boxed section

How do I eliminate this bug? The dark blue background GIF is invading the boxed content of an article with a white background. Email me directly if you need me to set up an admin account. Thank you! AKA VOIDMSTR  

Google API Issue

Hi, I am having an issue with Google Maps API, it looks like the theme is trying to use these but with recent Maps API changes i'm getting the error no key I've looked at other plugins i have and these all have the api in correctly, please can you advise where in the theme the code is to change this or remove it please   Thanks

PHP 7 Compatibility with KLEO

WPEngine is making PHP 7 available this fall.  They say "PHP 7 has been proven to double the speed of WordPress sites." Is the code for KLEO ready for PHP 7?  Or will it be compatible?

Display Member Name Next to Avatar

Is there a way to display the member's name next to his/her profile's avatar? I'm talking about the avatar in the main menu, the one that appears on the top right.

Can I enable “Apply WordPress Content Filters” in “WPSSO Pro” plugin?

Hello, In the "WPSSO Pro" plugin,  appears this option: Apply WordPress Content Filters that "Apply the standard WordPress 'the_content' filter to render content text. This renders all shortcodes, and allows WPSSO to detect images and embedded videos that may be provided by these." The WPSSO author write that ask theme authors if Kleo theme use that filter to reder text. If so, I can enable that importat option. Thanks

categorize groups

Hi, while i set up my website, ifigured out it would be great if i could categorizing groups in my community website. do you have any way i can categorize the groups as i can categorize the forums with admin authority?   please let me know   thanks.

Categories not loading in query builder for Kleo Posts.

Hi, my site is rather content heavy, and I have a couple hundred categories. When trying to set up a query in a Kleo Posts content item, it can't seem to load any of my categories. The spinner is showing in the category field. If I type in the exact category name it will remove what I've typed. I've also tried switching over to the "classic mode" ie not using Visual Composer, and entering in the category id's directly in to the code snippets. Unfortunately, the category ids don't seem to save, and are removed after I enter them in this way. I'm on WP 4.5.3 and Kleo 4.0.8

add top padding

i need to widen the top margin in login page. please see my screenshot

Hide Profile > View

Is there a way to hide the Profile > View display on the member profile page? It's just repeating the information that's already shown at the top of the page. Maybe make it so that when you navigate there "Edit" is shown as the default rather than "View"? Thank you.

Renaming Tab Links

I noticed that when you click on Kelo Tabs the link changes with a funny tab name,  like "" Is there a way to rename this tab link to match the text in the actual tab on the page, fir instance to, ? Thanks

Visual Composer

When in in wordpress, there is a constant reminder that the RECOMMENDED plug in "Visual Composer" needs to be installed for the team. Where do i find this Visual Composer? All the other recommended or needed plugins had active links to click on and it would just take you to the plug in to dL and active. The VISUAL COMPOSER is just all caps and bold.   When I go to the plugin store, I searched for the Visual Composer and nothing solid comes up. Please help.

Search Shortcode that allows you to search by members profile fields

Search Shortcode that allows you to search by members profile fields.   Hi, How is this done. Do you have a KLEO step by step guide to give my freelancers a chance to come out. Kind regards

mobile zoom

i want to disable the zoom when user is using a mobile devices. how can i do that. thanks

how to edit the login page

I need to edit the login page because i want to change background image of it. remove some of the text, remove the buddyApp logo etc. please help

Customized 404 page template

Hi there Kleo support, I am trying to create a custom 404 page, but not going to my desire. I made a page and assigned it with the 404-page template, but on the front end it doesn't show the page that I made when you make try to go to an non excisting page Still showing the standard template. I played around with the php files in the theme folder and making a copy of it in child theme folder, but it didn't get me what I want. It also made the page to be named 404-02 while there was no 404 page in the back-end to begin with. What I want: A full screen video (autoplay) and then below the 404 search form can be, aligned in the center. Plus when you go to a wrong page/post that would be the page you'll see. Considering the fact that I would also like to have a customized archive page template. I would really want to know what the right steps are to make this happen. Really looking forward to getting this done correctly! Kind regards, Isidore

Kleo Buddypress bugs

Hello, I see some bugs on Buddypress part of kleo template. This is the image. And one more thing: can I change the first page that I see when I go in a group? For example: now I see the activity page, I would see the forum first and in the same page, after the forum part, the  activity. Is it possible?

Modify Text on Register Form

How can this text be modified?  Thanks.

Can not open Theme Options

Hello Support Team, When i login to Dashboard and click at Theme Options , It 've the issue by display - Error 504 Gateway Time-out. Please help. Regards, Sermsak Harnmaythee

Re-locating article-meta

Hi,   I want to display the article-meta under the article-media(Featured image) in a single post. Where do I find the file which contains these 2 elements so I can switch them ?

padding issues

Hey, 7th queen... pls i need a little help. i am currently using buddydrive plugin, but the buttons doesn't seem to show up contents properly, i think its a padding issue... using "inspect element" to view the page i removed the "padding and the buttons appeared properly... is there a way i can make this change? pls step by step guide will be appreciated because i am new to coding. thanks. the image attached will explain. P/S: if neccesary pls i can provide my details so you help me. Thanks again!

Global activity whats new hide

Hi, is possible to hide or turn of whats new form on GLOBAL SITE ACTIVITY... not talking about profile/activity i search all day but just i found this code  #whats-new-form {display:none;} but this hide both global and profil activity... Thanks

Site get stuck in Media after update.

Hi, I updated to latest Kleo version and now my site get stuck while creating "posts with featured picture". My host give me this error code. Maybe you have any solution? [Mon Jul 11 11:12:50 2016] [error] [client] File does not exist: /home/u/u6114077/www/, referer:

media group

Hello, On certain groups , I would like to prevent users from adding media. When I create a group, I select "only admin can create album" but it doesn't work. Users still can add media on the group. What should I do?

Adding smilies to messages and comments

Hello! The plugin "wp-Monalisa" adds nice smilies to buddypress messages or comments. That´s really nice when having a community - users just love smilies. Unfortunately "wp-Monalisa" does not work when using Kleo. In the input fields only html-code is being displayed instead of displaying the smilies. Plugin: Already contacted the developer: Do you have any idea what my cause this or have an other solution for adding smilies? Best regards, Jan

Child theme changes doesn’t show up on site

Hello 7th queen... Great theme... Please I need help. I made changes to the child theme from a tutorial by kleo... But after I saved the changes it was a success but when I activate the main theme the changes doesn't show up..

Users Count Not Correct

Hello   Could you please help on below? In WP Admin I have higher number of users than the web-site shows (difference comes for about 200 users, for example WP says 1566 users and SweetDate shows only 1336 users). How it can be fixed?   Thank you a lot in advance!

Register demo page – error 404

Hi there, As the register page is really poor (and I can't find where I can edit it! :/ ), I would like to import the Home Register Page from the demo. The import is running well, but when I try to preview it, I am facing a 404 error. Impossible to preview. Another problem you'll maybe be able to help with: uses don't receive the confirmation email, so they can't register properly. Any idea about that? Thanks a lot for your answers. Best regards, Julien  

Customize Profile Icons & Media Section

Hello,   I am trying to figure out how I can reorder, remove and center the profile section that displays the icons for buddypress. ex: activity, profile, etc). 1) I would like to remove the orders icon/text button. 2) I would like to center that whole nav section with my page (including view/edit upload photo/cover photo buttons) 3) And possible rearrange the order of those buttons and icons. 4) I would like to increase the font size of the user name (title) and make the font bold. that displays on members profile pages as well. Also, the rtMedia plugin doesnt seem to be functioning, unless im doing something wrong.  I have everything installed, and am able to login, click it create an album, and select or drag media to upload.  After hitting the upload button the green progress bar moves left to right and when it finishes (the upload completes) however the image(s) do not display and it still shows the album as empty. Thanks in advance for your help, love the theme! Benjie


Hello is it possible to change the color of the Top Bar independently, both background and text and icons? Kevin

Insert an element in a scrollable frame

Hello, I would create a frame with a sidebar widget, but I would that this widget remain inside the frame (and be scroollable too) In specific I would insert the "sitewide activity buddypress" plugin in the homepage. It is something like this, but I would insert in an iframe scrollable (it's too long) Is it possible? How? (I'm using the element Widgetised Sidebar)

How to move top menu?

Hello, I need to move all the top menu on my homepage about 20px right, so it would be fit in background Could you please advice? Thank you

Avatar on single post

Hi,   i have to questions:   1) was wondering if there is a way that the avatar shows on the left of a single post, where the author meta is.   2) I would like to have the featured image of a single post displayed as a wide cover foto at the top of a single post, Can this be achieved through a plugin? or how woudl this be possible?     Cheers again

Add content (banners) to the top of the activity stream

Hi there, Is it possible to add any content to display above the activity stream, marked on the attached image in yellow. Adding it in the header content section is not exactly where we would like it.

Several issues – menu, w3 cache plugin

Hi. We purchased your theme after long consideration and really really love it. BUT, there have been a few issues. First is that drop down menu doesn't work on pages other than Home page (see attached), although it's the same menu, set up in dashboard properly and all that. Second, the site had a really really poor page speed rating so I installed w3 Total Cache plugin, which instantly messed up the whole theme/css but it did make the drop down menu work and it lowered the page loading time. The footer CSS completely gone, a few visual composer addons aren't showing properly etc. All in screenshot. Do you have any suggestions for these problems? Maybe some other plugin or other way to speed up the whole page? Thanks.

The formating of the website went pearshape I was updating footer style options when the whole formating went nuts. I tried reseting all options and lossing all my individual settings and still nothing. Please fix.

Pixelised Logo

Hello I've search on the support's forum but impossible to find the answer... My logo is fully pixelised on my dashboard since i've re setup your theme. Can you help me please?   thx

Change the order of the Profile Menu

Hi there, I have searched a little online for some way to change the Profile Menu order but can't seem to find anything. We would like to change to the of the tabs, example: Activity - Notifications - Messages - Media - Send Invites - Friends - Groups - Forum - Profile - Settings

Display the age of BuddyPress users in Kleo

Hello! I would like to display the age (and some other additional infos) in the members listing like displayed here: Unfortunately I can´t find any info how to do this in Kleo. Any ideas? Best regards, Jan


[kleo_login show="login|lostpass" login_title="Log in with your credentials" lostpass_title="Forgot your details?" login_link="#|url" lostpass_link="#|url" register_url="hide"] The register_url doesn't work. I tried "hide" it still shows. I tried changing the url and it doesn't change.

Clients Page URL

Hi,   I want to use a /clients URL to my page so I disabled the Clients Module and created a clients page. However, it seems that visiting the /clients page still redirects to the home page and it does not show the page itself. How can I solve this issue? Hoping for you fast reply. Thanks

No button to change home background image

No button to change home background image. Kindly advise

Modify the Buddypress Home

Hello, I would like to modify the Buddypress home with the visual composer, is it possible? I would make an header like the one on the kleo get connected demo, but if I modify the page it doesn't load anything   Here is the home And here is the demo

Redirect after login

Dear  Team,   We want that when the user logs in he should be redirected back to the page where he was before login. Is is possible

Full width problem

Hello, Everything is okey when i create page with default editor.   But page too wide when I create page with visual composer. Please look:

How to remove sidebar from Register page

Hello, How do I go about removing the sidebar from the Register page? I would like a full-width page with just the Account Details and Profile Details visible to new subscribers. I've set Page Attributes to the full-width template and Sidebar to None in Theme General Settings but the sidebar still shows. Would appreciate some direction on how to eliminate it. Not sure if it matters, but I'm using the Kleo child theme. Thanks!

Visual Composer’s loading forever

When I try to edit the site with VC it keeps on that screen with the cubes, and nothing happens. I dont have a clue whats going on. Anyone?

Custom Theme Changes Have Been Erased

Hello, I changed the theme colors as well as other elements in the theme customizer a month ago, and all of a sudden, they were removed. Additionally, the main home page image I was using, which came pre-installed, has also been removed without me touching anything. I installed the KLEO update API a while ago so the theme should be up to date. Please see attached for screenshots of what my home page looks like now. Thanks,    

How to customize the youtube output

Hello, need to prevent the related youtube videos at the end of the youtube embed video player. But cannot find the way of modify the theme in order the iframe of the oembed function of wordpress so the youtube url get saved in the data base with the &rel=0 attribute.

How to make Sign in Pop page always visible no matter from which menu page coming

When I click on the top menu button that says: sign in with facebook, the nice kleo pop up login screen appears. But when a visitor has chosen another page before (in my case for example the menu page called: Freemail ) and than clicks the same button, the ugly Wordpress standard login page appears. I want that the pop-up always shows up. Is this somehow possible ? my homepage is: the login-page is: What is the homepage doing differently that the pop up shows up when the login page link is hit by the top menu sign in button ?

Copy the home pinterest home

Hello, I tried to copy the Pinterest demo content, but some things are smoothly differents. For example the news doesn't pop up like in the demo, and if I try to change the background this is what I get: How can I change these things?

Specific Sidebar / Forums and BBPress

Hi   How can i get a specific sidebar for my forums and groups (that is for BBpress and buddypress). I have looked at all options but i can change the display but not the sidebar. I saw that in your demo ( you are using a specific sidebar. Also, how do you integrate the facebok connect option ? I activated it in the theme but how can i call it ?   Thanks !

Kleo theme Media Grid problem

Hi, i purchased the Kleo theme and have a problem with the resume theme. When i preview the media grid shows normally but when i post the page it doesn't show. Where might be the problem? Thank you!

Leaving members

When members leave the service, the profile still remains available. The onely thing being removed is the PMP membership level. How can I set up the service so that when a member descides to leave the servie, his/her profile becomes completely deleted? (Sweetdate 2.9.2, Buddypress, PMP link:

Facbook login does not work

I am having issues with the Facebook login functionality as it ask me to login again and approve the use of email, but I have already given the permission to do so? "Please click again to login with Facebook and allow the application to use your email address"  

How to use buddypress registration and show it on home page?

Dear team, I want to show users login and register of buddy press as shown in demo which also ha an option to login with facebook. Need like this Also need top bar activated and  show login and register option on home page where i have made a panel. One more thing i need to change the font color of menus.  

demo importing failure sign

Hi. I tried to import demo page into my dashboard. but every time I click the import button, it keeps shows [You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.] I uploaded kleo and kleo-child theme with no problem. Please let me know why this happen and how should i handle this.   Thanks!   Jiwoong

Transparent menu for small screens

Hi guys, See the attached image. I have a transparent menu and a slide (Revolution) which covers the whole screen. I would like to keep this layout for small screens. However, when I reduce the viewport size the menu doesn't keep its transparency and the slide goes down and no longer overlays the menu. Please, could you tell me what can I do in order to have a transparent menu on small screens? Best regards, Alessandro

Can’t replicate portfolio demo “look”

Hello,   I'm trying to replicate the portfolio look on the Portfolio Demo (as seen here: ) However, I can't seem to get it right -- even when I import the demo data. I'm using the "Portfolio" widget, set to "overlay", but my page looks like this (photo 1 attached). There is a gap between each item. How do I fix this to make a nice grid with no gaps like in the demo?

Buttons is not showing

Hi laura, I found the additional issue when display the profile on smart phone. please check attached file. thx

1.    Please, this issue as you see here in attached file the buttons of "add a friend" and " send Private Message" and "send public Message" is not showing completely. This happened only on the smart phone.

Thanks and Regards

Category Archive Page CSS Messed Up

I just noticed my category archive pages are all messed up when I sort a certain way. Any insight? If not, can I set it so archives only appear with the first sort option? Thanks! Mike  

ajax search problem with shortcode

Hi there, love your job!   My question is: I have a custom post type called "Clubs", all is ok with that and I can search it perfect with the menu ajax search (glass), but not with the shortcode search (sidebar menu). My shorcode search is in mi side bar like this: [kleo_search_form context="members,groups,post,page,clubs,forum" placeholder="Buscar..."] You can test it in: 1- go to the search at the end of the menú (glass) in desktop mode. 2- search "glamour" 3- you will see it in the ajax search Now minimize the window to show the sidebar menu in responsive and make the same search, you will see that the ajax retourn something like "sorry we can't find..... (in spanish)" but if you make enter, then it find the Club... Could you please help me? Why the ajax can't find it? Thanks in advanced...

Member/Settings-> changing password ->logged out!!!

Hi, when user changes their password in "My Account/Settings" they have to type in the current password and then the new password. When they click "Save changes" they get logged out and the login-page for the wordpress-backend shows up. Where can I handle this, that the user don´t get logged out after changing the password? nice greetings Sandra

My extra fontello icons not showing

Hi I'm finding the extra vector icons I added via fontello are not working for me, plus some in the list already there do not show when I click to use them in the admin dashboard, menu section. Can you help please?! Here is what I have done so far: I've followed the directions here under the vector icons sections: 1. I uploaded the json file to fontello. 2. Added some new icons by uploading the svgs and fontello added them fine. 3. I selected these extra icons and downloaded the new folder of icons, leaving all the kleo ones as well. 4. I FTP'd the files needed to the kleo theme. Fontello also gave me a .woff2 file that kleo doesn't have. I left that file behind, but also then copied that to kleo as well, but it still doesn't work. I uploaded the two css files to the css folder and the .eot, .svg, .ttf and .woff files to the font folder 5. When I log on to my site and go the the appearance/menu sections I see a big list of icons. But not my new ones! I also find some icons in the list, when selected, do not appear on the site, try the ones right at the top of the list, e.g. 'add62' I've attached my fonetllo file. I've uploaded the updated json file back to fonetello and it shows that the icons I added are there. Hope you can help!    

Profile Fields are listed 3times in members profile view

Hi, suddenly, in the members profile view, the profile fields are listed 3 times, please see Screenshot. This for each member! In the Database it is existing only ones! We´ve changed many things in the last 2-3 weeks, like clearing existing "field groups" and creating all single profile fields new in the "Personal Profile (Primary). Now we have this problem. It´s only in the members profile view. I didn´t do any changes in the kleo/buddypress/members/single/profile.php Is it possible, that our trials in the register.php and the clearing and recreating of the single profile-fields in the Backend created this problem? Where else can I check to find a solution? I absolutly don´t know any further with that. Hope, someone can help. Thanks a lot. nice greetings Sandra

Add background on member directory page

Hi Is it possible to add an image on the background of member directory page? Thanks 🙂

Profile Button on the home page

Is it possible to add a profile button in the content of the home page?  After users create an account I would like them to be able to click on the button to go to their profile.  I need this button in addition to the profile button on the top. Also I installed your demo content.   There is a button Sign up For Free.  It is great for users to sign up.  However, after they sign up and they click on this button nothing happens.  Is it possible to tell the users they are already logged in?  Or is it possible to change this button to display Profile for logged in users? Thanks  

Menu overlaying page text

Hi, I'm having an issue with the menu bar on a site I'm building. It is overlaying over the page text instead of being situated above the page text: I've just bought a second copy of theme for this site. My purchase code is: de9e3be3-bd21-444d-bf9c-d9c51bce8d8e

how to edit certain options

Hi, I purchased your template via ThemeForest , but I have several problems that I can not solve, I state that my knowledge of wordpress is very bland but having strong foundation of CMS I can get along quite the bottom of the images I will report with it’s the problem that I encountered.

BOX ACCOUNT ANNEX : how can I change the area shown in the image ? that is, as you can see is cut and I can not fix it without damaging the bootstrap.

BOX ACCOUNT ANNEX 2 : How can I change the contents of that area of the box ? I can not find ...

BuddyPress SETUP APPENDIX : How can I change or better customize that section ? for example if I wanted to add fields or change existing ones

MAILCHIMP BOX: per finire non riesco a cambiare il contenuto della zona selezionata inserendo la parola in Italiano perchè il widget non la traduce correttamente.


thanks for the help and I hope for a swift response

Blank Page Template – only Header and Footer

Dear seventhqueen, i have a question about the page templates you provide. For my startpage i need a template with no container, only the header and footer. I try to get a full width section with a grey background and some flipcards, from Browser side to side. At the moment with your full width template i can only fill the whole container, but i will expand it to the full browser width. Like <?php get_header(); ?> <?php get_footer(); ?> Did you have such a full browserwidth page template or can send me one? I have try it but without success... im only a visual styler 😉 My site is still in development since i buy the theme in 2014... i know your new support option on envato has long expired fot my purchase, maybe you could still help me. Best Ragards Markus

Can’t switch to a different sidebar for Group

Hello Radu et al, I'm having a problem in changing the sidebar for a Group. I can create a new Sidebar and then change the setting of the Group Forum, but that change doesn't have any effect in either the Group or the Group's Forum. Note: I can change the sidebar in a Forum successfully. How to fix? Thanks! Josh

Missing Header Logo in Safari Browser

Hi i have a missing header logo when viewing the page on safari browser.

I can not see the map in contact page

When I open contact page I receive the following error and I can't see the map. Kindly Advise     Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console

Post Carousel Text Cutt off and strange margin on overlay header

Hi i am using the carousel for posts. When i use it full width there is a margin in the gradient. Can i eliminate that?  (Image attached.) When using it in smaller sizes the text cuts of at the end of the frame. What is my options for the text not to be cut off?   (image attached) Thanks  

Tabs, Changing the whole look, size and color

Greetings, I am wondering how I can change the size, shape, and color of tabbed sections of a Kleo site. For instance, I want to make these tabs much larger, with a colored backgroud and no border. Thanks

Login page has no template

Hello team,   I have another problem, that I am not sure is caused by the theme or by any other wordpress setting. I cannot get the registration site to have the them design This site is assigend to the buddypress component and it has Default Template selected in the page properties. Do you have any idea what the problem could be? I think it worked once, but whatever I do, I cannot get it right. Thanks for any help!   - Marian

password field

hi,   I ve probably done it in the past but cannt seem to remember, How can i add fields to the registration page, right now i just have username and email and would like to add password.   Probably simple but i dont remember   thanks

How to hide comment bubble on posts and pages

Hi I tried everything to hide the comment count bubble on my pages. but since the new update it is not working anymore. I tried to hide with Kleo child .css but it is not working. I have no CDN active so the changes should be visible directly. Any Idea how to achieve that. I really don't need the comment counts to be visible. Example page where the icon is visible:

Compose new message – no choice of users anymore when starting typing their usernames in “send to” field

Is this a bug since bp 2.6? When composing a message  after typing a few letters into the "send to" field matching usernames were displayed and could be selected. This feature stopped working. I tried your demo, this issue is the same there too.Please help! Please advice, how to enlarge the font-size in widgets and ordinary text. I tried already in Customizer, but nothing happened except the menues were larger in the left sidebar. I need larger text for the Profile sidebar for groups and members, in widgets (e.g. Forum threads) and generally for all plain text. Also how can I enlarge the avatar of the groupadmin in the group profile. It would be nice too, if the Username of the admin would be displayed on mouse over. Nice design, I really like it! Thank you for your assistance!  

Clone a website

Hi, I already purchase a Kleo Theme in 2015 and I am very pleased with it. Now I thought to purchase a 2nd licence for an other web project of mine. I would like to copy the existing website and change images, and only do some minimal editing. What is the best approach? a- backup/clone existing website with backup-buddy and use new licence when I re-deploy? b- download the 2016 updated theme, run php script to save plugin settings of old website, re-import on new. c-other? Option -a- is for me the quickest, please tell me if there could be some issues not using a fresh downloaded theme.      

Blog Post Appearance (Post History and Related Article)

Hi there, I have two visual issues: In the blog posts it shows "Post History" which can not be hidden through the theme options. I don's want those words to show up so where to change or hide this? Then in the Related Article section the related posts images show in different sizes. I want the posts to show in a nicely aligned row. Where do I change the proportion settings of the image so they align properly to the same size?   Kind regards, Isidore

Favorite instead Like Button Plugin

Hi, I am really gonna crazy because all like plugin make me sick and crazy. Wp-u like not have notification and broke theme css, buddypress-like lots of bug and i installed latest from github but not add like button after 20 activity or after load more button and sometimes i must refresh the page show like button, likebtn is crazy because hold our data in their server. Whatever. So i am very tired this... 1 - Can i use only bp default favorite? Also its work notification. Use only notification make any problem when any update or post favorited 500 or 1000 or more favortied count? 2 - How can i chance the star icon to heart with color? I search all forum but not show results... Thanks...

Remove Admin as being displayed as the Active Member

On the home page there is a carasoul under Top Members that shows Newest, Active, Popular. Is there a way to hide Admin as being the Active member  

installation error

Hi. I'm having issues installing your Kleo theme. I prefer to do the Wordpress install. I'm experienced in Wordpress install and have watched the video and seems simple/standard but I keep getting timed out and get a "site can't be reached" message. Can you assist? Thank you, W

How to hide date on posts

Hi, please can you explain how I can hide the date of my posts on the "News focus" module, I have removed "Date" from the "Display Meta Fields" in the "Blog" theme settings but the dates still show in the posts that are not "Featured posts" in the "News focus" module (see my homepage, thanks, Adam

Override the Blog page

I am aware that I can make a page for my "Blog" page, and call it something in your demo's "news-magazine" page... But, is it possible to make a custom page and actually call it "Blog"..using the slug "blog" as well? As it looks like Seventhqueen's "Blog" page is also a category...I have set up my site similar. The only thing left now is to be able to use a custom "Blog" page. BTW - Thank you guys for an awesome theme. Looking forward to when you can by default get a little bit more colors... 🙂

User profile fields display cut off

I have a few user profile fields with longer questions. On the Profile page (the lower part where there are options to View/Edit), these questions are cut off when displayed. I've attached a screenshot to show this problem. How do I make it so the entire question is shown? Preferably, I want the question to take up the whole width available, then the answer to show up underneath it. Thank you.

Meta Date

Hi   I cannot find where i can desactivate the display of article date on any grid. I went into theme options and i cant see where i can do it !

Fatal error message after upgrading from 2.4.1 to latest KLEO

Hello, Long time customer of your theme and love KLEO. Used a version I had on file to create a demo of a new site for my current client, then was going to purchase the license key if they liked and wanted to use the theme. I just purchased the latest version of the theme and installed it, but when looking at any page content I get the following error now: Fatal error: Call to undefined method WPBakeryShortCode_VC_Row::getShortcode() in /home/hofbaueradmin/public_html/grc/wp-content/themes/chamberRVA/vc_templates/vc_row.php on line 79 Any ideas for how to make the migration over? Starting over from scratch is not an option as there are quite a few content pages already created. Thanks! Greg

Activity streams not displaying on BuddyApp

This has been working fine for months, but for the last few weeks (my site is under development) the contents of Activity streams do not display, for example on site-wide activity and on home/my activity. The activity events are there but the text itself from the activity is not showing. This is only happening for me with BuddyApp. I am using a second theme and it's working fine, and I also loaded the 2016 default theme and here too, the activity is being displayed. I thought this might be a CSS issue but so far I have not been able to find anything wrong. Can you take a look? Two attachments: 1. screen shot of site on buddyapp theme, see the activity text does not display. see gray text box but no text in it. missing is both the date/time and the source of the activity and the contents. 2. screen shot of site on twenty-sixteen theme. Here you can see the events and all the correct activity text is showing. In this case I have left all the same plugins activated as in BuddyApp case so the environment is identical except the Theme. below is a confidential admin login to The site is in dev mode and redirects to /activity/ page so you'll need to manually redirect back to /wp-admin/ to get to the dashboard.   Please take a look and let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.

bug in search custom post type

Hi there, love your theme. I what to report a bug in the search. I have a custom post type called "Clubs", and I can search for only one of them (I think this is weird because is the first one in the custom post type list) but can't find any of the rest of the posts. If I look for "100momentos" I can see the faceted search with the name of the custom post type and the post under it, but if I look for the rest of the clubs the result is "cant find anything. I don't filter in the config panel. You can see it in action in: You can see the list of posts in In the search you can only find the post "100momentos" None of the rest of the post.   thanks for your time. I have the latest version of kleo, wordpress and buddypress.

Header menu not showing up?

This will likely be some simple change, but I have spent quite a while on this with no luck. I am trying to simply add a link to my blog in the header menu. I have set up the header options in the theme options, I have created a header navigation menu in the menu section under "appearance", and also added a link to the blog to this menu. For some reason though, on my homepage ( it is still not showing up. Not sure what I can try to make this appear, because I do have plans to add on new links to the menu, so need to figure this one out. Thanks so much in advance.

Remove “Login” in Header?

Hi Team,   I have another customization question. I want to use to Membership 2 from WPMU. How can I change the link destination of "Login" to a URL (not the CSS popup) or even better: How can I remove it for logged out user and just have the menu shown for logged in user? I can only find an option to remove the search.   - Marian

How to update some WooCommerce template files

Please help me by emailing step by step process so that i can  update the woocommerce template files. Following are the errors shown in my Admin panel : Your theme (Kleo Child) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. These files may need updating to ensure they are compatible with the current version of WooCommerce. You can see which files are affected from the system status page. If in doubt, check with the author of the theme.

Full Post

Hi,   whats the easiest way to have the full post on the blog front page instead of only the excerpts?   - Marian

New font support problem

Hi, I have issue, I add this code in quick css on themes general setting area, but it seems that I have to add a function in function.php which includes my new fonts in theme.     @font-face { font-family: 'yekan'; src: url(fonts/Yekan.eot); src: url(fonts/Yekan.eot?#iefix) format("embedded-opentype"), url(fonts/Yekan.woff) format("woff"), url(fonts/Yekan.ttf) format("truetype"), url(fonts/Yekan.svg#BYekan) format("svg"); font-weight: normal; font-style: normal; }   Also, I need be able to control direction of some menus and buttons like "email" and "go top" after changing to Right To Left language. Is it possible I have your skype or other fast messaging apps? these days I'm under pressure. Kindly regards, Ehsan

Some words missing in login popup

In the demo, you have the statement ' Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.' in log in popup. That was missing in my site. How can I solve that? Please also let me know where to change the statement. Thank you.

problem in strucutre of login form in sidebar.

Hello, I am getting an issue in the login form (theme widget) in the sidebar. Can you please help let me know a way to repair it ?

Remove Related, Upsell and Corss-Sell Products

Hi,   I don't want to show Related, Upsell and Corss-Sell Products. I tried to remove these areas by changing their numbers in Theme Option/Woocoommerce section but the system doesn't allow e to input 'show "0" related(or uppsell or cross-sell) products'. If you don^t understand what i'm trying to say, you may wish to look at the attachment.   Thank you 🙂

Multisite Recommendations

I have been looking at your demos, as well as the KLEO documentation. I am working on a website where I would like to have:
  • A main blog
  • Membership content
  • Possibility for paid members to create their own content
When looking at i.e. the "Agency Demo", and the "News Magazine Demo", it looks like the demos are using sub-directories with multisite functionality. Do you guys have any recommendations for using BuddyPress, Membership Content pages, and a blog all together with multisite functionality...?  

Different Profiles

Hi, I want to create 2 different profiles. I followed the video you refered to but it is still not working (I am not able to see the BP Member Types Field in the left bar) Please let me know how to solve this. BR, Andreas

Text next to the logo

How did you get the text next to the logo? I do not see the option in backend? I can only upload logos ... I'm about to design a logo and text ... but what do I do to have my site name and logo as yours?

Change name of post-type portfolio

Hi Radu, I need to change the label of a post -type, from 'Portfolio' to 'My Work'. I do not want to make any changes with slug as I have attached portfolios already and they are super custom code and dynamic. I do not want to do any kind of changes with the core code of the theme. Want to manage it through functions.php of my child theme. Please help me with this.

Custom button length

Hello there, I have four question I am hoping someone can help me with. please refer to the attached image. 1. I would like the profile to be restricted to one line of text about the same length as shown. Some users have extremely long posts that end up being four lines long and covering most of the cover image. 2. I can't seem to figure out how I can make the three buttons on the left equal width? any suggestions? 3. I would like to change the colour of the text over here. 4. I am trying to figure out the link i would use on this button that would send the user to the edit section of their profile. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks in advance Craig     Thanks Craig

Menu set up

Hi, 1- How can I make my account and notification area like your demo style? 2- How can I change size of icons, in my view must icons are large (medium), I need to change most of them to small. 3- When I choose right to left language like Persian language, all nave menus and panels start to be from right to left, but I just want some of them be from right to left. How can I control them? Also, why I can't see majority topics content in forum? Kindly Regards, Ehsan

sticky menu on mobile

hi, how can i enable sticky menu for mobile? it is working on desktop. but when i open it through mobile browser, it is not sticky anymore.

Google Adsense Issue

Hey there, i'm having problems setting up Google Adsense, I have added a Widgetized Sidebar like shown in Screen1.jpg, i have added the short code in the Widget as shown in Screen2.jpg, but when i launch the google adsense plugin to place the ads, the plugin wont register the markers in the widgets. My question is, is there any option i missed to enable this? Or is it just google adsense being buggy?

BP-NotificationWidget – how can I put a “notification field” into the Startpage

Hi, I´ve installed the "BP-NotificationWidget" and the widget is integrated in the "Main Sidebar", shown in the "Activity-Page". Now, I could need this widget also on the Startpage! But I can´t find a way, to integrate it. It´s not available ass an element of Buddypress in the "edit page section" (of course, because it comes as a plugin) and also I can´t use it twice in several sidebars in the Widget-Menue. Only once! And this "once" is used in the "Main-Sidebar", which doesn´t fit into our Startpage.   Any suggestions? Thanks a lot, Sandra

Bug with creating new groups

Hi, I have a bug when creating a new group from the admin for the initial setup. I only get a 404 at /groups/create/   - Marian

Woocommerce checkout page is down

I belive due to woo commerce update, all woo commerce processes are screwed up. Any update? or solution?   Thanks

Remove post meta for custom post types

Hi, I am trying to remove post meta from all our LearnDash course pages. I'd like to accomplish this with the functions.php and found the code below for Genesis frameworks. I am not sure how Kleo defines the post meta. Can you help me out so I can replace the Genesis-specific references in the actions? Thanks!  
// Remove Post Info, Post Meta from CPT
function wpb_remove_post_info() {
if ('sfwd-courses' || 'sfwd-lessons' || 'sfwd-quiz' || 'sfwd-certificates' == get_post_type()) {
remove_action( 'genesis_entry_header', 'genesis_post_info', 12 );
remove_action( 'genesis_entry_footer', 'genesis_post_meta' );
add_action ( 'genesis_before_entry', 'wpb_remove_post_info' );

Profile image not loading in menu (using kleo menu items)

Hello there, I set the default image for newly registered users to be Gravatar, i even tried others, but whatever i put the profile image on the profile page of the user shows up correctly, but in the menu its not loaded untill the user changes it, then it loads up perfectly. I have provided an image of the issue.

Problem with Visual Composer Installation

Hi there!   I have an Issue about the installation of the Visual Composer.  

Descompactando o pacote…

O pacote não pôde ser instalado. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

Plugin not activated. A higher version of Visual Composer is needed for this theme. Please update the plugin.

TGMPA v2.5.2

  Please, can you help me?   Thanks, Reinner Andreoli

Spam BuddyPress

Good morning, I have a problem with the Spam... Everyday I get like 20 user registrations. I created a different URL for the register page (create-your-account instead of /register) and also use the BuddyPress Security Check plugin to protect the registration procedure, but still I get the same number of Spam registrations... How can I avoid that? Thanks in advance for your help, Ana.

wp-admin login page – logo size

Hi, I think your theme automatically set up with original site logo to wp-admin login page. The logo set it up bigger size than original size. I made custom css like below. .login h1 a { min-height: 42px; height: 42px; margin-top: 20% }   but it's not working... Also, I tried to installed "custom login" plugin.   But, it's not working as well. I think your theme has something default according to site logo.   Is there any way to fix it? When user lost password, the page goes to wp-login page. At this point, I want my logo clear not look like blur.   I'm sorry to ask you too much, but could you help me out? Hope it is the last question. 🙂  

primary menu in mobile

Hi, On frontpage, i use transparent primary menu. It is working well on desktop. But in mobile, it is collapsed. Is there any solution to stop transparent behaviour in mobile, and tablets? I want to use black background for mobile and tablets. See attached image. Cheers, Anil

Changes to buddypress members profile

Hello, I have 2 questions i am hoping you will be able to assist me with 1. I would like the activity stream to be the first tab to display on users who visit their own profile, instead of their personal details. 2. I would also like bloggers who contribute content to my site to have their content be displayed in a tab on their profile pages. I remember seeing a way this can be accomplished but i am struggling to find the article relating this. Thanks in advance

video background with mobile & Tablet

Dear seventhqueen.   I have a question. I want to see the html5 video background in mobile and tablet. Could you help me?   - In Pc I can see just white space when i resizing the window width to under 900px(maybe).          

Groups Header Colour – how to change

Hello 🙂   Could you please help? I am wondering how to change the color of group header and text (please see in attached picture marked with arrows) I could not find it in Styling and Layout options in Sweetdate WP menu. Many thanks in advance!  

strange issue when a link to site is posted

I'm not sure what its called auto embed? not sure but if I link to a new download on site in bbpress I get a strange sized preview of page. which would be great if it was proper size and not overtop of post. any ideas? here is one example

Slider Revolution Update

Hello there, the plugin Slider revolution that comes with your theme is spaming me for updates, is there anyway to fix this?

Sensei Plugin System

hello, I want to use my kleo theme with sensei LMS how i can connect it , when I download the theme from my purchase I have no SENSEI.plugin to install it to the theme and I dont see it im my editor   Regards

Customizer Preview Is not What’s Showing On the Site

Hello, I adjusted my stylings for Main in the customizer, and everything looks great in the preview, but when I click "Save and Publish", my live site isn't matching the preview (see attached). Note that I'm displaying a "Coming Soon" page because I'm not ready to go fully live yet. I can push the site live if that will help you pinpoint the issue. Thanks,

How do people set up their profile?

My website is After people register there does not seem to be an option for them to fill out their profile. How do I make that happen? Here is where they would sign up: Thank you!

size field create member

Hi How are you! I need your help. I create many fields, however the space for the title is so small and I need to more space because it cut the title. Could you give me where cloud I to change it? I am building in this subdomain: Regards, Felix Lung

How to make redirect to my account page after login

Hi, I'd like to make redirect to my account page after user's login. Now it's going to homepage after login. Could you please advise how to do it? I tried to select "redirect to current user profile or author page" on theme options, but it comes with another problem. After I selected this option, I can't go to home page. Whenever I clicked logo or home menu, it goes to my profile(my account) page...;-(( Please help me out. Thanks much in advance~

WPML – Translate the Website from english to french & Other question

Hi, I need to know how to translate all data from englis to french? For exemple, into the formus section?   When i go into the WPML section, i can't see all string translation.   Also, i need to know what is the difference between the Groups section and the Forums section?  

Member Online

  Hello , I use the Sweetdate theme but I can not find the focntionnalité for displaying men and women online Pending to read

Action to save metadata on woocommerce has been removed

Hi, I am using WooEvents plugin by EX Themes and the data for the events is not saving, after speaking to Ex Themes support and going through troubleshooting they have found that the action to save metadata to WooCommerce has been removed. The plugin adds extra fields to the product page for the event information, please can you help in regards to adding this back in so that i can get this plugin to work Thanks  

Activity profile images not displaying properly

Hi First Iwould like to say that I am very pleased with your theme. But the profile photos aren't displaying properly in personal or site wide activity. I would be very grateful if you could help me resolve this problem. Kind Regards Tom

Help me with the menu

How can i edit my top menu to be like this one,

Bugs after update

Hello, I am working off a child theme but after updating Kleo I have noticed 2 bugs which i am struggling to correct. 1. On the link the captcha appears on the signup form. 2. The header color has reverted back to its default color on the buddypress profile pages, it should be transparent black as you see on the landing page. Thanks Craig

Video Post Thumbnails on Archive pages

Hi. I am having trouble with video format posts. Video thumbnail for archive pages is not displaying (only displays link text from post). It only displays if i add video url directly  to the media tab. Is this the only way to get that video thumbnail on archives? Is there a way for it to fetch the thumbnail from video post format ? Thanks

Cache Pluging and Custom Post Types with Restrict Site and Post Publish on Activtity

Hi, 1 - Well Buddyapp is very cool theme and i am %99 to satisfied turn Kleo (also love Kleo) to Buddyapp. Ok i am using restrict site. But how do i solve cache pluging now. We were using always , dont cache for logged user. I hope you understand my question? Any article about this? Which one is better with buddyapp total cache or wp super cache? 2 - Is any solution to not restrict for custom post types (all default wp archieve)... All my custom post types will be open to non-members.... 3 - Author publishing default wp post or cpt and at the same time site-wide-activity display this posts but member profile activity do not display if i dont refresh the page... Thanks

Grid Portfolio with REST data

Hi,   I m a developer and I need some tips. I have a new data on a partner that have REST response. The idea is to integrate on KELO portfolio as a grid. I already access its data under PHP but the ideal integration would be: 1) search category (Ex.: Supermarket) 2) Receive REST to populate grid. 3) User selects an item on grid -> receive specific REST on item.   Just to contextualize,this partner is a coupon company.   Looking for an example to implement.   Cheers!

Profile contents

Hello cant seem to see other fields related to my profile such as Bio, Quote, about me, biography etc... i checked my profile the only thing i saw there was base profile i also clicked on edit but didnt see any additional fields to ad my bio detalsk. i already have bbpress and buddy press installed please what must i do?

Translation in Greek

Hi, We purchased sweetdate template a few days ago and we're trying to translate the theme to Greek without success. I have created el_GR.po and .mo and uploaded them everywhere you suggest in sweetdate, sweetdate-child and buddypress language folders. Of course I have already chosen Greek as my default wordpress language without success. I would appreciate it if you could check and let me know. Thank you

Logo linkable

Logo, How do I change its link to a different page?

cant import facebook profile data after login

hello friends, after i connected facebook api i logged using facebook login button i got clean profile only with name how do i sync between them ? thank u again!

Activation Link redirects to 404 Critical Error

Hello, I have a wierd problem since yesterday. When a new user sign up, he completes the registration and also gets a activation email. But when the user clicks on the activation email it shows 404 error. Please help me. REGARDS, Sam

free subscription for female

hello, im interesting to make my site open for femals for entire free... and only men would be needed to pay in order to use the site   how can i do that ?   kind regards, awsome theme

At the end of the page

Hi, At the end of the pages (yes only pages), just above the footer area there is a white line and there is a "0" letter in that white line. I don't know why this line is displaying and I don't know how to remove that area. I think it's related with the theme.If you look at my homepage, you'll see. Also I recently tried to upload the theme to latest but I lost some of my crucial changes so I went back to my old version (3.0.4). So I'm not using the latest version, unfortunately and necessarily.

Form to right side of slider

How can I move the form (on the slider) to the right side of the slider?

Items disappeared

Hi, I've uploaded my site to the server, now all the items are not loaded.  As you can see in this link there are 4 items (as the number 4 appears on top) but non of them appears. In my localhost everything is ok. Also, in the pages editing in the admin all the work that I've done in visual composer has been disappeared. Thank you very much,  

popup text color

Hi, How can i change the text color of "login successful, redirecting.." as you did (see attached image) Regards, Anil

Members page info

Hello, I downloaded and installed Sweetdate theme. On the members page I tried to setup what kind of infomation will be visible for the members. Like username, age. My problem is, I couldn't find where can I customise this details. Because I'd like to show about the Member's city and and what they're looking for?   Thank you.   Adam Galambos

can not update Revolution Slider and Visual Composer

After updating to the latest KLEO verion I noticed some issues with Revolu Slider, so I proceeded to update all plugins. Encounterd following issues: Revolution slider: I have installed  and  latest available is I can not get the REV SLIDER update by updating KLEO theme. Accordingly I understand that Revolution Slider was included with KLEO. How can I update Revolution Slider? Visual Composer: similar as above. From wordpress UI I read "In order to receive all benefits of Visual Composer you need to activate your copy of plugin. By activating Visual Composer license you will unlock premium options - direct plugin updates and access to official support. then I follow the link: NO Licences found.   THANK YOU Lorenzo

Landing page

Hello, On the Themeforest site it shows that buddy app has a Bonus landing page included. However, I am unable to find it so far. Can you please point me to where I will find it? thanks in advance!!

Width menu

Hi, Where may I change to get the menu as button when the website arrive below 1224px? Because for the moment the menu change the line and go below the logo before to change as button, like the picture. 2nd : where may I change the background menu of the home page, to get it the same color #00689e as the other pages instead of black, see attachment? Thanks Nancy

Translate of bp profile search

Hi, You create a template in Kleo for bp profile search plugin: \kleo\buddypress\members\bps-form-legacy.php which has text that can't be translated with WPML, in lines 76 and 78 (perhaps more) If you use a languaje different than English it is a problem, I must replace the file in my child theme. Is there any workarround to translate it?

email bulk actions not working

Hi, on my email messages section the bulk actions do not seem to be working at all. Please can you help? Thanks   Please see attachment

Change the page that the user see’s after registration.

Hey Guys. How can I change the page in which the user is directed to after they register.   Currently they are directed to IMAGE 1 (Attached)   I want them to be directed to IMAGE 2 (Attached) I would like the user to be able to enter all of their bio information after they are registered. I find that the edit bio page is hard to find and I would like the user to see this page after they have registered.   Thanks  

Adding spoken languages to users profiles

Hey guys, I would like to add Danish, Swedish and Norwegian to the spoken languages of my users profiles. How do I do this?   When a user sets up a profile they only have about 15 languages to select from.   Thanks


Hello, been trying for ages just to change background image of a page. i imported the home register landing page after customizations i am trying to change the image that was there (a flower pot and a laptop) but is isn't changing. i tried doing this by editing the "Home Register" page, in th title tab i saw choose background image i previewd still it isnt changed but left to default... please how can i go about this? just to change the background image (setting featured image didnt work also), also please how can i make it such that when the site is loaded the landing page shows first then after users registers it takes them to activity age

translation not working i tried everything

hi dear i have translation files in place but the theme wont get their content what is wrong? i wait for an answer longer than two weeks now please help me out

Image Upload Stopped Working on Avatar and Gallery since updating wordpress

Image Upload Stopped Working on Avatar and Gallery since updating wordpress I have tried deactivating all plugins and reverting to twenty 12 theme I have also checked the buddypress forum settings and wordpress - buddypress sync option. Image upload still not working. This is the error it gives me: An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later. - on gallery An error occurred. Please try again later. - on avatar / profile photo

Visual Composer Not Working?

Visual and Text on editor is the same and it appears like I don't have the visual composer anymore. Some pages if I try to edit I can't even see the content in the editor any more to try to change it or review.

Visual Composer 4.7.4 not working with WordPress 4.5.2

Hi Guys-   This might be a silly question- but since I updated WordPress, Visual Composer just spins or if it opens an element, it doesn't allow me to edit it. I tried deleting and re-installing the plugin and I am getting the same behavior.   Thanks!   Kathryn

A few issues on our homepage

Hello, We are having a few issues with building out our community site. Dev link here: - We used the pinterest style for our homepage, but we would like the menu to remain white, instead of transparent, and we cannot find the location to toggle to the standard header. Please advise. - In our footer, we have three links for privacy policy, EULA, etc. For some reason, the links are not working, even though they are definitely links. This is what the footer code looks like: <p style="float: left;"><strong>©[current-year] Glue Networks</strong> • All Rights Reserved</p> <p style="float: right;"><a href="">Privacy Policy</a>  <a href="#">Terms of Use</a>  <a href="#">Gluware EULA</a></p>   - For some reason, the main bbPress header search bar is not displaying properly for the search button. It was working originally, then it glitched for some reason. - We have a popular groups module that we copied from one of the demos. It is currently saying that it will not function unless the BuddyPress plugin is installed, even though this plugin is already installed.   Thank you! P.S. - Do you guys ever do custom development using your templates? We may wish to consider outsourcing the development of this site to your team, as we have a lot on our plate right now, and it would help if we could have somebody who is intimately familiar with your template to kick it out faster than we can. If we provided mockups of how we'd like our pages to look, what would your fee structure look like?

Geo My WP – red markers

Hi again, I've got a question regarding Geo My WP plugin and it's  integration with Sweetdate. In the member's directory page there is a map showing the location of my members. The red marker represents the location of the member in the list of results with a specific marker with number one belongs to the first member in the list of results which also means is the nearest user to the address entered ( if entered at all). I have gallery view of my members and there is no reference number showing how far are the members in the list result so it is a little bit confusing. I did ask the guy from Geo My WP whether there is  a way we can show the corresponding number by the member’s profile in the search result, because once I’ll have more members, users will have difficulties to locate the correct member in the result list.  Here's the reply I got from them:

I assume that you are using a custom results template file? Because the template files included with GEO my WP should display the number of each member in the list of results.

If you are indeed using a custom results template file you can display the member count using:

echo $members_template->member->member_count; So the question is? Where exactly can I put this code?  Which file do they relate to? Thanks 🙂

Facebook login redirect issue

Hi, When i try to login with facebook, it doesn't redirect. The pop-up is still there. Any advice? Kind regards, Anil

lost password redirect url is not working

Hi, I tested lost password function. The page goes to wp-admin login page after I typed wrong password. Then, wp-admin login page stays still when I click lost password. How can I have lost password page like your demo page? Please advise. Hope I can have your reply soon! Thanks much for your help in advance.

Adding a search filter for GEODIRECTORY locations.

Hi, I would like to know how to make a custom search bar where you can search by location the listings that are in the page (From Geodirectory). Best Regards, Whale.

General Issues

Hello,   I have the following problems with my site: 1. On the homepage I have a white stripe that I want to get rid of. -   2. Regarding the products: - How to remove the facebook plugin comment. - The images from the products enlarge on windows, but not on my Mac. How can I make it work? - How do I remove the first 'Related products' column - How can I change  the speed of the pictures that are changing when I am hovering with the mouse over them.   3. Shopping cart icon - How can I change the colour of the shopping cart icon when items are added - How do I change the transparency of the shopping cart tab when products are added in   4. I purchased 2 fonts for my website. How can I upload them?   Thank you very much

Author Post Publish and Uptade on Budyypress Activity

My author publihsing post on backend with using Visual Composer... These post also showing user buddypress activity and site-wide-activiy... Showing very well all post.. All colors or fonts etc... But, when people to select Show Updates / Post, vc is dont show but when refresh the page again display all VC features and post.... I explain on picture... So, i think, when anyone select SHOW - post, comment, groups update etc, the page always must refresh... If we can do this, its really perfect 🙂 I hope you understand.

sweetdate options/buddypress /Items


I bought this theme a while ago. And going to use it now, everything works perfectly. Do have a question, it seems very simple but I do not see it. in sweetdate options/buddypress /Items transparency,Here i can Select the transparancy for profile header elements. Question: how can i change the color of the background??? ( white by default ) only can set the transparency of the background.,,

I now know that's not possible in team were can i do this or can it be done in quick css (child-theme)

See screenshot

Best regards Bernee

Page Hierarchy in Sidebar

In the default wordpress install, when you view a page (not a post) you will see a sidebar that shows the hierarchy of parent and child pages. Once I installed Kelo, I don't have those showing up anymore for my pages. How do I get that back?

Assorted Questions

Hello, I am having a few problems with the Kleo Theme that I can't seem to figure out (I have left it open for the public to see although it is not ready to go live) 1) The Color of the text on the landing page Top menu is very hard to read.  I have tried to change text color everywhere I can find in the Theme settings.  How do I change this? 2) I have changed my logo, but for some reason I can't change it the top menu on the landing page.  How do I change this? 3) I would like to remove the shopping cart from the top menu on other pages, where do I do this? 4) I turned on the registration for all users, when I tried to register using a different browser, I was sent to a 404 page 4a) I would like to send the new registerants to fill out their profile before completing registration, how do I do this? 5) Where do I go to add content to the How it Works button? 6) Does KLEO support Social Login? I'd like to allow people to login with FB, G+..., or should I get a separate plugin for that? I am sure I have more questions, but this will get me started.  Do you ever do an hour or two of paid consulting to help walk users like me through some of this?  

some feature of Kleo them

hi dear Kleo support i have some questions regarding Kleo options and feature 1. i know we can add feature image for page, can i set the height of feature image ???? when i set sidebar for page, the featured image won t show full width as you can see in my attached screenshot, how can i set full width feature image with sidebar???? 2. in the Header Content (Optional) , it s written that it will show after main menu also shortcode is allowed, how can i use full-width image for that section ????? can i set any height size for that , fix background, or parallex feature??? 3. in the link of my website: you can see on top menu in left side there is a short code left from woo- currency convertor .... how can i delete that ???? 4. for any customization do you provide with developer??? 5. if you check my breadcrumb you will see that the information also aligned from left ,while it have to set on right side, and just title and breadcrumb start from left side??? how can i set that???

Females Free Only and Shouldn’t See Same-Sex

Hey guys, this is the second theme I've purchased from you and I'm very impressed. Anyway, I've been playing around with this for so long and can't seem to get it to work, client is getting impatient. Firstly: My client would like females to be able to register for free Secondly: Males and females should be unable to see each other. I know both of these have been asked before and I inserted the code into sweetdate-child/functions.php for females to be free. I think this won't work though because I changed the "I am a" to a 1 line answer rather than 2 separate drop downs. I created an admin account for you and would really appreciate it if you guys could go in and take a look. Getting stressed >_<

Member page listing layout issue

Hi, some long names, or other reasons members listing has the following issue. How can i get rid of the empty spaces, and make them all in line. (like pinterest i guess?)   This looks very ugly and sure there is a fix Thanks

Image Carousel: PrettyPhoto popup shows all photos on a page, not just the ones in the carousel

Hello   We are having the following problem: When we create an Image Carousel or a Single Image with Visual Composer and set them to show the larger photo in a popup through PrettyPhoto, teh popup loads and shows all photos on the page instead only the ones that belong to the specific image or Carousel.   You can see this happening here: Any idea how we can contain prettyPhoto popup only to the correct set of photos in each Carousel and in each single images?   Thanks in advance Kind Regards Stratos Agiani

Disable sidebar on bbpress pages except main forum index

Disable sidebar on bbpress pages except main forum index? how can this be done?

Facebook login and site user registration fields

Good afternoon, I would like to know if there is way to force the site user registration that after facebook login for non registered users. I mean is there a way to force non registered users to fill out the fields of the registration form if they decided to use the facebook login? To have their info for those fields is really important, but it is also important for us to give them the chance to do the facebook login. Any help on this will be highly appreciated guys. Kind regards. J. Gavilan


Is there a way of forcing new registered users to pick an membership level. I read in one of the comments that you can provide a code.   When I Register and activate my membership it is asking for an activation key? see attached screenshot

use of “Clients”

Would you please send me a sample URLs where "Clients" post-type is used? I created a Client page but I couldn't modify it, i.e. to add content whatsoever. I thought that I could've created a Client page and populated with websites/stories pertaining to that client. Please advise. Thanks! -Will

video background not full width

Hi, I would like to try the video background in full width to no avail -- when I used an mp4 file. But. when I used the youtube link, it works as intended. What's wrong? thanks! -will

Post grid

Hi, How can we define the number of line of the post excerpt. Because, in my post grid, if the text of the article is long, there is to much line of the post description below the image post and I would like to show only 5-6 line of text under the image post. Thanks Nancy

Change Header Logo Link

How do I change the header logo link to something custom? For instance My Blog is at which is a domain I recently acquired, and am currently developing. However I need to change the link on the header logo to our main website at which is our current eCommerce store.

The “Load More” button stopped working

Hi, Suddenly I noticed that the "Load More" button on the bottom of the activities page stopped working. It works fine on other pages, but for some reason it does not work on the activities page. Is this something you might assist me with?

Want custom excerpt to display

Your theme does not seem to have an option to use custom excerpts.  I found the following code snippet in your forum but it does not work. This is the complete child functions.php file at the present time. <?php function custom_excerpt_length( $length ) { return 20; } add_filter( 'excerpt_length', 'custom_excerpt_length', 999 ); ?>


Hi, A few questions; 1. I have required membership enabled on my pages and I can still view them. 2. Do I need a register page if I only accept paid memberships, if not how do I link the register paid to the membership page so people can pay? 3.I am logged into facebook as Sue Robbins but when I try and do a test facebook login I'm logged in as Scarlett Zola Vespa who I set up as admin? 4. When I pay the membership and register how does the theme know who I am when login in from facebook. Thank you  

remove image title

Hi, I couldn't find a way to remove image titles on mouse-hover as attached image. I checked all kleo demos, and there is no image title for pictures over there. How can i remove these title for my site? Regards, Anil

Members: how to list them “alphabetically” and not by “last active” ?

Hi, our members should appear alphabetically and not sort by "last active". Wherer can I change this? nice greetings Sandra

How to remove the upgrade account from buddypress member profile

Hi I use both Paid Membership Pro and Buddypress for my site. Kleo works fine. I just want to remove the 'upgrade membership' text from the profile. A screenshot is attached for your reference. Thank you for the wonderful support.  

Removing certain fields

Hello! I've got a question about the picture i've attached. on every profile on my site there is a part under the profile picture with the options 'Activity, profile, firends, groups, forums, album, media' and then under that is another set of options labeled 'personal, mentions, favorites, friends, and groups'. I can't seem to find where to edit/remove those items. I don't want the forums or albums or group options on there as I don't want there to be forums or groups. Please show me how to do this. thank you. ~Ryan.

Firefox top menu bad visualisation

HI, I have visualisation problem in FireFox about site logo and top bar menu. The button login is not a kleo button, but a cutom button that open an Auth0 popup for the authentication. I added btn btn-highlight class to make it as a kleo one. I need logo and top menu are align in the center, with login button (custom button) on the top right. Can you help me to solve it? I attach a screenshot, Thank you very much.

Site & Admin Dashboard Running Very Slow

Hello, My site and the admin dashboard are running very slowly. It takes quite a few seconds for any page to load, including all of the backend dashboard pages. I've attached a video of how long it will take to load the admin dashboard. It really slows down when I try to edit any pages or any content (about 30 seconds in). I also went to the actual site to show slowness there as well. I also included a video of another wordpress site I have, hosted on the exact same server, using a free theme, however using also Visual Composer & many other plugins, and it is remarkably fast. I tested these both within the same network, and changing my location does not improve my site's speed at all. Wondering how I can improve this?? On one of my pages, I am currently hosting another website within my website, so I know that can cause slowness on the front end, but it does not explain why editing in the admin Dashboard panel is so slow as well. Any ideas/suggestions??

How to add footer colum

hi my name is George. I have the Kleo wordpress theme and i need to add 2 colums on footer from 4 to 6. Also i need to change my top bar colour and add another links from social. can you help me? thanks.

Demo page register

Good Morning. questions:   1 The demo registration page does not have to edit the form. 2 If I to set it in BuddyPress it does not cover the code of the original registration page; 3 Tamém she is not working with google plugin robot (I am a human);   The idea is very good, but if not fix it is useless.   I await a solution to the three questions.

Membership Pro issues

I am obviously doing something wrong but none of the membership levels show on levels page. I tried putting the shortcode in direct but only first level then showed. I am lost. HELP/

Kleo Child Theme

Hi, I was working on help page and everything was ok. Suddenly its start to slow my admin panel also user side. When deactive all pluging nothing change still slow - actually open homepage 3-4 minutes- . After i deactice childtheme and activated twenty theme site again fast with all activated pluging... What could be the problem? I did add new pluging or update anything... Suddenly start problem

Paid Membership on Home Register Page

Hi there, amazing theme!  I have a few questions please. 1) I imported the "Home Register" page but don't see the register form.  Do I still need to tweak a setting?  I'm looking around WP now. 2) Can I add a paid membership to the Home Register KLEO template page?  Is there specific documentation on how to do this? 3) Also, do I need to install WooCommerce plugins to do the membership portion of the site?  I'm not interested in selling products with e-commerce.  I'm more focused on the membership part, so I was trying to avoid using WooCommerce (since every plugin, theme, media, etc. can slow your site down). Thank you for your help! - Nick

Profile text and links

Hi team, How can I change the Profile Pages link text colors. See screen shot please. I want to change any text to white and let it highlight on hover to the blue its currently highlighting to. Same with some of the text in the Drop down Sign Up page and Login page if you click on sign up or login at the top right. Thanks

‘Load More’ pagination in place of normal pagination

Hi, I am using "Portfolio" from VC and according to my client's design we need to integrate LOAD MORE ajax pagination rather than traditional 1.2.3 pagination. Is there a way to have it in portfolio. Even if there is not a way, please suggest me a way to achieve that.  

If I use Kleo do I need to use Buddypress?

I have a KLEO website running right now for myself. Now my friend would like a website and I want to pitch KLEO to him and have him purchase his own copy of KLEO. I had used AVADA in the past and switched to KLEO, now I like KLEO more. I was pitching KLEO OR AVADA to my friend because he does not need buddypress. If someone from SeventhQueen can please answer. If I purchase KLEO and just setup a very basic company website. Can I just leave Buddypress uninstalled and use KLEO without any buddypress features? Would this be ok to do or no and it would cause problems?   Thank you very much

Can’t create groups

Hi, There are a couple of issues I need to bring to your attention. The first is that it took several attempts spread over two days to purchase the second Kleo license. Despite everything appearing to have gone through and payment seeming to have been accepted via PayPal, no confirmation emails ever arrived. I have absolutely no idea why that went wrong. There were glitches on my end that I had to work around via the method of payment, but in the end the transactions appeared to have been made. Fortunately, I was not billed for those attempts. Had I been, I would be canceling the orders. Second, I cannot create groups. I can add and edit pages, create forums and memberships. But when I try to create a group, i get bounced out of the WP Admin dashboard and land on the site's home page. I don't know whether or not this is because I installed and configured the download for the first license so that I could at least get the theme installed while waiting to sort out the purchase problems. I've gone through all of the settings I can think of. And tried to find where to put the new license key in the theme so just in case I needed to in order to activate it. So far, I have not found any settings that would prevent me from creating groups, nor have I found where to insert the license key. Ergo, help would be most appreciated. Thanks, LJ Stevens

template settings

1- how may I change the color of the title in the divider, the grey is not enough dark? please see image : divider-title.JPG 2- How may I show all the tab, like on two line, instead of have a « + » to show the other tabs? please see image : tab.jpg 3- Where may I find the info to register the template for automatic update? When I put that, will it change my template setting (I use the child template)?    

Changing images

Hi, when I change images in STYLING OPTIONS or in HOME PAGE, and then press Update, the old images are still showing on the updated webpage....Is there anything else I need to do, when I change images? Also if I remove background color and then click update....the background color is still showing on updated webpage...Other settings seem to respond immediately. Thanks!

Shortcodes for Members Online, Total Members, Total Pages etc

Hi, In the Demo data of the front page it has the Members Online Animated Numbers.  I have found the shortcode for total members.


  Are there actual shortcodes for Number of Users Online? # Of Groups, # of Topics.. # of Posts etc? Thanks Ad

Social Share Icons

Hello,   I would like to know if it is possible to change the Icons in the social share widget to use slightly larger, custom icons. and if its possible to do this and it only effect the icons in the FOOTER section of the website. the ones in the header are fine id just like some more prominent icons in the footer. Can this be done? and if so, how? Many thanks. Regards,   Phil Boguszewski

Avatar Uploads


Hi, I am trying to create groups outside BuddyPress. Every time I upload a new avatar, I get this error message: “You have selected an image that is smaller than recommended. For best results, upload a picture larger than 580 x 580 pixels.” This error message will be confusing to my users.


I have tried uploading much large pictures. Yet the error message keeps appearing. And I notice the crop preview picture is a lot lower in quality than the original picture I upload. The photo in the attached example is 2531X1894…


I am setting up a new installation and don't want this to be a problem with my members. This problem will make the theme totally unusable if members cannot upload avatars correctly! I bought this them less than a week ago. I love this theme, please help me make it work correctly!

  Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin-top:0in; mso-para-margin-right:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:8.0pt; mso-para-margin-left:0in; line-height:107%; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:11.0pt; font-family:"Calibri",sans-serif; mso-ascii-font-family:Calibri; mso-ascii-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-hansi-font-family:Calibri; mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin;}     Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin-top:0in; mso-para-margin-right:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:8.0pt; mso-para-margin-left:0in; line-height:107%; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:11.0pt; font-family:"Calibri",sans-serif; mso-ascii-font-family:Calibri; mso-ascii-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-hansi-font-family:Calibri; mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin;}   Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin-top:0in; mso-para-margin-right:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:8.0pt; mso-para-margin-left:0in; line-height:107%; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:11.0pt; font-family:"Calibri",sans-serif; mso-ascii-font-family:Calibri; mso-ascii-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-hansi-font-family:Calibri; mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin;}

Adding short bio to header, need to pick someone's brain

Hi, so I am using the Kleo theme locally building for a large project and I have been looking at different ways of using what's already there. I have added an area for a short bio in the meta of the profile cover
// Add Short Bio to profile

add_action( 'bp_profile_header_meta', 'display_user_short_bio' );
function display_user_short_bio() {
$args = array(
'field' => 'Short Bio', // Field name or ID.
$short_bio = bp_get_profile_field_data( $args );

if ($short_bio) {
echo 'Short Bio ' . $short_bio;

I have also limited it's input to 140 characters so it doesn't get too large.
jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
$('#field_8').attr('maxlength', '140'); // Short Bio
My issue, and I understand this isn't a support related topic - just picking brains of others using the theme, is where/how can I wrap this in it's own class so I can style it? I tried all around the output area in various forms but it kept causing errors. Regards, Kieran

Adding friends and groups

Hello.  I know it seems that I am asking the same question over and over again- yes I am, and the reason is because I haven't yet received an answer to my question: HOW does a user (not admin.) add a friend in Kleo?  It seems that the user has to search for all members, and then when the list of members show up, they can go ahead and add them as friends.  Problem is that only the admin. sees all the members.  The regular users can't, and on their profile page, there is no link to add a friend- there is a link to see how many friends the user has, but how can they have any friends when they haven't yet added them? - Also, HOW can regular users (not admin.) add groups and forums? - Also, I still can't add the username on the tool bar; the link you sent had no information on that. - Also, again, how to get the activity/community/members page to show content?  Right now, all I get is a blank page and they all default to this page: I have searched your online documentation and forums, but I haven't found a solution.  I would greatly appreciate you help in this.  Thanks in advance.  

Add BuddyApp to kleo?

Hello Guys ! I'm thinkin my question is...probaly useless and boring 🙂 I'm actualy using Kleo with buddypress and other feature, and i've discovering your other theme buddyapp ! So ! I want to use buddyapp with kleo like Landing Page so i wanna know if this is possible?

Login issues – You’re already logged in. please refresh

Hi   I am having this issue with refresh you are logged in. I have read thread but i could not find the solution. I have looked at my cache which i have now unchecked for registered users. ( Don’t cache pages for known users(Recommended)) However i am still having this issue? is there a way when they click on refresh; it redirects a different page rather than staying on the same page (login page)? Thank you 🙂  

Blog Post Video Thumbnail

Hello, I really like how you can set a video as the thumbnail (featured image) for portfolio items.  Is this possible with post items?    

Facebook Share Picture

Hi, When I try to share a member I can't get the profile picture photo.  For instance try to share on Facebook and you see that the preview is wrong... Can you please help me with this? Need to select the profile photo to include in the share.

Force Membership Level

Hello=) I would really love for this theme to force the users to choose a membership. My issue is that I see a lot of people on my site as participants, but they did not choose a membership level. I purchased a plugin called BP Auto Activate Autologin Redirect To Profile On Signup. They created a redirect for the members to go to the membership page to select a membership after creating a profile. I thought this would resolve it, but apparently it didn't. Thanks!

Buddypress 2.4 ready?

Just wanted to know if Sweetdate 2.8.4 (latest) is ready for Buddypress 2.4.0, because on Themeforest it says 2.2. In case it is, wouldn't it be great to put that on the Themeforest page? I'm running BP 2.3.5. Normally we should update plugins as soon as possible, but now we're in doubt. Thanks a lot.

Profile Menu Icons Rendering Too Large in Internet Explorer

My site's user profile menu icons are rendering massively in IE 6.  I see in your changelog that this is a past issue which was allegedly fixed several versions back; however, it is a problem in my site despite having the latest version of the theme.

Add Item After First Post on Archive pages

Please, I am trying to place an Ad code after the first post on my archive pages. I have followed the guides on the following links; But they seem not to be working on kleo cos it works on another theme I have. I suspect am not placing it the in right place on kleo. Please, where exactly do I place the codes to make it work?

rtMedia and Activity Stream Issue

I am having an issue with rtMedia on the activity stream (uploading). Pic 1 is with rtMedia totally disabled The privacy and post update button are in line. Pic 2 is with rtMedia enabled without any typing in the what's new box the media button is hidden and the privacy is on top of the post update update. Pic 3 is with some typed letters AND after you click somewhere out of the text box. Even after you type some letters you still have to click somewhere out of the text box. I am updated with all plugins and theme versions. I tried using 2015 theme and the media button shows but the privacy and post update button are on top of each other.

Problem with Embed Paypal Button

I just create about and offering guest post. I have created 3 paypal PayNow buttons, and I embedded the button on page using Textbox from Visual Editor. the problem is button is appeared, but link not working. I've tried to test button by embedded it on widget and it work well on widget, but not textbook check this page

social share

social share doesn't add image and text from the post being shared. See screenshot Please help

Show custom profile fields

Hi, I want to add more information of the users directly in the members box of the members list. (exemple in attachments) Any idea how can I do that? Thanks

Support İmport

Hello, I installed the theme, as described in the installation documentation, If I can not see yet the import of the same slant as I saw the demo content .. for example; mosonry demo blog, I have left the pages of blogs yet it does not seem to me ..


hi! just purchased the theme... is it possible to change the size and shape of the bbpress/BuddyPress user avatars?

Integrate Registration and Membership creation

Right now registering for the site is completely separate from creating a membership. So users have to enter their info twice...and it may not match... Is there anyway to get these two systems integrated? SO that when someone registers they are also taken through the membership system? Thanks in advance, a

Change KLEO page title for archives and other wordpress pages

For KLEO we have created a function that generates the titles for all Wordpress specific pages. You just need to redefine this function in your child theme/functions.php and rename the strings. Make sure to have the child theme activated.

//Add me to child theme functions.php
function kleo_title()
	$output = "";

	if ( is_category() )
		$output = __('Archive for category:','kleo_framework')." ".single_cat_title('',false);
	elseif (is_day())
		$output = __('Archive for date:','kleo_framework')." ".get_the_time('F jS, Y');
	elseif (is_month())
		$output = __('Archive for month:','kleo_framework')." ".get_the_time('F, Y');
	elseif (is_year())
		$output = __('Archive for year:','kleo_framework')." ".get_the_time('Y');
	elseif (is_search())
		global $wp_query;
			if($wp_query->found_posts > 1)
				$output =  $wp_query->found_posts ." ". __('search results for:','kleo_framework')." ".esc_attr( get_search_query() );
				$output =  $wp_query->found_posts ." ". __('search result for:','kleo_framework')." ".esc_attr( get_search_query() );
				$output = __('Search results for:','kleo_framework')." ".esc_attr( get_search_query() );
				$output = __('To search the site please enter a valid term','kleo_framework');

	elseif (is_author())
		$curauth = (get_query_var('author_name')) ? get_user_by('slug', get_query_var('author_name')) : get_userdata(get_query_var('author'));
		$output = __('Author Archive','kleo_framework')." ";

		if(isset($curauth->nickname)) $output .= __('for:','kleo_framework')." ".$curauth->nickname;

	elseif (is_tag())
		$output = __('Tag Archive for:','kleo_framework')." ".single_tag_title('',false);
		$term = get_term_by( 'slug', get_query_var( 'term' ), get_query_var( 'taxonomy' ) );
		$output = __('Archive for:','kleo_framework')." ".$term->name;

	} elseif ( is_front_page() && !is_home() ) {
					$output = get_the_title(get_option('page_on_front'));

	} elseif ( is_home() && !is_front_page() ) {
					$output = get_the_title(get_option('page_for_posts'));

	} elseif ( is_404() ) {
					$output = __('Error 404 - Page not found','kleo_framework');
	else {
		$output = get_the_title();

	if (isset($_GET['paged']) && !empty($_GET['paged']))
		$output .= " (".__('Page','kleo_framework')." ".$_GET['paged'].")";

	return $output;

Change BuddyPress navigation menu icons

Hi, This topic will show you how to replace the defined icons for the existing menu items. See the attached screenshot with the referred icons

Show Admin Bar only for site admin

Hi, How do I remove the admin bar for all users apart from the "Admin"? I have tried: WP Admin -> Sweetdate -> Miscellaneous -> Admin toolbar -> Off but this doesnt work. How do i achieve this? Thanks Harvinder

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